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I read an interview with the non-Ashton Kutcher producer of BATG. He says we can expect some very surprising hook-ups (plural).

We already have Nate and Jennylee, but what about the others?

Niels and Mario don't seem to have anything brewing with anyone. Scooter is so quiet, you never really know whats going with him.

I can't see CC hooking up with any of the geeks (not that they'd want her), but I can see Nadia and Megan getting chummy with a geek. I just don't know which one(s).

So... what about Megan and Scooter or Nadia and Scooter?

Although, the definition of "hook-up" could just mean close friendship and the producer may have used the word loosly to drive ratings. Even Jennylee and Nate haven't been romantic yet (unless I missed something along the way).