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Thread: 7/13 Finale Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    I was looking for Eric too! Mabe because he was the first one booted off? I thought him the best looking - and I did dig Chuck's more relaxed looks, but I'm into Neurologists

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    You know I hate to say this but the host of this show is not very good. I found the reunited show to be awful. The host was actually reading from cards and didn't even do a good job at that. There was no lightness in his approach and everyone seemed uncomfortable and not able to play off of the host and the ridiculous questions. This was a great cast but the host just let it drag with uncomfortable, embarrassing pauses and gaps in the dialog and didn't keep it moving along in a lighthearted way. I thought Richard seemed so strange and defensive and like he was all pouty about something. Probably for being portrayed as phycho. It probably wasn't really fair to him but that's TV for you. IT's all about the editing.


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    It all looked really staged to me.. and I really, REALLY expected Ashton to come out and declare to us, the audience, that we'd been PUNK'D!

    Whether it was real or not, I enjoyed watching the whole series and the reunion show.
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    This was really a cute show overall. I dont think it was too fake especially by reality TV standards. I think Richard came off as much more likable last night. I kind of feel a little bad for the kid because it is tough when you look that geeky. He is pretty funny when he tones down his obnoxious behavior a little bit. Shawn seems like such a sweet guy I hope it works out for him with the girl he met. I still like Chuck even though I bashed him a little toward the end. He knows he could have handled Richard better. I also felt bad about Chuck getting the boring label. Everyone isnt the life party. He knows he needs to lighten up a little. This show was a nice piece of feel good fluff.

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    When Cheryl came out without Eric, first I thought they were going to introduce all the Beauties, then all of the Geeks. But then Erika and Brad came out together, and the rest of the teams. I would love to know why Eric didn't come (was he pissed that he barely got any time on the show? Did he have another committment?) I was disappointed that they didn't enlighten the audience.

    Lauren proved her "500 I.Q." again with her, "Peace, Love, and Bubblegum...that rhymes, right?"

    When Joe said that he'd go out with the girl from the audience, I hoped that she wasn't a serial axe-murdering maniac. LOL

    We got another glimpse of Chuck's pomposity and superiority complex with the description of the molecule--are we supposed to swoon at his feet?

    I laughed when Richard knew Mindi's middle name, and said, "He probably read that on the Internet." I was surprised to see that Richard's brother Tom didn't look nearly as nerdy as he does (and I pity his family, if this is "calm" for Richard.) When they replayed the clip of Richard saying that there was animosity "between Chuck and I," I said, again, "That's 'Chuck and me.'" So I thought that it was funny when he corrected his own grammar. And when he said that Chuck reminded him of Al Gore.

    But I don't know that I learned "what *really* went on between Chuck and Richard" or the "moment that haunts Lauren". And I hope for season 2, they hire a better host. Sorry, Brian.

    ETA: Shawn and Bill are still my favorites. I think that they're both cute and sweet. Chuck is good looking, but he's too full of himself. Eric is cute, but we didn't get to learn anything about him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrappymom
    Was that girl in the audience, who asked Sean the question, the girl who gave him her phone number?
    I would say... No. I thought he said he asked someone after the pick up competition was over and called her after the show, but if he doesn't live in that area, that doesn't make sense.

    Why didn't we get more of Bill????!!!!!!

    I loved hearing from most of the guys that they feel much more confident around women as a result of the show. Hearing what the women got out of the show was great too. (Although Scarlett was either suffering from selective memory loss or liar-itis.)

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    Still no sign of Joe's virginity on ebay!

    I thought the girl that asked him out was kind of cute, and a good fit for him.

    I think this show was better than most of the reunion shows. They need to do more clips that we don't see on the regular show on shows like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrappymom
    I actually felt badly for Richard tonight. Those girls were treating him like their mascot, or their friend's little brother, rather than a grown adult, and their peer.
    That's because he acted like a child throughout the show. I really can't blame them, and I thought they were pretty tolerant of all of his foolishness.

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    Tobi -- I agree that this reunion show was kind of awkward and it also seemed odd to see the host reading from cards. Was it just my imagination, or was Chuck clean-shaven when he first was announced and walked on stage with Caitilin, and then had a beard by the time he sat on the couch? I re-played his walking on the stage several times, and couldn't see a beard. Also found it very odd that they never mentioned the missing "Geek." Maybe the producers were angry at his reason for not participating and decided to act as if he didn't exist. I've seen on other reunion shows situations where someone can't make it, and the host comments on why the person is absent.

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    these are things i noticed bout the aftermath
    1) loved it lol
    2) where was erik??? on the wb forums everyone is asking this too. they really should of at least menitoned
    3) i LOVED that mindi made out (well, for 3 sec) w/ richard. kudos to her for doing that since she was REALLY surprised
    4) i loved "peace love and bubble gum" b/c im a gum finatic (sp) too!
    5) come on lauren, 23+73???
    6) they need a new host. i saw that too. he was reading the questions, and just so staged
    7) also the audiance was so staged. they awwwed and clapped and woooed all at the same time exspecially at the beginnign
    8) i never saw what moment haunts lauren, i saw what moment haunts krystal
    9) all in all, i love beauty and the geek, love caitilin and mindi and cant wait till season 2!

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