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Thread: 8/17 Battle of the Network Reality Stars Recap: 32 Famewhores, All In One Place

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7
    We begin with a voice-over stating "In a time long ago, there were only three television networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS." Do you hear that? THREE. Remember that next time you're cruising through your 250 channels of satellite tv complaining that there's nothing to watch.

    Her bio says that she is "notoriously charming and beautiful". I think that Trishelle must have written her own biography.

    Team Coral (red) will go against Team Miz (dark blue). The winner of that will go against the winner of the second race between Team Gervase (light blue) and Team Chip (green.) Got that? Neither do I.

    Coral and Melissa resume doing the annoying head bob squaty thing. Seriously, I hate that, whatever it is.

    Omarosa comments how Austin's hair is very Farrah-like, and this is true...Austin has obviously seen a couple of hot rollers in his time.
    Great job, suncat

    I don't get this channel, so didn't see the show, but it sounds like a hell of a lot happened.
    Very difficult to recap I would imagine.
    You did it wonderfully

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7
    How small? Imagine you take a Kleenex, rip it in half, then in half again. Then you throw it into a hamster cage to be chewed on. THAT is what minimum coverage Coral's breasts have.
    Loves it haha. I wish you would have mentioned though just how huge Coral's lollipops actually are Sunny! LOL

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