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Thread: 7/06 Finale Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Richard has kissed three girls!

    Who was his second? I know his first was Kyrstal.

    The reunion is next week.
    I think kiss #2 was Scarlett.

    SO glad Chuck and Caitilin won! I felt like they showed the most growth and solidarity as a team. Plus, they won more challenges than any other team.

    I can't wait for the reunion show! It'll be fun to see if any of the geeks and beauties have changed for the better since the show. Maybe Richard has kissed four girls by now! Chuck looked pretty cute and more laid back in the previews too
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    SO glad Chuck and Caitilin won! I felt like they showed the most growth and solidarity as a team. Plus, they won more challenges than any other team.
    You and me both, Critical! I was thrilled with the outcome--if Richard had won, it would have been too much. Too much, I say! Very clever reverse foreshadowing during the final challenge, too. When it looked as though all hope was lost for Richard and Mindi, I was sure all hope was lost for Chuck and Caitilin.

    Richard plays the Maple Leaf rag too quickly. It's ragtime, not bebop . . . or thrash metal!

    I can't wait to see the reunion show!

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    I was hoping for Richard and Mindi to win. I know Richard is obnoxious, but he really cracked me up. I am sure that if I had to live with him or spend more than an hour with him, I'd be ready to strangle him though!

    However, I really loved Caitilin so I'm glad she won. I never liked Chuck at all, so that is why I was kind of hoping for Rich/Mindi!

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    Finally an episode where Richard was not annoying every second!

    I really liked the format of the episode, both couples sharing something they loved to do.

    Richard was open to the kayaking and in the end enjoyed it.
    Mindi was blown away with the piano playing Richard - he certainly had talent. I thought the song he wrote for her, so she could play it with him, was touching. I actually liked Richard during that segment.

    Chuck's love of martial arts was strong. He shared it with Richard (glad those two hugged and made up) and then Caitilin. I really liked how she was game for experiencing this important aspect of Chuck's life.
    Caitilin's cooking was nice and low key, something Chuck appreciated. I'm not sure how much tutoring Chuck really got cooking, but I do think he understand that sometimes simple pleasures are the best.

    The final elimination was no cake walk for either team. Chuck and Caitilin seemed to have it in the bag with 8 out of 10 but Richard and Mindi really came back to force the tiebreaker. It was fitting that Richard blew the question, Mindi has totally carried the team through the elimination rounds. I'm glad Chuck and Caitilin won. Richard annoyed me more than any other contestant.

    This show was a welcomed break from the usual reality TV fare. I don't know if the next round of this show can keep the sweetness this one had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2O
    This show was a welcomed break from the usual reality TV fare. I don't know if the next round of this show can keep the sweetness this one had.
    I share your skepticism, H2O.... I'm afraid that now since the premise of the show is out, that there will be too many on the second show who are nothing but camera hogs, out for self-promotion.
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    You know, I'm really going to miss this show. I tuned into it because there was nothing else on, and expected to just hate it. I was so surprised when it turned out to be not exploitative or ugly or over the top--just endearing and addictive! These are people I would be friends with, and it was wonderful seeing them develop and grow--and acknowledging the things they learned. I'm sad that it's over (but I'm soo going to watch the reunion!), and wonder if there will be another season. I really liked it!

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    I liked this show too and was satisfied with the ending. My fav part was when Chuck Hugged Cait, and she said he popped her back I need my back popped!

    Can't wait till next week.

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    I like Caitilin but Chuck gets on my nerves.So I was rooting for Rich and Mindi.Its to bad they lost

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    I really enjoyed this show. I tuned in expecting something more along the lines of "Average Joe", but this show was a refreshing change! Much more endearing and much less exploitative. I will be looking forward to it in the future!

    Before the finale I was really hoping Chuck and Caitilin would win, but by the end of the show I didn't care anymore - they were all so nice

    I think that Chuck and Cait definitely got more out of the "personal growth" aspect of the competition. One area that I think Richard prgressed more in was fashion! By the end he had ditched those awwwful poofy slacks he had been wearing in favor of his "cool" jeans ! Chuck, on the other hand, was still wearing those boring and style-less pleated khakis

    I'm looking forward to the "Aftermath" episode next week!!

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    I liked Richard and Mindi. Lame to lose because the other team got a question too easily guessed (name a play...). Richard seemed like a plant, but he was entertaining, even if sometimes (usually) over the top. I really liked Mindi, which surprised me because I figured she'd be an airhead. She turned out to be smart, sweet, collected, somehow able to deal with Richard, and to quote Joe Pesci, she's cute, too. I don't know if they really deserved to win because regardless of how well they may have done in challenges, Richard's so far off the wall that teaching him to be normal is too monumental a task.

    As a long time WB fan, I know they cut shows almost as fast as Fox. I wouldn't hold my breath for a followup, but it'd be nice to see.
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