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Thread: Tristin & Chris - Season 2

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    Feel bad for her....HATE him
    "A couple minutes ago, I was depressed about the gap. I'm like, forget the gap, sucka, I'm going to Thailand."
    ~Danielle (Season6 ANTM)

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    What's Chris background?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brendy View Post
    This guy just makes me angry.
    Who goes up to a bunch of girls and reads out a card like that?
    He's a geek but he's an arrogant rude narcissistic one.
    Hopefully Tristin will quelch his egotistic a-hole ways.
    What's Chris history? Besides only being kissed by one unluckly girl. His education or occupation has not been mentioned on the show. I suspect no one whats to claim him. i.e. "You mention our school name and we will sue you!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkflamingo99 View Post
    so we know shes the one who switched...who was her original partner??
    According to the recap...

    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina View Post
    Round 2 is Thais and Tyson, Brandon and Tristan, and Amanda and Chris. Chris takes the reins, and pisses just about everyone including his teammate off by insisting he answer the questions. He is able to name Ted Danson’s character on Cheers as Sam Malone. He finally realizes that he has just put his team in the spotlight, and they will likely be the first team on the block. Tyson answers for his team, and he cannot identify Gwen Stefani as the lead singer of No Doubt. So it is up to Brandon. If he can identify the father of Brittany Spears’ baby, there will be another round. If not, Chris and Amanda get the power. He is unable to pull the name “Kevin Federline” out of the air, and simply answers with his name, Brandon Blankenship. Chris and Amanda win the power to split couples up.
    Chris and Amanda must have switched partners with Brandon and Tristan

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    This guy's an ass, which is something I wasn't expecting from any of the geeks.

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    This guy is a jerk and she seems nice but not a beauty to me sorry.

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    She's from Maine, so I'm rooting for her...he just seems to have no socialization skills at all... Doesn't know that if you can't say something nice to someone, to keep your trap shut.
    Trekker and Geocacher

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    The girl is SO irritating.

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    Now that Chris is gone, I can watch the show again. I felt bad for Tristan, but she seemed to be clueless as to the fact that it wasn't HER that people hated, but him.

    I thought it was funny, too, that he seemed to think that he had changed since the beginning

    Looked to me like you were still and a$$, Chris!

    Quote: "Going cold turkey isn't as delicious as it sounds." -- Homer Simpson

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    Tristin's junk in the trunk

    Tristin seems to be about the only genuine girl on the show. She's definitely the kind of girl I've always gone for. The rest are just manipulative gamers, especially Cher. BTW though, when Tristin wears that black formal dress it seems to me she looks rather "thick" compared to the rest of the girls. I still find her the most appealing by far, but what do you think? Is it just the way the dress is cut, or does she have a bit more meat on her bones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb;1726978;
    Is it just me, or does she look fairly geekish, too ? I won't comment on Chris, libs has it covered.
    Well, get this: so I was watching American Idol Rewind, the show that looks back on the past seasons of American Idol. I think it was the very first episode, and this girl came to audition. I was looking at her, and she looked very familiar. Then her name pops up on the bottom of the screen, and it says her name is Tristin. It took me awhile that it's Tristin from B&G. Then, Paula said that she was high school valedictorian. Then the judges started clapping.

    Now I could be wrong, and that girl could just be another Tristin. But she did look like this Tristin.

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