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Thread: Richard & Mindi

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyofella
    To all those Richard bashers... can you imagine this season without a "Richard"? Granted, many of the girls are very interesting (Mindi, Cait, Lauren, first blond girl), but most of the guys are not very memorable. They seem to be the quiet, introvert types. That does not make for good TV.
    Amen. Finally someome realises that RICHARD made this show interesting and memorable. Can you honestly say you would continue to watch the show if Chuck was the main character? Not me, it would be too boring.

    So it's time to give Richard a credit for making this show FUN.

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    Im not sure how interesting any of the girls were. A couple of them seemed like very nice people as time went on but interesting is a bit of a stretch. Richard is a jerk but he added some spice to the show. A lot of it is an act but he definitely has some personal problems he needs to work out. As for him not being smart Im sure he has a well above average IQ. Richard is only 21 years old there is still some hope for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyofella
    To all those Richard bashers... can you imagine this season without a "Richard"?
    Yes. He was memorable, but not in a good way. People hated him, and it wasn't a "love to hate" thing. Folks wanted to beat him with a heavy object, tell him to sit down and shut up, and stop acting like a tool.

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    I didn't hate Richard. He was annoying at times but remember this is TV and editing is everything. Mindi didn't seem to hate him at all and their relationship was endearing to all. I think that he was interesting to watch but it was a little scary when he went off the deep end at times. But all in all he was an endearing character to me. One hoped to see him overcome his intense insecurities which actually keep him from being a nice person. He can really play the piano well


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    Did she learn anything???

    After seeing Mindi's reaction when she (for the countless time) bribed Richard with affection one has to wonder if she came away from this experience learning anything. All the other women seemed to have expanded their thoughts about judging a book by it's cover, except for her. I was really disappointed when she got grossed out when she realized that Richard got the answer right and she had to put her money where her mouth is. I bet that miss sorority girl will call these guys for a reunion, only when her sorority is throwing a "Bring a Geek" night.

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    They need to have a reality show featuring Richard. The guy is flat out hilarious.

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    Mindi's still my favorite watching it again.

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