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    Bob Guiney

    From the official site:
    Birth date: 8 May 1971

    Hometown: Riverview, the Downriver area of Metro Detroit, MI

    High School Sport: Football

    College: Michigan State University, Riverview Community High School

    Website: http://www.bobguiney.com/

    Sang in the band "Fat Amy" Debut album, 3 Sides, released November 25, 2003. Band features two original members of "Fat Amy".
    Was a quarterback on the Michigan State University football team. May 2004: Announced that he is engaged to Rebecca Budig of "All My Children" (1970). Started his own company, Allied Home Mortgage, with his childhood friend, Greg Clausen in 1999. Spouse: Jennifer Lantz (divorced), Rebecca Budig- 3 July 2004 - present
    Full bio available http://www.bravotv.com/Battle/Competitors/Bob_Guiney2.shtml] here[/url].

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    Hm no one has commented on Bob eh? Well, I'll be first. I think he's a great guy, funny and entertaining! I felt bad for him though when he was talking with Bradford after one of the events (Jousting I believe...) and Bradford was so cocky that after a couple of questions he just walked away like he thought he was some movie star. Bleh.

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