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Thread: Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth

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    Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth

    From the official site:
    Birthday: February 15th, 1974

    Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio

    Education: B.A. in Radio/TV Broadcast Journalism from Central State University, Ohio; M.A. in Mass Communication Studies from Howard University; Pursuing a PhD in Communications Studies at Howard.

    Who do you admire most (personally and/or professionally)?:
    I have great admiration for two very strong and vibrant women. My mother, Theresa Manigault, became a widow when I was seven years old. Although my mother was left with four children to raise alone she was extremely determined to make sure that we were happy and that we had everything that we needed to be successful in life. She was an admirable provider and a powerful motivator. Professionally, I admire businesswomen and entrepreneur Madame C.J. Walker. She was one of the first American women to become a millionaire, and she ran the largest business owned by an African American at the time. She also had great pride, sophistication and flair in spite of the overwhelming odds that she faced.
    Full bio available here.

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    Will this...person ever go away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    Will this...person ever go away?
    You know, I for one like Omarosa. She's a biatch sure, but she's a good person. I mean after learning about her more on The Surreal Life, I don't have as much hatred for her anymore. And she DOES make great television.

    And she's doing amazing with her role on this show if you ask me. In the most recent episode (Ep2) she totally controlled herself when Coral seemed to provoke her during one the interviews. Her face may look evil but she's showing a pretty genuine side to her haha.

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