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Thread: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by JustHereInOhio;3626394;
    ITA with everything here. This was GREAT and very well stated IMO.

    I have been reading FORT since Jason and Molly. I always want to know the ending before it is played out.
    I only signed up on FORT because I personally knew one of the guys this season (yes, one of the bad guys and I thought I could contribute to the sleuthing and out come maybe a little) and had gotten some inside info on the editing (I NEVER knew about the editing part until FORT) and some personalites of some of the guys.
    The back lash that I received because I stated what I knew and how this person acted and treated me personally over the 5-6 years I have known him was unbelievable. I was more or less called a liar and I just don't get that. Until you have walked in the same shoes and/or DO NOT know the person ???
    I actually quit coming on the site for a while and I would PM a few of the IMO VERY well respected, trust worthy FORT'ers with additional information I had received to use how they saw fit!! They did a wonderful job!!
    With that said..

    I was a Jesse, Kip and Ed fan from the very beginning.
    I seen the Ed connection early on. I wished MF would have let us see more of Jillian/Ed's dolphins sceens, sceens of them in the house together. I think a lot of people forgot they were in the house together because they did not show it. He seems like a real and normal person.
    I think they knew she was going to pick Ed, so they made it to where a lot of people would not like him with the edits he got.
    I believe he and Jillian really P***ed TB bunch off somehow.

    They then chose to show us ONLY the NICE side of Reid, which I still don't get, IMO he is not all that and never has been however, if that is who Jillian would have chosen i would have been fine with that - she was not picking them for me! all I seen out of Reid was he could not make a decision at all on his own (his dad even told that), he is somewhat OCD, childish...... THEN we did get to see what a smart a** and how cocky he probably is when watching ATFR, some of his snide comments and expressions - I was like there it is - that is some of what Jillian has seen that we didnt get to see. What took 20-30 minutes to say good bye to Reid probably only took 5 minutes and it was spliced/edited and played over and over. That one hug and look - I seen 3 times...

    Kip - I have to ditto.. Class act, very well rounded and does not and will not give in to MF pressure. Handled himself very well and did not give them any ammo to use against him!

    Still love this board - Hats off to CUPCAKES, BLOOMERS, JUSTLOGIC and the other great ones. I have learned a lot (especially editing) and I will be back for the next go round. Maybe one day I can sleuth with the best!!!!

    THANKS FORT'ers for a great season!!
    I will agree to disagree with you there. As you see nothing with Reid I saw absolutely something fake with Ed. Reid did not sound cocky at the ATFR, and i'm guessing most viewers that evening didn't feel that way either. He was sincere and didn't give generalized answers. Perhaps that's what Ed fans would have preferred to have heard.

    It's interesting how everyone believes in Wes' edit but you believe that we only saw the good side of Reid, and we didn't get his true edit. So it's okay to believe the manipulation behind Wes' edit but only partially believe what we saw of Reid? I'm sure NONE of these contestants are as good or bad as we believe.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    I have missed seeing this thread, so have not been posting here. I might be off topic, but we were told to move over to this thread, so am trying to quote and move a post over from the Media thread. Sorry in advance if I do anything wrong in the move.

    [QUOTE=AndyLuvsTessa;3626050;]I don’t understand how Ed “robbed” Jillian of a chance to find REAL love. He didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do. She voluntarily chose him over two other men whom have “very deep” feelings for her. How is it even remotely romantic to think that if Ed was not in the picture, she’d choose one of the other guys instead? In other words, she’d go with second or third choice if her first choice was not available. To me, that’s not real love. Nor is romantic. It’s insurance. The truth of the matter is that she chose Ed over the other two guys. Ed is not interchangeable with Reid nor Kiptyn.
    For those whom claim she only wanted a ring and a sure bet, let me remind you Reid was rejected not once, but TWICE. The second time, he came back with a 100% guarantee in the form of a ring and a proposal. She still rejected him in spite of the fact she had absolutely no guarantees Ed would propose. She loves Ed so she turned down a sure thing with Reid to take a chance at an uncertain ending with Ed because, guess what? She loves Ed and only Ed.

    Let me also point out that when Ed left, she took him back. This was at the beginning of the show, where the emotional entanglements were not as strong. That was telling. Contrast this with when Reid left and came back, she rejected him ring and all. This was at the end of the process where she had more time to know each of the three guys and fully assess where she was emotionally with each of them.[/

    To your bolded...anytime someone is deceived, lied to...whatever dishonest way you want to state a deception , you have been lied to....and thus ROBBED of the chance of making an informed decision, as to the worth, truthfulness and the integrity of that person! You were had. That unfortunately is what I strongly feel has happened to Jilly...she has been taken in by a smooth talker, a master conman. They are very good at what they do. I know from personal experience that they can look and make it all sound so innocent, and make themselves like the victims, and all the while they are robbing you blind....whether your emotions, or your money. I fear she is in for the biggest shock of her life, and to think that this master at deception was able to CONvince this beautiful woman with a magical spirit and take her from 2 amazingly, wonderful, honourable men filled with love and integrity, who both treasured her and honoured her, is especially upsetting. Jilly's world is about to crash in around her, and this beautiful woman deserves a man who honours her...not deceives her. She deserves more than Ed the sleazy, lying cheat can offer. JMHO Thanks
    Karey 1500th post!!!!

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by annabanana2;3626306;
    Just to keep facts straight, if possible...according to the ABC teleconference that she did with Ed yesterday, she has not "moved in" yet. She said she would be moving the 1st or 2nd week of September. Big difference between moving in and staying over.
    This is the reason (my opinion only) that Jillian went from hero to zero...she has only known Ed for a few weeks -- dated several men during those weeks -- and now she is moving in with him. Call me old fashion but didn't Jillian get enough money to move into her own apt. in Chicago? :nono

    True colors and her "liberalism" coming out in the end.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by cape;3622875;
    I have to say this was the hardest part of this season. I actually feel bad for everyone who allowed rumors about Ed to get in the way and block the true love story unfolding on screen.

    But what a love story it was...

    1. On their 1st date the connection was strong and they had 3 days in the house.
    2. Ed decided that he can't risk his job on a maybe with this girl.
    3. Jillian makes him promise that when he meets the right girl not to let work get in the way.
    4. Both are devastated when he leaves.
    5. Ed realizes his mistake and comes back and despite a desire to play hard to get - Jillian just can't hide her feelings. Ed has been true to his promise and not let work get in the way for the girl he truly loves.
    6. In Spain, Ed is the only one to stay in the FS all night.
    7. In Hawaii, Ed knows that meeting his parents is important so he has them come to meet Jilian.
    8. Despite a perceived bedroom issue, truth is that they have undeniable chemistry.
    9. Ed professes his love and Jillian hers and they get engaged.
    10. They appear giddy on the ATFR, she is moving and they are planning to get married soon.

    Without any rumors...this is the stuff we hope for on this show. But people have chosen to listen to RUMORS about Ed. No proof, no indication from Jillian that there is any trouble and Ed seems 100% devoted to her.

    In the past I allowed inside info to cloud what I was seeing but I am so glad I didn't this season b/c I see a couple who I think will make it and be very happy together.

    I am not a fan of Reid, but had Jillian picked him, I would have been happy for her. If she were as happy as she is with Reid as she is with Ed - then I would have admitted that I missed something in the edit and been elated that through all the crap, Jillian found true love.
    I don't kow about both, maybe Jillian, but certainly not Ed. IMO :nono

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Spence;3622907;
    I have one question...going by Reid's insinuation about the FS, if she knew she was in love with Ed, why'd she have sex with Kip and Reid? Doesn't say too much about Jillian.
    I think that was exactly his point.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    I am putting this here as some "last words" by CH about the season which clear up some more things about the FRC and after..
    He seems to say that Jill and ED were just "old souls ,meant to be ..very sweet" together.
    I highlighted some other new things.

    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison "Excited" About New Gig, Doesn't Understand Green Mankinis
    Jul 30, 2009 10:57 AM ET by Joyce Eng

    You don't have to wait until the next incarnation of The Bachelor to see Chris Harrison on your TV again. The host/matchmaker has paired with Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba to anchor TV Guide Network's red carpet coverage, starting with September's Emmy Awards. "What most people don't know is that this goes back to my true passion — live TV," Harrison, who also hosts Hollywood 411, tells "I started there as a local sportscaster in Oklahoma City and that will always be my love. It's kind of what I live for." But how does red-carpet coverage compare to his Bachelor/ette duties? Find out, and see what Harrison has to say about the Bachelorette finale and why a Friend should be the next Bachelor. I've seen you in the Dancing audience a few times, but do you know Carrie Ann well?
    Chris Harrison: I do. I instantly fell in love with her [when we did the American Music Awards preshow last year]. When TV Guide [approached me for a recommendation,] the first person I said was Carrie Ann. I don't know if people know her in this light as much, but they will and they will love her. She's a great talent. She's professional. We're going to have ideas and goals for the show in that we're not the show. Unfortunately, that's a rare talent on the red carpet! [Laughs] Too many people make it about themselves. It should be about Brad and Angelina, and Steve Carell. It shouldn't be about you and trying to see where the next funny line's going to come from. What's harder: hosting The Bachelor or hosting live coverage? You ask the guys and girls on The Bachelor and Bachelorette a lot of difficult questions.
    Harrison: It depends. If it's Jason, Molly and Melissa, then... [Laughs]. On an average day, definitely the red carpet. There are times where you have to push where you know it's uncomfortable [on the Bachelor/ette], especially since I'm friends with a lot of them and you're asking about the Fantasy Suite. I mean, I really don't want to know! But I know billions of women would choke me to death if I don't ask. The red carpet rarely calls for that uncomfortable, hard-hitting question. Do you warn them you're going to ask an uncomfortable question?
    Harrison: If it's a special, I would've talked to them about it. I know people think it's crazy, but I'm really not trying to shock them. I wouldn't ambush a friend. The other day, Melissa was very leery about talking about Jason and I went into her dressing room and said: "Look, we have to talk about it. It's the same stage we were on. We have to reset the stage. We don't have to revise history, but we have to at least touch on what happened." So I talked her through it and we came to an understanding. Did you ever think you'd both be in the same line of work now?
    Harrison: [Laughs] Never in a million years! That's another thing I told her, like don't forget a year ago no one knew who you were. Don't get too big of a head or attitude. A lot of people forget that. I call it the American Idol Syndrome. People want to forget about Idol and act like they didn't come from there when they really should embrace it and be proud. Jason and Molly are still together, and a lot of people think Jillian and Ed will last. What do you think?
    Harrison: Jason and Molly, I think they're prepared to make the move. I think she's heading out to Seattle pretty soon. I wouldn't be surprised if they got married within a year. I think Jillian and Ed are going to make it. I've seen them a lot in the past 10 weeks and they're doing great. She's getting ready to move to Chicago. They're just a sweet couple. They don't seem like a TV couple at all. They seem like an old soul and meant-to-be. I really think they're going to make this work. The show's track record isn't very good. Do you ever feel like you've failed as a matchmaker?
    Harrison: I feel like I've failed all the time. [Laughs] No. What's funny is that we've had a lot of couples together. I'm going to count Jason and Molly because it happened on the show. Jillian and Ed. Obviously Trista and Ryan are the big one because they got married and have kids, but I think we'll have more. Oddly enough, I think the show takes credit for, like, a Bob Guiney and a Rebecca Budig, and even Andrew Firestone and [his wife] Ivana. It's great a lot of these relationships have spawned off our show, but are not necessarily from our show. Forty-one percent of our readers wanted Jillian to choose Reid. Are you surprised by that?
    Harrison: You know, I'm not sure why people didn't love Ed more. Maybe he's kind of goofy or something, but Reid definitely has a lot of popularity and people are obviously clamoring for him to be the next Bachelor.
    I get it with Reid. He's a lovable guy. I liken him to Matthew Perry. ... He does [look like him]. He's the Chandler Bing of our show. I can see why people like him. Why did Reid arrive in a taxi and sneakers versus the limos and suits? It was a nice disparity, like he's not supposed to be there.
    Harrison: That is one thing we wanted because he wasn't supposed to be there. He was breaking in on someone else's moment. But he had just flown in that day and we told him that he could come over and it didn't have to be formal. I don't know why he wore sneakers. I'm guessing he probably regrets that because he's gotten a lot of grief, but it was pretty funny. Since he returned, are there any rules to the show anymore?
    Harrison: Yes and no. I think we've tried to relax our so-called rules. Let the real-life stuff happen, like Ed leaving for his job and coming back. OK, the economy sucks. This young man doesn't want to lose his job, so let's play it out. It's something we can all relate to. We're scared to death to lose our jobs right now. He realized that was stupid. He could always get another job, but he can't get another Jillian. I'm glad we relaxed the rules. With Reid, it took a million phone calls from him, saying not only is he willing to come back, but he's willing to go all the way with her. We can't deny that. I think the show's better for it. How long did it take for you guys to talk and her to tell Reid?

    Harrison: It was dangerous. Usually we want the final proposal right at sundown at that magic hour. Reid took so much longer than we thought. [After we talked] for 20 minutes, she gathered herself and talked to Reid for a while, then Reid left in the limo and she starts crying again. Ed's in the limo driving around Hawaii and the sun's going down. We're like, "We're dead! We're not going to get this in." Then Ed comes in and has no idea what's going on. The whole beautiful scene happened right literally at sundown. So you're saying none of those returns were scripted.
    Harrison: They weren't. We know that's the way it's going to look. [When Jake mentioned he wanted to come back,] one of the executive producers looks at me and goes, "Are you kidding me? You know we're going to get killed by everyone about this that this is the most produced, scripted idea ever." But what do we do? Do we go not let things happen because we're afraid people will think it's scripted? All we can do is let it play out and if the rumors happen, you can't fight that anymore. Who would you prefer as the next Bachelor — someone new or someone from The Bachelorette?
    Harrison: I don't have the final decision, but I think it works when you have someone come back. You have that built-in, vested interest in that person. We're also taking the pulse of America. We have a poll on I'm sure you guys have put polls up. It was all about Jake before, and now it seems Reid is taking over. I don't even know if any of them have been approached. ... We'll probably call all the guys. Or you could just have Matthew Perry. I wonder if Matthew Perry will get a resurgence if Reid is our Bachelor. Matthew should do it because Courteney Cox has a new show on ABC, so you can do some crossovers. Monica can check in on Chandler.
    Harrison: I know, Cougar Town. A whole tie-in! Let's test this out! We have to talk about one last thing: the green mankini.
    Harrison: Man, I don't get that. The only thing I don't get more than the mankini is the fact that Jillian likes it. Again, whatever floats her boat. I'm glad they fit together, but, man, I just don't understand the green mankini. Apparently he has more, so it's not just one.
    This is a growing problem. If there's one thing I can fix in the relationship, that's what I'm going to try and fix. Do you think that was the deciding factor? She chose Ed because Reid didn't have green mankinis?
    Harrison: Maybe so. That's the thing, like what, Kiptyn had too many cool board shorts? His stomach was too good? Between the tank tops and the mankini, I have some work to do with Ed. I don't think you'll be seeing a green mankini on the Emmys red carpet.
    Harrison: [Laughs] I hope not! Unless Sacha Baron Cohen wears it!

    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison on Mankinis, New Hosting Gig - Today's News: Our Take |
    ETA text
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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    I have been posting about this season for the entire season. I have never once wished Jillian ill. In fact, I have repeatedly said that I sincerely hope that she made all of her decisions knowing all the facts. I hope no one mislead her---none of the guys, none of the production staff---I hope she made all her choices knowing all there was to know.

    That being said, I have also posted all season saying that I have known since before the season began that Ed had unresolved personal issues at home while he was filming this show. IF at some point during filming Jillian was made aware of ALL the facts about Ed's personal situation, and she still opted to choose him, then that's great. IF she only found out some or none of that info before she chose him then, IMO, that stinks for her.

    Regardless of what and when Jillian knew all about Ed, there is still something I don't understand. I keep reading post after post about how "people are trying to ruin Jillian's happiness". If Jillian knew all there was to know about Ed and chose him anyway then no matter what comes out she will already know it and her choice will stand. If Jillian didn't know all there was to know and truths come to light then she will finally know what she should have been told earlier and the choice will once again be hers to keep him or not keep him.
    "Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one." - Einstein

    Karen Stivali - author and very cheeky chook

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Any takers on my new thread idea above... l'd start it if I knew how, so someone feel free to check my post #112 and start the thread, or tell me how and I'll be interested to try??

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by beth0419;3626090;
    who cares they moved in together today. Im sure she knows if there is something to tell. RS and Jeremy are pathetic, theyre 15min have been done a while back, RS is bitter because he didnt have the inside info this year and Jeremy well is hes probably bitter that he was made to look like a fool when he came back and didnt get to be the next bachelor?. Let it be. this is getting sooooooooo old. time to move on
    Pathetic? I don't think so. If you only knew the wonderful things he does for people you would NEVER say this.

    Bitter? I would think he's delighted that they didn't pick him.( Although , do you even know for sure that Jeremy wasen't approached first and turned it down?) Anyway, look what they did to Jason. Jeremy dodged that bullet IMO Jeremy has back bone, he is too smart, wouldn't have been Fleiss's puppet

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    I am pretty sure based on this interview that Jillian and Ed talked about the girlfriends...

    'The Bachelorette''s Jillian Harris Talks About This Season's Bad Boys

    "...if you have now met me and fallen for me, then you have to show it. If you have or had a girlfriend, then we give her a call and you break up with her and we move forward."

    She gave this interview a week before the finale. It was about wes but it clearly is a nod to what she would think about someone having a girlfriend.

    Ed would not be the first guy to break up with a girl b/c he met the ONE. It happens - a lot. My husband had a girlfriend when we realized we were more than just friends. He broke up with her and we have been together ever since. It has no bearing on his faithfulness to me.

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