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I liked all three guys, but Ed gets my vote! The chemistry between Jill and Ed was very apparent to me very early on.
I so agree with you! I am also so over the "Ed" bashing because the chosen one Reid didn't get chosen. I think it is really quite sad. I have been quiet all season because of it all and the negativity surrounding it. This was about Jillian and I had a feeling very early on this season that it was going to be Ed! I honestly think he was made to leave because she was falling hard for him and they needed to get other story lines to develop without any distractions!

When Ed returned it was written all over her face. Let's be reasonable she would no way, no how have taken Ed back otherwise. I truly hope that they will work out and follow in Trista/Ryan's footsteps and make it! I do feel sad for Kyp and Reid, how awful they must be feeling. Just as I would have if it was Ed.