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Thread: 11/27/07 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    Re: 11/27/07 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    I would vote for Sam/Nicole, just because I don't want them to receive no votes. From all I've heard, Dave and Jasmine have it wrapped up. I went to vote and was surprised at how much info they wanted. I chose not to vote, surely Sam and Nicole have friends to keep them from getting skunked.
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    Re: 11/27/07 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Los Tiburones;2697373;
    The group Dave is a member of is called Quest if you are curious, the url is quest.org. I would post a direct link but the site doesn't like me.
    Thanks for the link; it's very interesting. Not surprisingly, their game is not as "dark" as Darkon. In that documentary, the players built teams who tried to force each other out of the game (bad!), whereas on the Quest site it says they work together against NPCs.

    Dave and Jasmine impressed me as both having "light" spirits. Not to say the other team is "dark," but I think we are living in such rotten times that rooting for a sweet, happily naive and gung-ho team seems like the thing to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by house_girl;2696803;
    I didn't write "my right" address, phone & email, but the vote seemed like it went thru anyways... I hope still counts! Go Dave & Jasmine!!!
    I didn't want to give false info because it says votes are for legal residents, and when they're giving away that much money, I suspect that accuracy counts for legal reasons.

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    Still one of my favorite tag lines

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