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Thread: 2/9 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    karl snif snif...poor karl

    I have to say that Josh is really becoming my favorite. I dont even know why, he is such a goofy guy, but he is improving the most I think. He gets scared in every situation, when they announced that he was going to have to get naked during strip poker I seriously thought he was going to have a heart attack, but he really did great on the party thing and I found myself cheering for him and wanting him to win....he shouldnt be so hard on himself..he isnt THAT bad looking really..I think he has a really low self esteem and I can relate to that, I mean I aint to "cher" for sure...its a hard thing to get over, I really think he can learn a lot from this show and I really think he needs to be there the most.
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    The Question Danielle got wrong wasn't really fair IMO because the rules for Texas hold em and 5 card are different. In texas hold em (the game they were actually playing) She would have picked the correct hand. I don't get why the hands are not the same, but what do I know
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    Some of those questions were way easier than others... how many cards in a deck, for crying out loud! You don't have to have played anything harder than Go Fish to know that!

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    Wes as a geek becomes less believable each week. Despite his lackluster party, no geek would be getting it on on the dance floor like that.

    Cher (the new Chris apparently) is now the person to beat. Wes will drag her along given the shot, after which she'll walk all over him.

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    they're actually still together, as i've learned from some sources. (check the cher and wes a couple thread)

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