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Thread: Beauty & The Geek 3 Finale Recap – Karma’s A Bitch

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    Beauty & The Geek 3 Finale Recap – Karma’s A Bitch

    Beauty & The Geek 3 Finale Recap – Karma’s A Bitch

    Hey there, fellow Geek fans! Your resident uber-geek mrdobolina is here to recap the events of the season 3 finale. It’s been, well…let’s just say that it’s been. This hasn’t been my favorite season by a long shot, mostly because not many of the beauties seemed to be in to the experience of changing their lives, and in turn helping to change the life of their geeky partners. The geeks are all a completely different story. Each and every geek was on the show for the life changing experience, and I believe that most of them got it…beauties be damned! This season’s geeks, in my opinion, bonded as geeks more than any of the other seasons…likely because of the cliquishness of the beauties. Either way, this season just ended up being so so to me. It was saved by the finale.

    The Final 2

    After the events of last week’s elimination, a very downtrodden Nate and a snotty Cecille headed upstairs to exchange embraces with their final competition, Scooter and Megan. Nate was just plain sad since his showmance, Jennylee, wasn’t around anymore to cheer him up. When Cecille asked Nate if he would have been sadder if they had lost, he can’t tell her that he wouldn’t have been. Since his partner was so rude to Jennylee and Niels by saying whatever it was that she said (I still have trouble making sense of her little poem, and I read it everyday at the top of this forum), Nate is simply not happy with her right now. And of course Nate talked to Scooter, who talked to Megan, and then they both went and confronted Cecille about her selfishness. Yes, it was (again) all very high school. I didn’t know I was recapping High School Reunion. When Scooter did mention how Cecille’s words could be construed as mean by her partner, Cecille got all defensive and insisted she had every right to gloat about her hard work that got her into the finals. All in all, Cecille is glad that Jennylee is gone, because Nate should be focusing on her and her only. Yeah, because you’re the center of the galaxy, aren’t you Cecille?

    Activity Day
    It was another beautiful morning in the mansion when Mike gathered the remaining two couples together to make a big announcement—there would be no challenges that day!! Instead, each geek and each beauty would show their partner an activity that they regularly partake in. Megan took Scooter to a nearby tennis court to show off her skills with fuzzy green balls. But first, Scooter had to put them in his pocket. Seriously, tennis is an activity that Megan likes because she is pretty good at it, and it’s not about how “hawt” you look out on the court. Even though she did wear possibly the skimpiest tennis outfit ever made. It made Scooter happy. After playing tennis and not understanding the rules, Scooter took Megan along to do one of his favorite activities…hike. Megan doesn’t really understand the concept of hiking, since she doesn’t do it, unless hiking means “walking around outside,” in which case, she does. For the hike, Scooter and Megan went into the Hollywood hills (at least they looked like hills, and isn’t Hollywood right near LA??), and traipsed around on paved trails that seemed easily accessible for a camera crew. After hiking for awhile with heavy backpacks, Scooter finally revealed exactly what made those packs so weighty…a wine and cheese picnic for him and his partner. While imbibing on wine and munching on cheese and crackers, Scooter and Megan reflected on their time on the show, and how they couldn’t believe they had made it to the finals. Megan’s goal was to just not get eliminated first, and now she could possibly win the prize. Scooter was just happy to get to sleep in the same room as a Playboy model. You could have done that anytime, Scooter my boy. Just download her picture and leave your computer on in your bedroom while you sleep.

    On the other side of town, Cecille dressed Nate up in some hip hop clothes and took him to a local dance club to show off her special talent…hip hop dancing! Who would have known that Cecille likes to shake her booty for newly wealthy hip hop artists who might pay her bills for her? Anyway, Cecille is supposedly some accomplished dancer…she had 4 years of cheerleading in high school, 2 years of dance in college, and 1 year of professional dancing. Cecille got Nate up on the stage and showed him some of her moves, and then taught him how to mimic her moves exactly, so they could do the exact same choreagraphed dance together. It looked like a line dance, without the annoying country music. After hip hoppin’ with his partner, it was Nate’s turn to show of one of his favorite activities…singing lead for his Star Wars tribute band. You knew we were going to get to see this if Nate made it this far. Cecille sat out in the audience area while Nate joined his dorky looking band mates up on the stage. Then he asked them if they were ready to play some music…like holding their instruments and strumming their guitars in anticipation wasn’t enough of a clue for him. The band lurched into a heavy metal riff, Nate made some wacky Jim Morrison-like moves with his hands, screamed, and started singing what must be their signature song…”Stormtrooper.” Now I must admit, I’m a total Star Wars dork, and I was intrigued by the idea of a Star Wars tribute band, but this song totally turned me off. I’ll have to listen to some of their other stuff. After making it through the song, Nate invited Cecille up on stage with him to help him sing the song again. Cecille was pretty impressed. She didn’t realize her partner could scream lyrics and have a standing seizure on stage while a band played behind him.

    The Poop Hits The Fan, And Cecille’s Standing Right In Front Of It

    After their activity day, the teams buckled down and tried to learn more about each other in preparation for the final elimination room quiz. They all feel like they will have to know as much about their partners as possible in order to win the prize. Soon after, the teams met Mike down in the elimination room for what they thought was the final quiz to determine the winner. The host talked to them a little about how this entire show is about change and how each geek and each beauty has changed since they first arrived at the mansion. But how do you gauge how much someone has changed? Not through quiz questions or challenges, that’s for sure. No, the only way for the producers to determine who has come the furthest is to call in some judges who have had first hand experience with each of the remaining teams…every other geek and beauty that has been eliminated. On the television monitor, all of the eliminated teams are shown obviously sitting in some other room in the mansion. Piao was flashing his signature “Pi” sign, and everyone else was waving enthusiastically. In the elimination room, Scooter and Nate let out loud yells, Megan giggled, and Cecille turned bleach white and had the most horrified look on her face EVER!! Cecille was not happy to see anyone, since she knew she had alienated just about every one of them. The ceremony wasn’t over yet, though. Mike made some further announcements and told the final 2 teams that they had 24 hours to talk with the eliminated beauties and geeks and convince them that they had made the biggest change since moving into the mansion. The next evening, each person would individually vote for the team they believe had changed the most.

    Lobby For The Vote…Or Not

    After Mike released them, the couples fled to the room with all of their eliminated friends to greet them and catch up with everyone. It was a little tense, since the final couples were happy to see everyone, but they also realized they were being scrutinized for everything. Nate had a lot to talk about with the first few teams that were eliminated, since none of them knew about Nate and Jennylee trying to get their groove on. Elsewhere, Scooter chatted everyone up telling them how much he missed them and downplaying the fact that he actually made it to the finals. He never believed he would make it, but luckily for him, no one else thought they would make the finals either.

    Most of the talk, though, centered on Cecille and her unwillingness to change herself during the show. Cecille was obviously uncomfortable with all of the eliminated guests returning to the mansion, and with good reason. She truly alienated just about everyone there with her cliquishness and her inability to accept people for who they are instead of how much money they have in their pocketbook. In one uncomfortable situation for Cecille, she asked Andrea in passing if she was mad at her. Andrea jumped at the chance to tell Cecille exactly how she felt about her, and went up to one of the bedrooms to berate Cecille in private. And berate she did. Andrea told it to Cecille straight…how she didn’t even try to help the geeks grow, how she’s never genuine, how she’s all about the clique.

    Poor Cecille!! Waaaaaaaahhhhh! She was seemingly pushed over the edge by Andrea’s remarks, and ran into Megan’s room to cry to her about how the eliminated guests had all the control now, and it just wasn’t fair. She didn’t come on the show to make friends, she already has friends in LA who would laugh and ridicule everyone at the mansion. Those seem like great people, Cecille! I can’t wait until you get a botched nose job and all of your good friends treat you the exact same way you said they would treat the geeks on the show. Anyway, Cecille complained to Megan, literally cursing everyone who had returned to the mansion. Then she must have had a revelation…if her and Nate weren’t going to win, Megan and Scooter were. From then on, Cecille started to ignore the only true friend she made during her stay. Now that she isn’t going to win the prize, Cecille can no longer be friends with the person who will. Now that’s character!!

    Elsewhere in the house, Nate was lobbying against himself! You want to talk about character…this is it. His spiel? That the experience in and of itself is worth more than the prize money. Plus, he thinks it would teach Cecille a lesson about humility that she might never learn. How would giving Nate and Cecille the $250,000 make her have any sort of self realization? It wouldn’t, instead it would reward her behavior and make her believe that it is alright to be a downright cold bitch to people that she sees as beneath her. The hard part about all of this for the eliminated guests turned judges is that everyone really likes Nate, and feels like he has changed the most since the beginning.

    The Final Count

    Finally the time has come to crown a king geek and beauty queen. The two teams met Mike and all of the other eliminated guests on the stairway, with Scooter and Megan on one side of the stairs, and Nate and Cecille on the other. One by one, the teams came forward in reverse elimination order, and each team member got a chance to say something to the teams before they cast their vote. After they said their choice aloud, they would then go and stand behind the team on the stairs. First up, Jennylee and Niels. Jennylee voted first, and of course she voted for Nate, and by default, Cecille. Niels voted next, and told Cecille that she manipulated her way to the finals, while Megan showed a willingness to change, so Niels chose Scooter and Megan. Next up, Nadia and Mario got to vote. Nadia chose Scooter and Megan, and so did her partner Mario. Erin and Drew came in to vote next, and Erin acknowledged what a change Nate had made, but then moved behind Scooter and Megan without even recognizing Cecille. Her partner, Drew, simply said that he believed Scooter and Megan had made the biggest changes, and voted for them. As the next couple, Matt and Andrea, walked up, the music grew ominous. Cecille saw Andrea, and knew she wasn’t getting a vote from her. She was right…Andrea simply said that Cecille hadn’t changed one bit, and moved behind her choice of Megan and Scooter. Next, Andrea’s partner Matt cast his vote, and, because of the fact that Cecille took Matt under her wing and helped him to socialize with the women at the outset of the show, Matt decided to vote for Nate and Cecille. The vote stood at 7-2 in favor of Scooter and Megan, and all they needed was one more vote to win the prize. Next, Sheree and Piao entered the foyer to cast their votes. Sheree stepped up, and really summarized the whole show for the group. Addressing Cecille, Sheree told her that she had a lot of power in her hands, and “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” With that, Sheree apologized to Megan and Scooter…for not being able to help them spend their $250,000!!! Megan and Scooter are the winners of Beauty & The Geek!!!

    They were in disbelief. Scooter broke down and started to whimper/sob/blubber like a kid whose bicycle had just been stolen right in front of him. He quickly pulled it back together in time to give an amazed exit interview with his partner. Nate felt like he was a winner too, since he learned many lessons, had many great experiences, and met a bunch of great people including Jennylee. Cecille, of course, was bitter. Her exit interview was pretty much filled with spite. She says that any girl that thinks they learned something from some nerdy guy is pretty much as stupid as they look. Cecille, you didn’t learn anything from a nerdy guy, you’re definitely as stupid as you look, and it all cost you $125,000. That’s karma for you!!

    Congratulations to Scooter and Megan for winning Beauty & The Geek Season 3!! Don’t forget to check in with all of the beauties and geeks in next weeks update episode!

    Geeks rule!! mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Thank you!

    Thank you for the recap--this is such a wonderful show. I was really, really hoping Nate would Do The Right Thing, and he certainly did, with gusto. Very nice to see--and I really really hope that CC watched this season when it aired, so that she could perhaps see herself and her actions more subjectively. What are the chances she reads FORT and the recaps? (Well, I can totally picture her googling herself, so maybe so!)

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