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Thread: Ed - Bachelorette 5

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    It's all part of the Misogynistic HORROR that is Mike Fleiss/Martin Hilton's bachelor franchise.

    You take a successful, independent female, aged apprx. 30, showcase (as in present a picture of...) her desperation and inability to attract and hold a quality mate, and at the end of the day ruin everything that made her successful and appealing.

    Cancel This Show. (They won't but I can keep saying it.)

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    We feel we don't have a choice but to close the thread yet again due to the constant jabs at other posters. Please take the time to cool off while we decide how to proceed in the forum.

    For fun, this is the long-winded but pertinent warning posted in the forum less than a week ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mod Team;3638696;
    We're at an impasse in this forum, which is centered on the Ed thread at the moment. This is long-winded, but we would like you to read it carefully before you post again in the Bachelor/ette forum.

    We want you to be able to discuss the rumors out there, as well as media articles and tabloid articles. However, the tone has turned hostile since the finale and we are at a loss to how to keep this from happening again and again.

    The mods aren't fond of sitting around playing policeman 24 hours a day because the posters in one single forum can't have enough courtesy to not attack each other. For that reason, we've closed the Ed thread until things have cooled down.

    It may seem simplistic, but we have been through countless heated situations with hundreds of reality shows, and we have a formula that works as long as people follow it. Here it is:

    Keep your comments limited to the show contestants, not other posters on the site.

    When a thread becomes super-heated, we have to clamp down and get back to basics. Don't comment on other posters or their opinions. Don't post just to put in a smiley, as these are always deleted. Don't post to say "ITA" or "I like your avatar" - that's what the PM system is for. In fact, don't post unless you have something to add to the conversation. If you feel you are being attacked, report the post - don't respond, because if you are in a fight you will also end up deleted, or with an infraction or even banned for a few days. Even if you didn't start it.

    If you're upset about a post, report it, then walk away. Cool off. Don't start spouting sarcasm then get hurt when you are dinged for it. If you are irritated with one particular poster, put them on your ignore list so that you never see their posts.

    Where this has become difficult in any of the Bachelor shows are people who state they have inside information. Of course, we're thrilled that anyone with a scoop would post it here - however, we also think that it's reasonable for people to question where a source gets their information. The reason is that we have a few more tools at our disposal on the site, and we have seen all kinds of tomfoolery in the name of wanting to score a few points on the internet. We've seen people register multiple accounts and pat themselves on the back between identities. We've seen a pack of posters coming from a production company in SoCal that all happened to want to share a particular spoiler and backed each other. (No, that wasn't on the Bachelorette.) So we have a history of needing to be skeptical of inside information, and FORT does not vouch for any one poster.

    So if you share insider information, keep in mind people will want to know why they should believe you. Don't take this personally. And if you are the one questioning someone posting a "scoop", you must remain courteous and do not attack the poster personally.

    One last note: we do not moderate or read PMs, but at the same time, we don't condone using our PM system for harrassment. Try to keep in mind that a fluffy reality show is not worth getting into fights over.

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