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Thread: 2/21 'Reunion' Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    What a lame reunion, it's like they threw this together at the last minute. I'm beyond tired of Nate & Jenny, and I hate that so much of this show was geared towards them.

    Megan definitely seems like a follower, she can't think for herself and does whatever to fit in.

    I have never hated someone I don't know more than I hate CC, what a completely awful bitch. I wish nothing but bad things for her for the rest of her life. Disgusting hag. She is the perfect example of how not to be.

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    Congrats to Mario getting married. CC was on an episode of 1 vs 100 as an Hawaiian tropic girl. She lasted just two rounds. Bob Saget didn't know who she was so I suspect this was before Beauty and the Geek, but I'm not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.;2252525;
    What a lame reunion, it's like they threw this together at the last minute.
    The first season had all the participants (except 1) together in a group and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions. I don't recall last season if they had one. But this was not a reunion show.

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    They probably figured the season went down the tubes with Megan CC in the final and there wasnt much point in wasting time on a reunion show. I hope next season they do a much better job of casting.

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    The reunion show was so lame they could have condensed it to 20 minutes of less. The trouble is the woman were so dumb and boring that the entire series should have been condensed to maybe 3 2hr specials. There has to be something better on TV. Thank God America's Next Top Model starts next week and there will also be the Pussy Cat Dolls show.
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