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Thread: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

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    Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    Who would have known that not sleeping with a “beauty” and forgetting what a “leather whip” represented would end up being the demise of this self-proclaimed “old married couple on the show.” Hollie, a 26 year-old theme park performer and partner Josh, a 21 year-old mechanical engineering student, became the second eliminated couple on the social experiment known as Beauty and the Geek because, ironically, she was thought to be geeky enough, and he was already attractive enough!

    Hi, Hollie and Josh! Thank you for speaking with me today.

    Hollie and Josh: Hi! Thank you.

    How did you become interested in applying for Beauty and the Geek, and had you watched previous seasons?

    Hollie: I watched the last few seasons. I missed the first season, but the last seasons I watched, and I really enjoyed the show. I respected it because it wasn’t the typical dating show. It had a positive message, and the learning experience was good, so I really wanted to be on it.

    Josh: Yeah, I’d watched the previous seasons. I just love the show just because it’s a feel-good reality show. It’s not like one of those backstabbing ones. I just always felt like I was geekier than the geeks on it. [laughs]

    Was this experience on the show what you envisioned it to be?

    Josh: It was somewhat. I had a good idea of what the show was like, so the experience was somewhat like that. Actually, the show’s more fun than it seems like it would be just by watching the episodes. They don’t even have time to show even five percent of all the fun, and interesting, and crazy stuff that went on. There’s so much stuff, and it’s so much fun to be on. They don’t have time to show it all.

    Was there anything in particular?

    Josh: We had a giant rubber band war. The whole house. We turned the whole mansion into a giant rubber band war zone. Tons of people just running up and down stairs, leaping, you know, out of rooms, all around you, outside, inside, everywhere, just having this giant rubber band war.

    How about you, Hollie?

    Hollie: It was the same thing that was probably most memorable because the camera crew left for the day, and we all let loose not in front of cameras. We just started to be silly and act like little kids and just take advantage of having this big mansion and 3,500 rubber bands.

    Being a beauty or a geek is such a stereotype. How would you define a geek, and do you find that to be an insulting term?

    Hollie: I don’t think being a geek is insulting in any way. It’s think it’s just another . . . it’s not really a stereotype. It’s just what people embrace as a term. I don’t know! [laughs] I don’t think anyone would be offended by being called a geek. It’s positive. It’s cute.

    Josh: I call myself a geek regularly, [laughs] so obviously that’s not offensive. I mean it does imply something about somewhat social ineptitude, which I guess can Hollie can fully vouch that I’m guilty of. It means you’re smart; you’re interested in academia. I think it’s a very positive thing. You have hobbies that are not standard. Not many people shoot rubber bands. I sort of knew that going in. [laughs]

    What was the most difficult aspect for you during the course of the show?

    Hollie: The most difficult thing for me was going home. [laughs] I did not want to leave. I just loved everyone so much. The challenges were fun. I mean, they were difficult, but that is what we were there for—to learn from each other and learn new things, so the most difficult thing of the experience was going home and leaving everybody.

    Josh: Yeah, same with me. It was leaving all the friends you made and the all the fun you’re having there. I mean my normal life is great and all, but being on there is just so much fun. It was amazing. Leaving was really, really hard.

    The show is billed as being all about transformation and personal growth. Were there specific areas on which you were hoping to improve to better yourselves, and, if so, did you accomplish what you wanted to?

    Hollie: My goal was to learn—learn a little bit more about myself, like not relying on my looks so much, and I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school. I just didn’t know if I had it in me, but once I was on the show, and I was learning a crash course in politics in one night, it really made me realize how much I missed going to school and using my brain. [giggles]

    Josh: For me, it was mainly just social skills—skills with women. I’ve been informed that I’m rather inept on both of those. I think I gained in both those areas. Had I been on longer, I think I could have gained even more. I mean if my skill set starting out was just minimal in both areas. I just tried to learn as fast as I could, you know, all the skills I could. Hopefully, I’ll ask Hollie if she can coach me later on.

    How much out of your comfort zone did you feel performing the various challenges, and was that something you had to overcome to do that? I know shyness seemed to be a factor for you, Josh.

    Josh: The hardest one for me was the rap because I don’t ever listen to music, like ever. I don’t own an MP3 player or a CD player. No music on my computer or anything, and I’ve been told I can’t even clap to a beat. I can’t follow a beat, so when you combine all that, to try to do a rap was just phenomenally difficult, but I think I pulled mine off pretty well. It was a lot of fun, and it was hilarious.

    Hollie: They weren’t really taking me out of a comfort zone. I enjoyed doing challenges because that’s why I wanted to go on the show because I wanted to push myself. I had complete faith that I could do it. It was just a matter of doing it right.

    You had no choice in whom your partner was. Were you happy with the pairing, and whom would you have picked had you been given a choice?

    Hollie: [laughs] I originally did want Luke. I wouldn’t mind having Josh—that’s what I told him. I really wanted Luke because I thought he could help me more. I felt that Josh and I are very similar personalities, and the whole point of the game is to be with someone that is so completely opposite of you. I’m glad it worked out. I had fun with Josh.

    Josh: Hollie was actually my first pick. [laughs] I got who I wanted.

    What are your thoughts on the twist this year with a female geek and a male beauty, and how did that affect the group dynamic?

    Josh: In terms of Nicole, the female geek, she was just like one of the geeks. She has the same social skills troubles as the other geeks and the same interests, and the same interactions with the beauties most of the time. It was slightly different because she’s a girl, but she just sort of fell in with everyone else.

    Hollie: She’s better at getting along with everybody.

    Josh: It was like a tenth team. She wasn’t really that different than any of the other teams. It was really Sam who was the exception.

    How was he the exception?

    Hollie: He just didn’t really mesh well with anybody, except for Rebecca, of course.

    So, what we saw on TV was pretty much what you guys were feeling, too?

    Hollie: Yeah! He didn’t really make an effort to help the geeks, and he didn’t really help any of the beauties, but Rebecca.

    Who was the most difficult person to deal with in the house?

    Josh and Hollie: [Both laugh and hesitate to answer.]

    Is that something you don’t want to answer?

    Hollie: I guess we can. You’re living in a house with a bunch of people and sometimes the most. . . I’ll be politically correct and give the Miss America type answer. . . . [Josh laughs]. You know, it’s going to be hard to live with that many people and not get on each other’s nerves. For the most part, everyone got along. Rebecca isolated herself from everyone by being with Sam. They isolated themselves from everyone else, so I guess that was really the only conflict. I don’t think there was any drama or conflict in the house other than that. I feel that everyone got along really well.

    Josh: For me, Will could be assertive at times. Perhaps, a little bit argumentative. [laughs]

    Was there someone who was the easiest person to get along with?

    Hollie: Us [laughs]

    Josh: Hollie

    Josh: We got along with everybody. I mean, the other teams described us as the “glue that held everyone else together” is how they described us.

    Hollie: In kind of forming little cliques, me and Josh were the ones that kept everyone kind of joined together, you know. I felt like, yeah. We were the moderators, I guess.

    Hollie, you mentioned that maybe you should have slept with Rebecca to avoid being put up for elimination. How did you feel about the Rebecca/Sam romance, and what kind of effect did it have on the rest of the contestants during the competition?

    Hollie: I love that line!

    Josh: I love that line, too!

    It was great!

    Hollie: It’s funny ‘cause it’s true because . . . [Josh laughter in background] Well, it is. Well, hey, we’d still be there, you know. She did come to our bed one day. Remember? She was like laying in bed with us.

    Josh: Yeah, I remember! I definitely remember.

    Hollie: Josh, I know you remember! [laughter from both] It really messed up everything—her doing that—because we’re all there for a reason. It’s not a dating show. It’s a learning experience, and if there is a romance between a geek and a beauty, that’s awesome because it just shows that we can look past our differences. When a beauty and a beauty get together, it’s like, okay, you’re not even trying. I think a hookup between a beauty and a geek is what makes it way more awesome. You know what I mean? It’s like a geek finally gets the beauty, you know? You gotten past the geeky exterior to realize that there’s beauty within, and I think that is what is should have been more about.

    Josh: Yeah, basically, that was a great line. I loved that line.

    Our readers were really pulling for both of you. Josh, they thought you were a “hottie” even before the make-over, and Hollie, they thought you were smart and a beauty, too.

    Hollie: Oh, thank you!

    So, when you were put up for elimination, the reasoning was Hollie was already geeky, witty, and smart, and Josh was charming and attractive, thus, neither one of you needed more improvement. I suppose those are compliments, but how did that logic make you feel, and did you agree with that assessment?

    Hollie: I think that was stupid. That was like a stupid, bull, full-of-it excuse. If that was the real reason . . . I don’t know what the real reason was. I don’t know if they really thought we were threats. I don’t think that we were a threat because we were almost in an alliance with them because we shared a room with them. So many people were against them, and I don’t know, I felt like that was stupid. I mean, we wouldn’t be on the show. We wouldn’t got cast on the show if we didn’t need any help, so obviously there was something inside of us that needed changing, and that was up to us during the process of the show to find out and change.

    Did you think you had more room for growth?

    Hollie: Of course! We both had more room for growth

    Josh: Yeah! I mean both of us still had a lot to learn—a lot to grow. I just felt like we were cut off just too early before we could really fully transform. We were cut off really for no good reason because we were both trying really hard to learn and to grow. We were trying really hard; yet, still not winning the challenges, which kind of shows we had a long way to go to fully transform.

    Hollie: And, we were trying hard, and for us to get eliminated because we were trying hard was just the stupidest reasoning I’ve ever heard. They sent Erin and Jesse in elimination because they said they weren’t trying hard enough, and they sent us to elimination because we were trying too hard. It made absolutely no sense.

    Josh: If you’re using a metric, then it should be scaled in one direction, and when you take opposite poles, that doesn’t apply to using the metric.

    Hollie: Yeah.

    We got a geeky response there. [laughs] Not geeky. Intelligent.

    What’s ahead for both of you?

    Hollie: I’m still working at Universal. I’m still performing. I have a movie that is coming out, and I would love to move to LA and further a career in performing. Josh?

    Josh: For me, I’m going to continue being a geek. I’m planning to go to grad school next. I want to get a PhD in mechanical engineering, and, yeah, Hollie was telling me I should work on getting a date at the same time as my grad school.

    Well, that’s a good goal!

    Hollie: Find a girlfriend!

    I know we’re running out of time, so I have a final word association test for both of you. What comes to mind when you hear the term “leather whip?” [laughter from both]

    Josh: Ninth anniversary!

    Hollie: And, when I hear that, I think: Hollie and Josh eliminated from the show.

    Well, I think your time was not long enough on the show because you were really entertaining to watch. I’d just like to thank you so much for speaking with me, congratulations for making it on the show, and good luck in the future to both of you!

    Both: Thank you!

    Many thanks to CW and Hollie and Josh for this interview opportunity!
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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - Itís not a dating show!

    Thank you for the interview. I loved this couple and wish they could have stayed. Interesting insight about what Sam is doing while he's there - is he a plant or is he really like that IRL? He's not helping the purpose of the show, that's for sure. I hope Hollie and Josh keep in touch. In one part of the interview it sounded like they might. I hope he turns to her for advice with social situations. It sounds like they developed a true friendship!

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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    Thanks for the interview SV! You asked them great questions. They really seem like great people and I'm super sad to see them go. They were by far my favorite team. You can count me in as one of the people who thought Josh was a hottie already.
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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    Great interview! I think Josh would "get there" on his own eventually, as would Hollie. It's a matter of becoming more well-rounded, each coming at it from different directions. But it sounds like they both got something from the show, and it also sounds like we don't see the most fun parts. I'm glad they had such a good time with it.

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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    See, in a way this interview DOES prove that Hollie was too smart for this show.

    Not that we like her any less because of it.

    I'm supposing asking her about her experience as a Playboy almost-bunny (she apparently has only appeared on their website, not in the magazine) would have been a bit rude. But I'm glad she mentioned her Zombie movie. Actually, she should have given more of a real plug, like the name ("Zombies, Zombies, Zombies", opening, um... apparently just in Orlando, since it cost about $5 to make).

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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    Thank you for this! Holly and Josh are great. It was sad to see them go last week.

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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    Hollie was my favorite girl on the show! I wanted to see more flirting with Luke.

    I liked Josh too - why do the people I like always have to go so early?!
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    Re: Beauty and the Geek 4: Interview with Hollie and Josh - It’s not a dating show!

    Great interview. Thanks, SV.

    I really liked Holly and wish we could've seen more of her and Josh.

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