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Thread: Cecille & Nate - Season 3

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    On the list of most hated reality tv people I think she places second after Omarosa.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    I never really got to watch this season, just two epiesodes. What made CC so hated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bchristopherrrr;2255552;
    I never really got to watch this season, just two epiesodes. What made CC so hated?
    Where to start.... Basically her snide, patronizing, mean personality. She thought she was "all that" (and clearly wasn't), basically described her lifestyle choices as those of an upscale whore and was proud of it, yelled at people in very mean nasty ways, and was all about the money, her main goal in life in all ways, rather than learning ANYTHING from anyone else. She also set up a high school clique of the blondes and ran off all the women with darker hair. When her partner got attached to one of the nicer blondes she was glad when that woman left as well, so he would focus on their partnership.
    She actually wasn't stupid, but she placed no value on that at all--just focused on her looks and the big house they were going to get her. If you read back through her thread, or the summaries of the episodes there's a mean, nasty CCG quote essentially every time. She also tortured a dog, some thought, putting bracelets around its neck.
    To the joy of all, the final decision was not a "contest" about how well you knew your partner as the final two teams had expected, but a popularity contest based on what the exiled teams thought about who had changed the most from the "social experiment". Even CC's partner, Nate, campaigned for the other team, even though he knew it cost him the money. The only people who voted for the Nate/CC team were the woman he'd been flirting with and one of the geeks CC had dressed up in ribbons and make up early on (so sad he saw that as positive attention, when she seemed to really just be making fun of him). The winning woman also seemed to be a bimbo, but at least she was a polite one, who occasionally seemed to be getting something out of the show. The geeks, and most of the other women, were all nice people, so CC really stood out in her nastiness.

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    Re: Cecille & Nate - Season 3

    I just caught the show and I want to say that I think Nate was the sexiest man on that show..bar none. He made me believe again that there are truly good people out there in this world!.

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