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Thread: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Sam Horrigan (male beauty) seems to have a fairly extensive acting resume. He's had guest roles on Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives, Joan of Arcadia, 8 Simple Rules, One Tree Hill, and a recurring role as the second Quentin on Grace Under Fire, among others.

    I picked this up at IMDB page Sam Horrigan
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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies;2578466;
    This will be fun to watch - I always say, "this is stupid and demeaning and I won't watch," but I always do.
    That's one of the things I like about the show -- it isn't really stupid and demeaning. You actually end up feeling pretty good about most of the contestants at the end.

    If this show were cruel, like "Hell's Kitchen," I'd probably not watch it.

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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelsy;2578345;
    I'm just watching the show now and I've been chuckling since the beginning.

    Oh - and you know when he asked once of the girls to name a word that rhymes with orange? It was a trick question because NOTHING rhymes with orange.

    Beauties: Hollie (thought her comment about everybody being beauties on the inside and how she thought the geeks were so adorable.. well it was cute) and I think the other one was Erin
    Agreed. I thought they both came off as two really genuinely sweet girls.

    I'm on the fence about the Hooters Girl and the Playboy wannabe. Both had a few famewhore vibes (I mean adding two bowling balls to your chest is a sure sign of that, for example, right?), but both also generally conducted themselves well around the guys. At least so far.
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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I'm glad that they are repeating the show tonight, so I can catch the 2nd hour that I missed.

    Last year was my first year, and I was turned off by some of the nasty, mean-spirited women. I then saw a marathon of season 1 and loved the women so much more.

    Hopefully they have learned a lesson from last year.

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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie;2578383;
    I watched for about 40 mins then got pulled away and didnt tivo it. I got the impression that Nate and Jenny were not together. Their body language said it all. It would have been fun to know how long their "relationship" lasted after the show. It sure seemed like they were going to get together and give it a try, at least.

    From what I saw from various post interviews it really didn't last long after the end of taping. She probably instigated a shomance so she could try to get some sort of career

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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;2577527;
    These auditions crack me up!
    This is my very first time watching this show....and omg the auditions were way too funny!...but you mean to tell me that there is not ONE woman who fits their mold for looks that hasn't read a book ......and are these girls really this ditzy...lol

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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Fudatskee;2578150;
    that muscle-head guido at the end of the show looks like a psycho. Whatsup with the crazy eyes. .....
    My first reaction was...Wow....he looks angry....like violent angry. Crazy eyes psycho is a good description.
    So now we learn he's an actor....and not a very good one at that, it appears.
    And what about Nicole? Is she an actress? Not a femgeek at all, but a beauty in disguise acting as a geek. I'll bet dollars to donuts that her makeover "transformation" will be dramatic. Hiring an actor for the male beauty has dropped this show in my rankings. Sure the tears will be real, IMO, but it is now tainted. Why couldn't they just recruit a regular mimbo?

    I will still watch, however. Should be fun.

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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    In the clips for the future...was that John after the makeover? Right now after viewing the repeat last night, I can't isolate any of the "beauties" and say they are completely nasty like the blonde bimbo from last season who Nate threw under the bus. I do think that some of the pairings that Joshua and Shay picked could self destruct just because the men especially were very unbending about their prospective partners and may not be able to adjust to whom they actually are paired.

    As for the geek girl and himbo guy...I think that they'll be there an artificially long time...they'll stay to keep the twist going.
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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    The male "beauty" is UGLY IMO...I think that they could have done a better job then that blech lol

    a lot of the geeks arent as "geeky" looking as the previous seasons, I think there are many of them that could greatly improve on makeover episode..where the other seasons many of them had features that just couldnt be fixed lol
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    Re: 9/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000;2578719;
    And come on now, NOBODY is as dumb as these girls.. nobody.. you know it has to be an act.
    I know a few people just like them, it's no act. If they were acting, they should replace all the no talent hacks in Hollywood that ruin movies and keep getting roles.

    I love this show, but I don't think this "twist" is even needed. The show has worked fine without it.

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