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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KashatheDiva;3653649;
    But see that's the thing EVERY season, not just this one!! And this is something we as TB fans should sticky to our foreheads.
    We don't know these people, we are shown edited slices of who we are led to believe they are to fit the roles they were cast to portray by TPTB.
    The only time we get to glimpse a piece of who they really are is from unedited interviews and public appearances and then those are staged to a great extent, and still must be taken with a huge boulder of salt.
    I loved the pedestal Deanna, Blob, Jason and Jillian were placed on only to pull a Humpty Dumpty. We should learn a lesson finally.
    It was my post that prompted this, Kasha, so let me clarify and add that you are absolutely correct. I should have said so the first time. Portrayal is not a new technique. It's why some of us were so opposed to Jillian taking a tour through the Bachelorette House of Mirrors. It's why I don't want Reid to do it. I don't think a sticky is enough. Tattoo.

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    Re: Media Thread

    Thanks for the link to the Calgary Herald article, above. The one part of it I particularly liked was a quote from one of Jillian's friends

    "I just hope this tabloid stuff isn't getting to them to much," says Harris's longtime friend Brad Bell, who owns Calgary's Crush restaurant and lounge where she went to watch The Bachelorette with girlfriends in July. Although Bell did not want to be specific about Harris's updates on her private Facebook page, he says the gossip --including the cover story in Us Weekly--is running well after the fact.

    "I'm looking at a message that she just posted on Facebook. They look very happy and very much together and everyone here is so excited to meet him.

    "I think they have already talked about it and moved on. She's got it under control."
    What I liked is he supports her without revealing lots of private details from her FB page. He's offering her his support in a public way (the interview) without being a gossip about what she says privately on her FB page. I think that's a true friend, someone who gives you that support and has your back, and does so in a way that doesn't share private things with the entire world. Sounds like a good place to hang out, I might have to look it up on my next trip to Calgary!

    It's also nice to see real people behind the quotes. They certainly don't seem shy about voicing their support!
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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver18;3653814;
    Does anyone know how it was that the two women Ed was seeing landed up talking to the media? Were they being pursued? How did their names get out there? I really cant recall..

    Honestly, if it were me, I would refuse to talk to the media! If these two women themselves didn't give the info to the media then if it were me, I would be ready to sue whoever devulged my name and my info!!! I would be totally mortified and angry!
    I have no idea but I agree with you on this. I also would be mortified. It would be hard enough to deal with without media being involved.

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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Phyllie;3653710;
    No...Ed said the account from the girls is "inaccurate". He also said that he didn't sleep with her after he was engaged to Jillian. Past that, I don't think he has flat out denied any other details.

    He did post a new picture to his facebook profile.

    His exact words:

    "No, it's actually not true at all. Uh, y'know, I think that Jillian and I have been the target of being one of the few successful couples..."

    "Jillian and I have been honest and up front about all my recent relationships. And, y'know, there's just no truth to it. And, I...uh...y'know, I'm not going to go into details but I can tell you that the tabloids are inaccurate...."
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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by xseannax;3653564;
    I went and bought one today (first time ever buying this mag) although I did already read the scanned copy.

    Where is the scanned copy?


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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KareyR2;3653934;
    But Ed is a compulsive liar and lies very easily and convincingly for some people. He has been caught in many lies, and once that happens, everything out of his mouth simply becomes a lie...even if every now and then he manages to get out the truth by accident...there is no trust in that he is actually speaking the truth. Ed can NOT be trusted. So I believe Lindsey as she has the proof on everything else. JMHO of course. Thanks
    How do you know he lies? Again I ask, do you know Ed personally? You are assuming he is lying because you choose to believe hook line and sinker the story that US is telling. Again this is only one side of the story and it is baised.

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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by chopstickchick;3653919;
    I think this season started filming so quickly after the last, they didn't have time to do good casting. Even if they just had 1 or 2 token Canadian guys, would that really have made a difference? She wouldn't have picked them JUST because they're Canadian, and the chances of those happening to be the final ones would have been small. ANd if they were, guarantee the American audience would have tuned out as soon as the last American was eliminated.
    But then wouldn't that same logic have to also apply to the Matt, Lorenzo and Jesse seasons? If so, then none of their episodes would have been watched by Americans, and we know that wasn't the case.

    Anyway, my reference to "only Americans, no Canadians" was in the context of my response to something Jillian said in a recent interview that rubbed me the wrong way.
    The Bachelor/Bachelorette series is a soap opera with unskilled actors, bad writing, and beautiful even edits the real moon!

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    Re: Media Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by cheekychook;3653925;
    The girls were pursued by the media. Their names came out via sleuthers on this and many other boards. There were too many people in the real world who knew about their relationships with Ed---it was an impossibility that it would remain a secret. They were both totally mortified and angry, but with their names and the gossip already swirling around they felt they had no choice but to speak up and set the record straight. Had they not felt that need they never would have gone public or divulged intimate details of their lives. Both are very private people. Their privacy was invaded due to Ed's choice to be on the show, not to their own doing.
    Obviously not that private. They could have sent in a statement or something. Linsdey went on GMA and talked to US Weekly...not very private if you ask me. The high road would have been to ignore it all instead of giving the dates and locations of their intimate "relations".

    Everyone has a choice. Going public with details was gross.

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    Re: Media Thread

    I have so much to catch up on - but I have to say THIS is the best article I've seen about them so far.

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    Re: Media Thread

    Didn't see this posted yet......

    BuddyTV article posted today based on ET interview with the Fleiss. Found it an interesting perspective of the show & Fleiss in general.

    Bachelor Producer Hints at Next 'Bachelor,' Admits He Loves the Drama

    Bachelor Producer Hints at Next 'Bachelor,' Admits He Loves the Drama
    Monday, August 10, 2009

    If there's one thing I appreciate about Bachelor/Bachelorette producer Mike Fleiss, a professional bait-and-switcher if there ever was one, it's that the man knows when to cut to the chase.

    "When the new season of The Bachelor premieres, look for Reid Rosenthal, Kiptyn Locke or Jake Pavelka to be handing out the red roses," Fleiss told Entertainment Tonight. Okay, so he didn't tell us which of the three Bachelorette castaways will be wooing the woeful women on ABC this season, but at least he narrowed it down to the three guys we all assumed were the only worthy candidates anyway.

    Fleiss also commented on how this post-Bachelorette fiasco with Ed Swiderski's ex-girlfriends (and Bachelor scandals in general) affect the series: "What do you think? Booyah!" (Seriously. That's what he said.) At least there's one true love affair on this show: the executive producer and his ratings.

    All celebration aside, Fleiss spoke up to defend the realism of the "reality" TV couple he helped bring together:

    "They are a real couple. They are engaged. I am always optimistic about these things. I think they look like a real couple. I can see them staying together. She is such a level-headed person. And he seems like a level-headed person -- maybe they will be able to survive this media blitz."

    It's like Zeus applauding the townspeople for weathering the storm that he created. If it weren't for Fleiss, there would be no "media blitz." Jillian even said it herself: the thing that seems to be most threatening to her level-head (and her love life) is the publicity that comes along with The Bachelorette title.

    "I really want out of the spotlight so bad. I hate it so much," she told OK Magazine this week, after defending fiance Ed against accusations of infidelity.

    With the world seeing text messages that reveal her husband-to-be wanted to "grab [another woman's] ass" while he was trying to win her love, can you really blame Jill for wanting the man but not the fame? (I guess you could say she might want to reconsider both the man and the fame.) Unfortunately for Jillian, and our future Bachelor, it's a two-part package deal. And more likely than not, the important part of that package--the love part--will be DOA.

    Despite constant attacks from critics and viewers that The Bachelor/Bachelorette series is about anything but love, Fleiss defended the abysmal results of his series (coming up on their 19th cycle, the Bachelor is 1 for 18 when it comes to weddings):

    "Our batting average is about 250 [...] I think that is pretty good. This show offers no guarantees, but it has worked. Ed, on GMA, said, you can find love."

    Yes, technically (especially if you ask Trista Sutter) you can find love on The Bachelor. But love isn't baseball. And even if it was, the last time I checked, your coach is supposed to help you win, not help himself by making your road to victory--or more often than not, defeat--as humiliating and rocky as possible. To illustrate his point, Fleiss's using Ed--who's actively taking over for Jason Mesnick as the Bachelor poster-boy for indecision and indiscretion--is downright laughable.

    With an escalating precedent of staged drama, a seemingly ever-lowering standards bar in the casting department, and a producer who exclaims "Booyah!" when you get your heart trampled in the national press, the question isn't "Can you find love on The Bachelor?" It's "Who in their right mind would try?"

    We'll soon find out which man--Kiptyn, Reid, or Jake--didn't learn his lesson the first time. But that doesn't mean we won't watch. There's one aspect of Fleiss's baseball-Bachelor metaphor that holds up: for some of us, watching these dramas unfold really is becoming an indispensable national pastime. And hey, if one of these handsome men wants to sign up again to have his heart beat up and bruised for my amusement, who am I to stop him? Play ball! (Be warned, next Bachelor: in this game, the ball is your heart.)
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