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Thread: BATG3: Interview with Nate – “The Best Outcome Was Not For Cecille and Me to Win"

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    That was a great interview, hepcat! Great questions, and great answers from a truly nice guy. It's really unfortunate that he was teamed up with Cecille.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helen036;2245728;
    i still dont get this sweetheart stuff. he could have answered the questions wrong to let his good friend jennylee win, or he could have tried to win the last ep and just gave the money quietly to charity. i see nothing good about what he did at all.
    Come on admit it Helen, you're jennylee's mom.
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    i have no love or respect for nate, thats for sure. after seeing what nate did, i like ccg better. CCG was on the show to win, which is what everyone's goal should have been. if i got to the final and had 125k in my grasp i sure hope i wouldnt have a back stabber as my partner.

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    Wow Helen036, you sure did not like Nate. But I have to ask you...
    What was the reason for this show? When Ashton Kutcher put this idea together (and several times since) it was stated that this is a sociological experiment to determine if our labels are accurate and whether "geeks" can learn from " beauties" and vice versa. Nate realized that CC did not learn anything from anyone. The money was only there as an incentive to compete. The idea was to ...LEARN. Learn that labels do not tell that much about us, learn that first impressions are not always accurate. Learn to be a better person because we affect and effect the people and enviroment around us.
    It was very obvious that Nate (and some of the other guys) created a barrier around themselves to protect themselves from outside hurts. As he says in his interview, he has learned that he is hiding from the world and all its joys and pleasures as well as its hurts.
    I think Nate did absolutely the right thing to campaign against himself and CC. To win the game was not to win every physical challenge. The goal was to win every "internal" challenge and CC did not even show up for that challenge.
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