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Thread: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Reason

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    Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Reason

    It’s been said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With that in mind, who would have thought that Dave and Jasmine would end up as the winning couple on Beauty and the Geek? However, this is, after all, a show all about transformation (and this season one of many twists), and transform did Jasmine and Dave. Able to get past the initial incompatibility issues (primarily on Dave’s side), they pulled together as a team and won the last three challenges, assuring themselves a spot in the final showdown with powerhouse Sam and Nicole, who were yet another twist to this season!

    Hi, Jasmine and Dave! Congratulations on winning Beauty and the Geek!

    Jasmine: Thank you!

    Let’s start at the beginning. How did you become interested in becoming contestants on the show, and had you watched previous seasons?

    Dave: It started back in late April when my friend, Eileen, who you saw in the last episode, called me up and suggested that I try out for Beauty and the Geek. I had heard of the show but really didn’t know anything about it, so I did a lot of research, which meant watching all the previous seasons. I thought, “Yeah, I could totally be on that show.”

    I find that funny you watched all of them. That is something I would do, too. [laughs]

    Dave: Yeah, I researched the hell out of this show! The only person who did more was Josh, who actually called up previous contestants.

    Jasmine: A guy came up to me at a bar that I go to and was like, “Do you want to be on TV? Do you want to be on Beauty and the Geek?” I was like, “Yeeesss!” I went to the audition the next day and after that it was call-backs, and that was really cool because I’ve always wanted to be on TV.

    Could you ever have envisioned yourselves winning the show after you got there, were matched as partners, and saw the competition?

    Jasmine: I did not expect to go all the way. Right when I found out that Dave and I weren’t going to get along, I knew I was going to go home. I was just like, Yeah, I’m not going to make it.” I just didn’t think that we were, but it’s like awesome that we did.

    Dave: I sort of had a quiet sort of confidence. I mean, I had my moments of doubts, but for some reason, I just had a feeling.

    Initially, not thinking you were well-matched as partners—at least from your perspective, Dave, how were you able to overcome that, and did you develop a strategy for how you wanted to play the game?

    Dave: Well, I didn’t really overcome it until ComicCon, and that was when I really realized Jasmine’s creativity. That is when things started changing. In terms of strategy, my best strategy really was become friends with everyone in the house. It’s interesting ‘cause I actually feel we had the best room in the house because it was very centrally-located.

    Jasmine: I picked it out!

    Dave: Yes, Jasmine picked it out. The thing was everyone walked by our room all the time—as opposed to if you were tucked away in a corner in one room of the house, then no one would see you, unless if they were specifically looking for you. But, since everyone walked by our room as a matter of course, we got to see a little bit of every team.

    Did you ever talk to Joshua and Shay about why they paired the two of you?

    Dave: I did. I sort of got evasive answers up until this past weekend.

    Oh, well, spill for us!

    Dave: It was kind of a combination of things where they didn’t want strong people to be together. For instance, Luke and Hollie apparently did very well on the initial test, and they wanted to be together, but as a matter of strategy, they couldn’t have them together. So, they paired Luke with Katie, who was Luke’s second choice, and my first choice. Just the way things eventually fell in line, I think that is how the partnership with Jasmine eventually resulted.

    Jasmine, feel free to jump in with any of these questions. They’re for both of you.

    Jasmine: I just didn’t want to talk over him.

    Okay. Well, now you can!

    Jasmine: Oh, what was the question?

    [Question repeated]

    That’s why I didn’t answer because actually I didn’t. I didn’t ask any questions because I knew going in the house that whatever teammate I got was meant to be. I think everything happens for a reason. [giggles] I’m so weird. I knew I wasn’t going to question it. I wasn’t going to request a specific geek because I knew whichever one I got, even if I had to go home the next day, so I didn’t ask questions. I was just kind of “whatever” and just accepted it. I know Dave really wanted Katie, and they were both wondering why because they both wanted each other. I just didn’t really mind.

    What did you think of the twist having a female geek and a male beauty, and did that affect the group dynamic within the house?

    Jasmine: It did because um . . . I didn’t really care. I thought it was cool. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was most concerned with that we had a tenth team in the house, and it did affect the dynamic. I think a lot of people were like, “Whaat?” They didn’t want the team there and wanted to get them out of the house, so it was that kind of thing.

    Dave: Yeah, I think it absolutely affected the dynamics of the house. For instance, I know a lot of the geeks, I mean, people make a big deal out of me having a crush on Nicole. I was not the only one I assure you.

    Jasmine: Everyone!

    Dave: I think I was the only one who actually managed to ask her out, but that’s a different story. But, it absolutely affected the dynamics.

    I’m going to ask you this right now before we run out of time. Have you met up with Nicole and spoken with her—asked her out after the show ended?

    Dave: Not really. We’ve been banned from talking to each other up until this past Friday. So, we took the plane ride home together, which resulted in a very nice, long conversation, and we were at a viewing party for last night’s episode. Aside from that, we haven’t really had the opportunity to meet up, yet.

    Is that something you want to do?

    Yeah. I’d love to hang out with her. As she said, I don’t think anything will happen between us romantically-speaking, aside from us being friends.

    Did you think you were on a level playing field having Sam and Nicole competing against the rest of you, particularly given Sam’s profession, and did they have an advantage in the challenges? The sewing and creepy crawlies challenges come to mind.

    Jasmine: Right. I think since he was a boy, yeah, of course he’s going to do good with the bugs. You know, boys like bugs, so that was like “whatever.” Also, with the team leader thing, you know, he’s really like muscular, and he could probably run a little faster than me. I don’t know. I thought it was kind of like . . . but, you know, whatever.

    Dave: Yeah, I think that it was mostly fair. A lot of people think it’s unfair with Sam mostly because he won a lot of challenges. Everyone had a certain background that really gave them an advantage. For instance, Rebecca with her background in massage really knew anatomy. So, that was easier for her. No matter what the challenges are, someone is always going to have a bit of an advantage because of their background.

    What would you say is the greatest area of transformation that occurred for each of you during the course of the show? What did you take from on another?

    Jasmine: [laughs] You always say that. I would take the fact that he really gave me courage when I had to deal with a challenge I didn’t like to do, and I always found that I was stronger afterwards for it. So, I appreciate the fact that he helped me get through those, and I took that from our teamwork.

    Dave: I feel like I’ve become a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I mean, I sort of always had the confidence to go out on stage and do stuff and perform, but social interaction—having the confidence to ask a girl out is a completely different form of confidence. I now have the confidence to ask a girl out.

    This season was full of twists. Do you feel the twist of how the winner was chosen helped you win, or would you have felt confident going into the elimination room facing a quiz?

    Jasmine: I think it helped because I knew if I went into elimination, like I don’t think I would get out. I was so scared to go because I knew if I went in, I’m a bad studier. I’m bad at remembering what I just learned or went over, and I thought for sure when we went in there with Sam and Nicole—like if we were going to be asked questions about stuff we learned and things, that I probably wouldn’t do very well. I was glad the pressure was going to be off for a little bit.

    Dave: I think the twist obviously worked toward our advantage. I was real nervous at the time, but I definitely think the twists were a good thing for the show.

    What was the most challenging aspect of the show for you?

    Jasmine: The most challenging is just to get along with Dave and make him see I’m a good partner, and becoming his friend, and moving past all that negative stuff we had to deal with in the beginning. That was the biggest challenge. We had little challenges that were really hard—like the spider challenge and the debate challenge, but I think the biggest challenge overall was coming together.

    Dave: I think one of the biggest challenges I had was actually time-allotment. There is just so much that needed to be done. There was trying to bond with Jasmine. There was studying for my own challenges. There was helping Jasmine study for her challenges. There was also trying to form friendships and learn from other people in the house, as well. Plus, there is eating and sleeping, and what usually ended up suffering was the sleeping. So, I didn’t sleep that much in the house, so I think the sleep deprivation kind of added to the stress of it all.

    Jasmine, I thought it was so sweet when after the makeovers you said the guys were now as beautiful on the outside as they were on the inside, and Dave, when you made the brownies for Jasmine trying to cheer her up. Those are things we like to see on TV, instead of backstabbing and things like that.

    Jasmine: Right! I’m glad we came across as really sweet and nice people. Thank you!

    What’s ahead for both of you?

    Jasmine: Right now I’m still babysitting. I’ve got to be there in about an hour and a half. I’m trying to do the real estate thing again. It will be my fourth time to do the test this winter, [laughs] and just, you know, going on with my life.

    Dave: Well, hopefully for me, more dates because it doesn’t look like I’ll be having a date with Nicole anytime soon, but, yeah, maybe there are some other girls out there who I hopefully will go out on dates with.

    Do you have any plans on how to spend that money?

    Dave: Yeah, I’ll probably end up donating it to a couple organizations, which are close to me, and I’ll invest the rest.

    Jasmine: I’m currently in contact with a condo that I’m hoping to buy for my family.

    Awesome! Are there any final thoughts you’d like to leave with our readers?

    Jasmine: I just want to let them know that I appreciate that they voted, and it was a good experience, and thanks for watching!

    Dave: Thanks for watching, and thanks for supporting us because we couldn’t have won without you!

    Thank you for speaking with me, and congratulations, again, for the win!

    Both: Thank you!

    Many thanks to THE CW and Jasmine and Dave for this interview opportunity!
    Photo Credit: THE CW/Michael Desmond
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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    congrats Dave and Jasmine! You guys were one of my favorite teams from the start!

    BTW, great interview ShrinkingViolet!
    omg, stunning~*~.

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Thanks for the interview, SV! Dave and Jazz sound like they are wonderful people in real life just like they were on the show.

    I'm so happy they won.
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Quote Originally Posted by ShrinkingViolet;2707161;
    Dave: Well, hopefully for me, more dates because it doesnít look like Iíll be having a date with Nicole anytime soon, but, yeah, maybe there are some other girls out there who I hopefully will go out on dates with.

    I'll go out with you Dave! I have a huge crush on you! You are so totally adorable

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    SweetViolet, thanks for a feel-good interview with a wonderfully humble and sweet couple. I love this show and it's because of terrific people like David and Jasmine. It's great to hear he now feels confident enough to approach women, and I especially loved this exchange with Jasmine in your interview.
    Jasmine, feel free to jump in with any of these questions. Theyíre for both of you.

    Jasmine: I just didnít want to talk over him.

    Okay. Well, now you can!

    Jasmine: Oh, what was the question?
    Love The Bachelor? Catch the recap for this season's sacrificial lamb lucky guy here in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Great interview and great questions fitted into 15 minutes!!
    I love that Dave and Jasmine come across as utterly sincere and honest.
    I'm glad they won & the !!
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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Exceptional interview, ShrinkingViolet!! Thank you for the interview and write up. Both Dave and Jasmine are sweethearts.

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Great interview!!! I found it very interesting that apparently many of the guy geeks had crushes on Nicole with all those "beauties" around. Way to go, guys!

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Awwww... That was a great interview! What a sweet couple! I'm glad they won the money too!

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    Re: Beauty & the Geek 4: Interview with Jasmine and Dave: Everything Happens for a Re

    Great interview, SV!

    I really started liking Dave and Jasmine after watching the "Superhero" episode. I had tears rolling down my face during Jasmine's exchange with the judges.

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