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Thread: 2/7 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;2233392;
    I wouldn't say the preview was "shocking". It just said that they were going to measure how much they have "grown" and however they are going to measure this is supposed to be something that no one would suspect. I hope they bring back the eliminated couples to vote; I don't think any of them would vote for CC!
    Maybe weight by slacking in the house - or even height, e.g. "standing taller". Hmmm. I'll be stewing on this one all the way 'till next week!

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    When I heard CC talk about her beauty and all I thought flashbacks to the loser in Charlie's Bachelor season Sarah S who thought people discriminated against her because of her beauty and not because she was a total loser. I know the last time BATG aired tempting previews where I thought the dismissed couples were returning it turned out to be dogs, but this time I really hope that it is the rejects that are returning. Please give me one good reason to watch the finale because while I will be rooting for Megan and Scooter, Megan's lifestyle choices are suspect, I think that she has been shown changing more than CC who doesn't think that she needs to change. I'm done
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    I don't find CC beautiful at all she is just another overprocessed blonde. SHe reminds me a bit of Pamela Anderson. At first a cute girl and then the overplucked eyebrows the fake boobs she didn't need and poor choices in men changed her from the girl next door to just the trash next door. CC is half way there. She is totally insensitive to the situations and other peoples feelings. She has been using her 'beauty' to get what she wants and she distains people for only seeing that in her and she is nasty. Once her looks go what does she have left. Nothing. She is already bitter and unhappy she will only become more so.
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    As much as it appeared CC was scared by that comment, it's something easy to edit in for the previews to get people to watch.

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    I hope it lives up to the potential. I can't wait to see CC in the doghouse.

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    Cecile is a younger version of Anna Nicole Smith, except ANS was prettier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmgal;2234604;
    Cecile is a younger version of Anna Nicole Smith, except ANS was prettier.

    and you see how that turned out. its sad really. I kinda thought that all along thats who she wanted to act like.

    its a really sad day for some people. and for anna. her name will be dragged thru the mud..

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    "When you're making big bucks then call me."
    Who says this to someone?! CC is no Janelle that is for sure.
    "I bet that a lot of people are b!ithing right now and they don't want me to be here but....I'm here to crush dreams! What can I say?"
    ----Janelle after winning 3rd HOH out of 6 possible

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    It's hard to believe any rich guy will be able to deceive himself that CC likes him for "himself" after this... but then maybe those guys don't care.
    How'd you like her definition of trash? Someone who's not rich. Does she not realize she makes herself sound like a hooker? This all reminds me of the BB Janelle discussion about the men who take her on fancy trips, supposedly just because they want her as arm candy.
    So what will CC have left when her looks go (as they will soon--too much sun, too much bleach, too much surgery)? That big house, if she had a good prenup.
    What will Niels and Nate (and Scooter) have left? Probably a very nice income, plus a nice and interesting wife, who married them because she liked them, not for their obvious future income.
    Supposedly CC and Megan are smarter than they present themselves, but they've put all their eggs in the "looks" basket--so they'll attract men only interested in "looks"--and when those go they have nothing else to fall back on.
    By the way, half the time I can't tell them apart...STILL!!! They don't help by doing the twins dressing look. I loved when CC (I think) was shown with the bandana she'd tied around her breasts to "look cute" flapping around her midriff at the end of the bale toting task.

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    anyone calling cecille must be mighty desperate.

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