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Thread: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by lanikai;3624554;
    I love your post!! I was a Reid fan (he didn't have me at "hello though") I had a negative reaction to him cause he reminded me of my first husband in physical looks. Same hair color, style, crinkly smiling eyes, slightly big nose, and smile.(Who looked like Reid, but acted more like Ed, or my impression of Ed)

    So I remember when he was brought in in the 2nd batch (isn't interesting, the two men that really intrigued Jillian were in the 2nd batch. ) I remember thinking "Jillian DON'T pick the Reid guy...I don't like him" Make him go away (totally personal biase) But my ex looked like Reid, but was more of a party boy like Ed.

    Well that was the last time I ever thought that. I loved Jesse (I loved him and Jillian's date on the Glacier) but my feelings for Reid were developing. I saw it through Jillian's eyes, how she kind of just always had that special sparkle and connection for him. It was like she was always hoping for time alone with him, so she could get to know him. Their flirty witty banter was something out of a old time movie. I loved how she was with him, and every time she was with Reid I thought she was at her most beautiful.

    I think I saw her through his eyes...with Kip it was like the handsome guy going out with the so so looking girl he probably wouldn't date in "real life." (I think Jillian thought that too) With Ed, its almost like I thought he's kind of handsome but average looking at the same time. And so is Jillian, she is beautiful and attractive in her own way, but kind of average looking. They level each other out.

    When Reid looked at Jillian, it was like he was so intently focused on her, she just lit up, like a woman that knows she is being adored. I think for her, bottom line she wanted to hear the words that validated what she felt from him, (and didn't he say as much during the AFTR ceremony and his proposal) Now he knows he needed to say it for it to be validated. I think that is why she kept fishing for his feelings, its like they both felt it, and knew it on one level but she need to hear what she thought validated by his words. Ed gave her the words...

    But Jillian and Reid, their connection was very deep, very much like soul mates. A good balance of physical attraction, mental attraction. I get that Jillian is attracted to Ed, but they just didn't even seem to "fit" together they way Reid and Jillian do, they are so closely connected, that they just turn towards each other, embrace, put their heads close together no matter what circumstance they are in. Even at the ATRC he had his arm out on the couch to keep some appropriate distance, but he was turned totally towards her, an
    she in turn towards him. Even at the ATRC ceremony, I was like "this is intense..she is walking away from her soul mate..." and on some level she knows that. I think Jillian knows it too, I mean she almost gets shaky around him. She was disorientated and confused when he comes back at the final rose ceremony, but someone that says to CH..."How is a person supposed to make a decision in a situation like this?" Doesn't sound like someone trying to figure out how to let someone down. It sounds like someone that is trying to figure out who to marry, when the "other" man she loves comes back.

    Some comparisons to the movie the "Notebook" have been made, but I can see why. People say Reid was arrogant, when he came back. But that is how he sees it, their connection was so undeniable...I can totally agree with his viewpoint. If he is angry or a bit bitter (which I think is honest emotion) he is going to come off politically incorrect. He wasn't worried about a TV show, he made the leap, faced his fear and told the woman that he loved he wanted to marry her and he was hurt. He was hurt watching the proposal scene again with tears in his eyes. I'm glad he showed us his honest reaction and feelings, and not just give us a politically correct version.

    I love Kip, (not for Jillian though) He is a classy guy, who seemed like he might have fallen in love towards the end. He is a dutiful moral person (admirable qualities) but he might have fallen in love so late in the process, he wasn't in too deep, and his recovery I'm sure is well on its way. I saw their sensual connection, and love for outdoor activities, and a great friend connection as far as Kip being solid, and caring. I think he genuinely cares about her as a friend, and wants her to be happy. But I just don't think he was invested as Reid was.

    I think Jillian's regret maybe that she didn't take Reid to F2. He didn't meet her parents...I mean Jillian said family was important, and now she is marrying a man that she didn't get a hometown date in his town (to really see how he lives) She met his parents in a very surreal way in Hawaii. I personally didn't even like Ed's parents that much. I thought they were kind of odd, esp. the Dad) I thought Reid's family was great, and the kind of family you'd go, okay great Mom in law, great Dad in law, great nieces and nephews...neat to be a part of....neat to see how this man loves kids etc...

    But these are my impressions. What Jillian wanted "maybe" she got. I agree at the end of this season with something Reid said as far as he'd fear that she'd go with the guy that told her what she wanted to hear (paraphrasing) And I think that's Ed. He might have left and came back (which might have seemed romantic to her) but then he started being the guy, that validated her with his "feelings" and with a proposal. Once he got back in, he did everything on her time line, as she anticipated. Reid lost her and realized what he had lost.

    I think its like the Notebook, as far as the soul mate connection and Reid's tunnel vision, but unlike the book and the movie, she ends up with the other guy. She might be happy, and they may last...but she will never know what she had with Reid. In my opinion....Someone said in another thread that if this was a movie, Reid coming back, he would have got the girl. Agreed.

    So it's been the most ROMANTIC season in Bachelorette history for me...just with this most bittersweet ending. I feel like this is the first season I've watched with a real romance. It just happened between the two people that didn't end up together.

    If Jake is the Bachelor and his robotic Tom Cruise laugh, I get a hiatus from this nerve wracking show. If it's Reid, I'm back in, with all my chips....At least there is a 65 percent chance. LOL

    Thanks to all the posters and to all the sleuthers that make this board so great. Also a great board for Reid love....
    Beautifully expressed! I am in tears...
    - Avalon
    I can't bring myself to water these birch trees or believe in them.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;3624819;
    I have to disagree - it wasn't the objectivity - it was the posters who were coming forward to tell us about the Ed Drama, and the predictions of a Reid F1 - however it was to happen. The edit played a huge role here too - again, there was a 'love story' that was unfolding in front of the viewer and Ed fans saw it, Reid/Kip fans may or may not have.

    until the editors decide to play a straight game and whoever is providing 'clues' that only distract from the outcome there will always be the kind of ending that will leave a lot of people confused.

    And I do agree with bloomers - the right guy for Jill was Ed - and we saw some of that in the outtakes on the MTA and in their recent interviews.
    I agree with both you and Bloomers about the outcome for Jill. And I also agree to soften my position about the objectivity angle. I do have a lot of respect for many who post on FORT, including you, Anders. The edit was very shaky to me this season, with all the comings and goings, rumors, etc. I actually give kudos to the producers who left much up to the viewer, with the various bachelors vying for Jill. But I will say that as one who saw a "love story" with Ed, it has been very difficult to state an opinion or speculate on FORT this time around. Many FORTers have turned to other boards where different points of view have been more respected. That is what I meant by "objectivity."

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    I haven’t been much of a TB fan since after Deanna’s season, and was never a Jillian Harris fan either, but after watching the last show sans my usual rose-colored shades, I really believe that Jill and Ed are the real deal. I almost felt like I was seeing the Trista-Ryan love story unfold all over again!

    Jillian may have felt strong emotions for two other guys, but after Ed’s departure she made it perfectly clear that she was saddened by it. Whether scripted or not, Ed’s disappearing act and the void it created in Jillian’s heart, made her realize that a part of her was missing without him. Perhaps TPTB noticed early on the spark between her and Ed and because they enjoy torturing people (both their characters and the viewing public), they made him disappear for a while to create a storyline for the show and excitement for Jillian. Well, soap opera-ish or not, IT WORKED!!! Ed got to get away from the frat environment (which, as an only child, he might have found such a culture shock) and Jillian got to realize early on which bachelor she simply couldn’t give up in her life.

    I am sure that Kiptyn and Reid are both fine men, and Jillian shouldn’t have toyed with their emotions. But listen, this is a TV show where the players signed up to entertain and inspire raw emotions. To this day I would never have forgiven Trista if she didn’t end up with Ryan!

    Jillian’s giddiness at the ATFR stemmed from the getting “out of the closet” feeling. Can you imagine keeping a secret for months when you’re bursting at the seams? Besides, she wanted to show off her man! The joy and radiance on her face can’t be faked because she's no Meryl Streep. Ed had that “I can’t believe I got the girl” attitude. At least that was my impression from where I was sitting! Their connection went beyond the cameras and let’s admit it, we never saw that part. In the real world, that is what absolutely matters.

    As for the reason that Jillian and Ed didn’t get a gift at the ATFR, my guess is that the network is saving the big bucks for the actual wedding. Jillian and Ed may want to keep it private, but as long as they're still tied to a contract, can they really get their way?

    Hopefully, I don’t ever have to regret saying this: For once I didn’t feel Fleissed!
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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by victoria;3621401;
    Great post, Phyllie! You're very right in everything you say -- you've got a very healthy perspective about this show.

    WRT the bolded: AHEM! Are you talking about ME? hahahaha It's true, I spit verbal nails at TPTB on a regular basis until someone like you reminds me that almost across the board, the participants on this show, seem better and happier after. Even those who had tire tracks embedded temporarily somewhere on their persons. See? You've made me feel better!

    Long live The Bachelor/ette!!!
    And that's exactly why the ATFR began with Melissa, who is the poster child for Life After The Bachelor. I wish happiness to all in their Lives Ever After.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by melrose place;3624903;
    I agree with both you and Bloomers about the outcome for Jill. And I also agree to soften my position about the objectivity angle. I do have a lot of respect for many who post on FORT, including you, Anders. The edit was very shaky to me this season, with all the comings and goings, rumors, etc. I actually give kudos to the producers who left much up to the viewer, with the various bachelors vying for Jill. But I will say that as one who saw a "love story" with Ed, it has been very difficult to state an opinion or speculate on FORT this time around. Many FORTers have turned to other boards where different points of view have been more respected. That is what I meant by "objectivity."

    this season there were many people who had predetermined that Reid was her F1, was the best of the bunch and weren't objective about his edit. One of the downsides of having an opinon is that someone will always have a counter attack to it and it creates animosity over something as trivial as who someone's life partner should be, when viewers know absolutely nothing about the characters on the screen.

    the objectivity gets more muddied every season - based on nothing more than someone's personal preference.
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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by melrose place
    But I will say that as one who saw a "love story" with Ed, it has been very difficult to state an opinion or speculate on FORT this time around. Many FORTers have turned to other boards where different points of view have been more respected. That is what I meant by "objectivity."
    Just as it is hard to state other opinions on boards that love JED...different points of view are not really respected "there" either. It goes both ways.
    We need not think alike to love alike

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Hopefully, I donít ever have to regret saying this: For once I didnít feel Fleissed![/QUOTE]

    Totally disagree with this.... imo not feeling that way is the ultimate "Fleissing"...... he succeeded! I don't wish Jillian/Ed ill, but I do worry about them long-term for so many reasons articulated better by so many other disappointed posters........... I am convinced now that the few true husband-material guys were in a different league from Jillian's "zesty, yes, but shallow" league.... I see them as "gone but saved from Fleissing"..... especially Reid dodged a huge bullet ,.... and I hope that one-by-one they're all realizing it and have come away wiser.

    Maybe THAT's exactly what would qualify a few of them to be a great TB candidate... refreshing to have something truthful, honourable ,and clean for a change, from misguided MF........ but I won't hold my breath.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    I so agree with your post MayJ...It's also hard for me to see a "love story" with a guy who only a couple of months before was cheating on TWO girls...and, yes, I believe this.

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    Legal disclaimer: The following Last Thoughts ("herein referred to as "Thoughts" or "Recap") are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to the truth is pure coincidence, except to the extent that it reflects my oracular abilities. The author (herein, "Author" or "Scribe") of this Recap does not know any of the participants personally, except to the extent that Reid Rosenthal (herein referred to as "Reid", "Author's Back-up Husband" or "Evidence there is a God") has appeared in the Author's nocturnal sleep-induced imaginings.

    1. Chris Harrison, somewhat akin to the Wizard of Oz, has personally jumped the shark. His defensiveness and meta-commentary on this season (including expositions on the Wes debacle and his Dr Phil-esque counseling session with Jillian on the final episode) have not made the series more appealing; indeed, to the contrary, all they have done is pull back the curtain on this ridiculous series to reveal nothing more than a short dude with a game show voice and a big microphone. And no, Chris, I'm not talking about the one in your pants.

    2. Ahem. An excellent segue into my second point -- namely, that in this age of TMI, the show has gotten more and more tawdry in its pursuit of hype and ratings. Yes, we all remember Trista's "problem" from the first season, but since then I thought the show handled the obvious sexual undercurrent to this whole process with class. That era, my friends, is over. Look for future seasons to include plenty of blurred out nudity and cringe-worthy sexual humiliation. In another season or two, I think the famed "two-on-one" date is going to take on a whole different meaning. VH1, here we come!

    3. Just as the therapist is the therapy, I think when it comes to this show, the editor is the edit. While certain elements of the F1-F3 story arcs may remain the same (someone had a great post on here breaking down common elements of each), I think we can no longer expect any sort of consistency when it comes to the Lead or the Hamsters' edits. Instead, expect that the way each character is portrayed will reflect the individual editor's likes, dislikes, hormone levels, use of mood-altering drugs and/or other states of mind from week to week.

    Six Month Predictions:

    1. Ed is still engaged to Jillian...and, simultaneously, the star of Bachelor 14. In the most REALISTIC, RIVETING and ORIGINAL Bachelor show ever, Ed will participate in the series via videoconference until filming of the Fantasy Date episode. Each of the 75 contestants will think she is the only one competing.

    2. Kip's abs will fall in love and reproduce, giving him an astonishing 18-pack. Andy Baldwin is seen crying on the street in defeat.

    3. The Author's Back-up Husband will get his own HGTV show, leaving the Author's DVR permanently full and causing her to have racy dreams about smooth granite countertops and underground parking...

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    Re: Last Words ... Bachelorette 5

    This has been one of my favorite seasons of TB, primarily because I got to see the love story between Ed and Jillian. Itís always satisfying when the guy youíre rooting for comes through in the end. Though I liked all F3, and Jillian loved them all, I think Ed was the front runner from the moment he came back for her. Yes, there was confusion for her when Reid came back to propose, but I believe her explanation as to what was in her heart and mind that day (see transcripts from their conference call in the Ed thread).

    I think Ed is the most misunderstood of all the bachelors. Unfortunately, imo, opinions about Ed were formed primarily from unsubstantiated rumors and gossip, contradictory and faulty leaks , oneís own preferences, and a premature choice of Reid as F1 based on early SCís. And of course, the edits always short-change the F1 and oversell the F2 and F3. What sold me on Ed was that, hereís an intensely private man (per the GMA interview, he never got used to the cameras), yet came back to the show for Jill. He admirably went outside his comfort zone and laid it all out there to win Jillís heart. I was happy that the ATFR and yesterdayís media blitz showed the Ed that I knew was always there Ė a funny, somewhat quirky, generous hearted, unassuming, and well rounded guy, who is crazy about Jill and is seriously reprioritizing his life for her. Itís nice that he can finally answer some of the rumors and allegations about the gf/s and his reasons for leaving (see the Ed thread). But I doubt his answers will sway any with firmly rooted negative opinion of Ed. Cíest la vie.

    I watched the show unspoiled until the 5th episode and was very surprised at the ďReid is F1Ē sentiment on this board. Though his dates with Jill was charming, and Jill clearly felt lot of affection and was protective of him, I didnít see the depth of emotion and attraction that she had with Ed. I have 2 other friends who watched with me (both were unspoiled) and though we loved Reid, we clearly saw red flags highlighted in his edit that would be deal breakers for Jill Ė i.e. approval seeking, indecisiveness, too attached to parents, commitment phobia, negative comments from other guys, etc. Jillís been profiled as an independent and strong willed woman, and was seeking someone who can match and embrace her spirit. She even voiced her concern about being the one to wear the pants in a relationship. IMO Reid cannot fulfill this role - perhaps someday, but not now. For me, Reidís edit as well as Jillís recent interviews, sufficiently address the reasons why he let go at F3.

    JMHO. Everyone, enjoy the rest of your summer! I know I missed way too much it, getting so involved with this crazy show.

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