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Thread: Reality Stars Battle

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    Heh, I'd have loved to have Colin on there just to see Colin and Mirna fight again. She'd call him disgusting and he'd just say how "blatantly rude" she is.
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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    I remember all the original "Battle of the Network Starts". It was on one night for two hours. No body changed teams, nobody got eliminated. This new one is fun, (I don't know all the people in this new one), like I did in the original. But it's fun to watch.

    Seriously, I'm getting overloaded with reality shows. I'd like to just watch The Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, Project Runway and bring back The Mole and Temptation Island. Those are the only ones I really care about.

    Even though I watch others, those are still and always will be my favorites.

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