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Thread: 1/26/06 Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    It looks like whatever better impressions Chris left in this episode get totally blown apart next week! I think Tristin is getting a bad rap by being with him; she seems to be nice enough in her confessionals with the exception of the semi-feud with Cher (although I would be mad enough too with the comment Cher made). I'm thinking Cher is meaner than Tristin, given the comments that Josh (total cutie!!!) makes.

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    I miss thais and tyson so bad

    JW...why do no east coasters discuss??? I'm from the east coast..anyone else??

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    hey pink,
    east coaster here too... i tried discussing earlier in the night but no one was on. anyway, i know i'm new here, so hi to all the regulars. this is a great show, watched a little last season, and then about a week before the show debuted, I actually met Brittany down in Mexico while I was on a vacation. We sat next to each other at the bar for about an hour and she was one of the sweetest girls I've ever met (and ridiculously beautiful in person). Very shy and innocent too. Her mother was a hoot as well. Anyway, I'm cheering for her and Joe this season, that's for sure. I'll try chatting next week. Also have AIM if the board turns out to be a bust. Anyone that wants to chat on there, let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat View Post
    I just kept hearing "thai" and was flummoxed when it came up on the screen as Thais.

    Thais is an opera. There's a well known piece of music from it--the meditation--that's often used as a violin solo. The opera title version of the name is pronounced "tie EESE"
    (to rhyme with Reese). I don't know how the girl on the show pronounces it.

    I just popped in to say that I simply could not believe that one of them said that the capital of Iraq is Afghanistan. She's got to be one of the most monumentally dim girls alive.

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    If I didn't really trust my reality tv shows () I'd think someone wrote that Afghanistan line.
    When Tyson made his move I was all "Whooeee!", so loudly that my sig. other said from the other room, "Are you talking to the TV????"
    On the chest hair issue... (assuming your ethnic group grows it) a guy without it is just a boy in my view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid View Post
    Next week looks gooood. Am I the only woman who likes chest hair on a man?
    No I like it too. MrCoz has curly chest hair that I adore (ala Tom Selleck-Magnum PU).

    But, that said, I once saw a guy with long straight chest hair and I really didn't like that at all. Guess I am a snob when it comes to which chest hair I like

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce View Post
    These computers are soooo easy to put together. Purple to Purple. Yellow to Yellow.
    No kidding. I thought they'd have to crack open the case and put various cards and memory on the motherboard like we did in the "old days," when the cords were not color coded btw, lol

    Hubby saw these shows with me when they repeated on Super Bowl Sunday, and he really wanted the one guy with the weird facial hair to have a makeover. It has to be extreme to get commented on! (He said it looked like the guy had shaved it in a "bird wing" pattern, hah.) Glad they are obliging with makeovers on the next episode!

    Also I saw 3 episodes at once so I don't know which one this was in, but I hated it when one guy was studying with his partner and when she asked a question told her "Don't worry about it," implying that she was too stupid to study so why bother trying to explain. How patronizing and belittling -- and no doubt hiding a bunch of insecurities -- "the best defense is a good offense." So I found it offensive.

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