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Thread: Beauty and the Geek 2 Recap (2/16/06) – Picture This

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    Beauty and the Geek 2 Recap (2/16/06) – Picture This

    Hey! It’s time to get my geek on again! Woooo hooo! If you don’t recall last week, the whole crew went to Las Vegas for some strip poker and some partying down. Wes and Cher hooked up, Brittany gave a lesson in Texas Hold ‘Em, and Josh threw a party that attracted the most women. Yeah, no one saw that one coming. Karl and Danielle were eliminated from the show by Ankur and Jennipher, and the couples were whittled down to a four.

    Return of the Jenni

    Ankur and Jennipher return from the elimination round to a happy yet somber crowd. Another couple is down, and now the final four couples remains. Everyone has already learned a lot about how the other half lives.

    Soon Mike gathers the teams to give them their new study materials, and let the teams know that the next two challenges are important because the two winners are immune, and the other two teams are automatically up for elimination. Also, the girls’ study materials have some sort of secret message inside of them for their eyes only.

    Date Night

    So a super secret message for the beauties? Yeah, it’s not so super secret, nor is it very special. The message tells each girl that they must now learn a little bit more about what it’s like to be a geek. They must each ask a geek that is not their partner out on a date. What beauty is used to asking a guy out on a date? No, for them they are usually the ones who decide yes or no to go out with any guy who asks them out. Anyway, the girls are now all nervous, but Jennipher does the right thing and rips the band aid off right away by asking Josh out. Brittany snags Ankur, Sarah grabs Joe, and Cher uncomfortably asks her Vegas one night stand Wes out to dinner in the mansion.

    Josh and Jennipher have a really nice date. Jennipher has decided that Josh is really a great guy, so she starts to pimp him out to all of the women that may be watching the show. Ankur and Brittany also have what looks like a very comfortable date. They talk about what the other does, but there is definitely no “love connection” there. And now for the uncomfortable dates. Poor Joe is coming down with a cold or some other sinus infection, and that’s no small problem with his honker. He keeps sniffling and wiping his nose with his napkin…even to the point of blowing his nose at the table right into his napkin. Someone get this guy a truckload of Kleenex—stat! Finally we have Cher and Wes, the “couple” that went dancing in the sheets in Vegas. They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and in this case it is so far holding true. Cher and Wes’ date is the most awkward of the bunch. There is almost no chemistry in their conversation, and both appear about as nervous as an agoraphobic in the middle of Times Square. Cher gives a toast—“to getting you drunk and you putting out.” Both of them admit how nervous they are, and Cher talks about Wes is not her typical man. Eventually the uncomfortable dinner date ends, though, and they end up in someone’s bed making out. Why the WB thought they needed to show us that is way beyond me. Perhaps they are going to market videos called “Geeks Gone Wild” or something like that.

    A Photo Finish

    The Geeks gather in some studio looking place for their next challenge. Mike explains to the guys that today they are going to have to have an eye for fashion and hopefully have picked up what their partners’ styles are. You see, today the geeks will be picking out one evening gown and one lingerie outfit to dress their partners in, and then they will partake in a sexy photo shoot. Whoever has the best picture set as judged by a panel of judges wins immunity. Joe admits to hardly even using a camera before—he has maybe used a disposable camera at a museum or something like that. Digital cameras are all the rage these days, Joe. Easy to use, and easy to find. I thought geeks everywhere knew that? Ankur’s only exposure to lingerie was when Victoria’s Secret gave out gift certificates in his dorm, and he used it to purchase a thong for a mud wrestling event. Someone pass the mental floss, please…that’s an image I just don’t need in my head. Really Ankur? You took part in a mud wrestling event wearing only a thong? Was it for the previously mentioned WB project Geeks Gone Wild? Yeech!

    When Mike announces to the girls what is going on, all of their jaws drop to the floor and Jennipher just drops a few F-bombs in preparation for the torture ahead. First up for our viewing pleasure is Joe and Brittany. Joe has picked out a nice looking red dress for Brittany, and she really looks great in it. Joe is really adopting the role of sexy photographer too—getting Brittany to lick her fingers, and even asking her to grab her ankles at one point. I thought I was the only one to do that…at work…almost every day…after my boss drops another load of work on my desk. Perhaps I’ve shared too much. Joe almost freaks Brittany out with his “that’s hot” comments, but he takes some really great pictures and they both make it through the shoot. He even thinks Playboy should give her a call. Next, Cher and Josh start snapping photos. Cher also wears a red dress, but she is not as natural in front of the camera like Brittany was. Josh asks her for some poses, and Cher weakly complies, mostly just going through the motions. Josh is having fun, though, and loudly exclaims that he “should have worn a diaper.” I don’t have any clue what that really means, but I must again reach for the mental floss. Cher is just not happy having sexy pictures of her taken by Josh.

    Ankur shoots Jennipher’s pictures next. He is probably the most clueless of the guys when it comes to sexy photography. That, and Jennipher absolutely has no faith in his eye for posing. Or his choice in lingerie. Yeah, it was a disaster. Finally Wes takes pictures of, in my opinion, the best looking Beauty remaining. She is literally poured into the evening gown, and she just doesn’t feel sexy at all, especially with Wes’ directions. He knows that if she looks bad in these pictures, it is all his fault since she is so beautiful. Yep, Wes. It’s your fault.

    After the photo sessions, Mike introduces a panel of judges…I’ve heard of none of these people, so I am not going to bore you with the details. Joe reveals his pictures first. All of the judges seem to like them. Next is Ankur, and his photos receive a warm approval. Wes shows off his photos of Sarah next, and the only comment is that Sarah looked really uncomfortable, if not unhappy. Finally, Josh shows off Cher as he knows her to be. His pics are very reminiscent of Joan Collins in “Dynasty”. Cher looks pretty good, but the lingerie shot makes her look very uncomfortable. The judges must now decide who had the best photo set. They all think Joe’s pictures of Brittany were the best, and unanimously give them immunity from elimination.

    Makedown Mountain

    The next morning, all four remaining beauties are instructed to meet Mike out at some random bar without putting on any makeup and with their hair back. Today’s challenge is going to give them a good idea of what it is like to be a geek in a world full of beautiful people. They will all attend a party at the bar without the benefit of makeup and with a wardrobe straight out of Deb’s closet in Napoleon Dynamite. Whoever gets the most drinks bought for her will win the challenge. The challenge starts, and the girls do turn heads when they walk into the bar…but more because they look so out of place amongst this group of pretty looking 20 somethings. Jennipher jumps right into the challenge, and is just asking guys left and right to buy her drinks. Sarah is really put off at the fact that guys aren’t just offering to buy her drinks, and Cher can’t believe that people are really that shallow. Hello Pot, this is Kettle, and you are black. The girls are all learning how hard it really is to deal with the materialistic, beauty-oriented world that bar parties are. Luckily for the world, they all seem to have really learned their lesson.

    After the party, Mike comes in to announce the winner. Sarah got the fewest drinks with one. Next to last was Cher with 2 drinks. Cher is really overcome by this challenge. She is really all about her looks, as she tells us through tears. She is really dejected by her results. Finally, the winner, with 5 drinks purchased for her, is Jennipher. She simply went for the gold, and was rewarded for being so persistant.

    Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

    After the girls’ Make Under challenge, they return to the house to face the geeks. All 4 of the beauties are really feeling dejected, and Ankur points out that, indeed, this was a complete role reversal for the ladies. They should now know exactly how the geeks feel when they go into a bar and have to compete with the guys that the beauties typically go for. Josh also gets on the soapbox and basically welcomes the girls to his world. But he has been learning the lesson that Beauty and the Geek teaches…that everyone is worried about humiliating themselves. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, it really is what is inside that counts.

    Wes or Cher…One’s Outta Here

    Since Joe won the geek challenge, and Jen won the beauties challenge, the two teams up for elimination are Josh and Cher and Wes and Sarah. Cher and Wes realize that one of them is leaving the house tonight, so they take the time to spend their last minutes with each other before being separated. They both hope that something more can come of their relationship after the show.

    Down in the elimination chamber that evening, Mike makes it clear that one of the two couples will be heading home tonight…it depends on who remembers more about their study materials for the most recent challenges. First up, as always, are the ladies. Sarah goes first, and is shown a picture of Hayden Christiansen. She is asked what character he played in the recent Star Wars movies. The recent ones, Sarah…not the ones from 20 years ago. She answers incorrectly with “Luke”, when she should have known either Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. Cher is asked which beer is known as “The King of Beers”, and since one of her jobs is as a beer spokesmodel, she knows the answer is Budweiser. Next, Sarah is asked to name both of Chicago’s baseball teams. She pretty easily comes up with the White Sox and the Cubs. Cher’s second question is a photo question, and she is able to correctly identify LeBron James from his picture. Finally for Sarah, she is asked what the initials “G.Q.” from the successful men’s magazine stand for. She hems and haws, and answers with “Men’s Fashion”. That’s about as close as saying FYI stands for You Need to Know. Actually G.Q. stands for [i]Gentleman’s Quarterly.” Cher’s final question is to identify which of the following three movies was not a comic book before becoming a movie: Fantastic Four, X-Men, or The Incredibles. She correctly id’s The Incredibles, and gives Josh a 3-1 lead.

    The boys come in, and Wes must answer all 3 of his questions and have Josh miss all 3 of his questions to win the elimination round. One wrong move, and Wes and Sarah are eliminated. Wes is asked something about which daughter of Paul McCartney gained fame designing for the clothing line “Chloe”. Geez, I didn’t even know Paul had any kids at all. Other than the one he married after Linda died. Wes answers incorrectly with Eva McCartney. Come on man, the answer is so obviously Stella McCartney. If Josh can answer correctly, he and Cher survive the round, and eliminate Wes and Sarah. His question? A photo question, giving him a photo of an older man, and his real name of Ralph Lipschwitz(yeah, I probably spelled it wrong.). What is his fashion name? Josh answers correctly with Ralph Lauren, and he and Cher are movin’ on up.

    Sarah is very happy for the experience and to get to know people that are not members of her usual group. Wes is looking forward to seeing Cher outside of the mansion and the pressure. They will both be different people outside of the mansion.

    So there you have it, another week of people helping people. The geeks are really teaching the beauties about their side of the mountain, and doing their best to pick up tips to become cooler, hipper cats. All in all, I can’t wait to find out who will be the ultimate Beauty and the Geek. I just hope it’s not Cher. Josh would be okay, because he really gets it. Cher…not so much.

    Be sure to tune in next week for the biggest challenge yet. The geeks must learn to get around in a mall, and the beauties must learn to just get around. And Joe tries a twist the ole’ yawn and put your arm around the girl trick…with disastrous results?

    I should have worn a diaper…or not. mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina View Post
    They will all attend a party at the bar without the benefit of makeup and with a wardrobe straight out of Deb’s closet in Napoleon Dynamite.
    Jennipher jumps right into the challenge, and is just asking guys left and right to buy her drinks. Sarah is really put off at the fact that guys aren’t just offering to buy her drinks, and Cher can’t believe that people are really that shallow. Hello Pot, this is Kettle, and you are black.
    All in all, I can’t wait to find out who will be the ultimate Beauty and the Geek. I just hope it’s not Cher. Josh would be okay, because he really gets it. Cher…not so much.
    I think you have really hit the nail on the head about this show and the shallowness that Cher still can't get past. Thanks for a great recap

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