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Thread: Do you think Season 2 will be interesting?

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    I agree that they will probably muff it up this season... the first season was a fresh, "social experiment" but now that the cat's out of the bag, it will be way too rehearsed. (of course, that won't stop me from watching the first few episodes anyway ~
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    I'm not so sure they ruined it yet...

    I watched the casting episode last night and I was pleasantly surprised that they put Richard and Lauren (from last season) in charge of casting. It seems to me that two people who have already "been there, done that" would be good at picking out others to follow in their footsteps.

    The geeks look pretty geeky and the beauties, well, they may not be the most beautiful but they do look like they could use some help in the smarts department.

    Should be a good season!! I'll be watching!

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    I don't know...I thought the beauties were pretty cute and the geeks were definately, without a doubt, geeky. My prediction is that its gonna be good -
    I'll definately tune in next Thursday.

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    This season the guys are much dorkier than last season's and with Chris being the obnoxious one, I'll be rooting for someone else to burst his bubble.
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    i agree - should be a good season - wonder which two fall in love - could of sworn I saw two people making out in one of the previews a few weeks ago

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    I get WB on cable at channel 20 in my area. Tv Guide recently changed how it does it's listings and doesn't list anything for my city at all so it can be a challenge finding where stations are, but I can at least get it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    Thanks for trying. CTV carried season 1, but they didn't start airing it until it was almost over on the WB. So I couldn't join you folks in the show discussion threads. I had hoped that this season I would be able to. I guess you'll just have to imagine my snarky responses.

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    We have a winner. Josh is another Richard.

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