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Thread: Reality Stars Battle

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    Wendy Pepper! Oh my, this is worlds colliding.
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    Was there some rule that you can't have two-toned hair if you are going to compete? I can hardly recognize Wendy Pepper minus the Cruella DeVille look (and minus the thirty pounds) and Mike Boogie without the badly bleached hair.

    ETA: OMG a guest appearance by Austin Scarlett commenting on the fashion of the original Battle of the Network Stars contestants.
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    I turned this on, on a whim. I like Richard Hatch, thought it would be funny.

    Then I saw Duncan Nutter and I absolutely cracked up. DUNCAN NUTTER! HEEEE!!!!! So of course I had to stay riveted to the whole show, but it was worth it in a strange way because of Duncan, Wendy Pepper and of course the fashion commentary from Austin Scarlet!!!

    Hee. Duncan Nutter. HEE! *sorry, but he is...well, he's a nutter*
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    I started watching this and then they spent more then 30 seconds on that piece of human waste Jonathan so I started channel surfing. I did catch the dunk tank part. Which was funny. Why oh why did they have to have Jonathan on this show? I can handle some of the other people (barely) because they were on shows I didn't watch but I can't stand him.

    On the other hand Burton looks wonderful
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    I liked watching Matt Gould. He's so cute. His mimicking the Miz when he picked him for the Dunk Tank competition was hilarious.

    Question though.......why was Charla so pissed at Ryan Starr?? She wasn't the only one that voted for her. They had 3 piles of names so more than one person voted for her. Oh well. Hopefully they'll like her more on Coral's team.

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    I don't know... but some people on other boards said that Charla was so naive and all that... but come on.... during that fight they were all "GO CHARLA!! YAY!" and all that crap... they should have voted for Bradford! He screwed up everything.

    At least she's still on it though. So go red team.
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    Jonathan and Victoria

    I found Jonathan and Victoria to be OK. She won every event and he won the day for the team with his event. The show must love him becuse every other section they had him front and center.

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    Was it good last night? I forgot to watch! Grrrrr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Goten
    Well I just wonder if Mirna will get to call anyone else disgusting criminals.......

    If she ever calls Jonathug that, I want that quote tagged, voice overed and replayed many times.

    I'm almost tempted to watch because I loved Charla, Chip and Kim. But Jonathug and Mirna really put off. When they're gone I might watch.

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    There may be a few parts of Richard still unexplored.
    Is that even possible??

    Was it good last night? I forgot to watch! Grrrrr.
    I really enjoyed it, but then again I might not have so much if it wasn't taped cause there was a lot of filler and commercials that I skipped that way. There's a good amount of repeats over the next few days, here's what my guide is pulling up:

    EPISODE 1 REPLAYS: (listed as eastern times)
    Thurs 8/18-6:30pm
    Sat 8/20-5:30am, 5:30pm,
    Sun 8/21-4am, 1:30pm

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