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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by jlccaz;3649418;
    I do think Jillian projected a lot of "He'd Be A Good Provider" vibes onto "Hollywood Ed" in choosing him. Hopefully "Hollywood Ed" has now revealed other traits that she will deem disqualifying. Somehow she got it in her head that "Ed" was like her Dad. She'll sort that out in the real world soon enough, but in the meantime, why should she throw away her budding TV Career, just to satisfy the bloodthirst of the tabloid-reading masses?
    I hope someone she trusts will sit her down, and help her to realize this. The steps she takes next will be watched, and observed as you have previously indicated as part of the "audition" process. The Facebook message was not wise, but she probably was "under the influence" and couldn't resist telling someone she recognized as a friendly fan how she felt. At the least, she should have requested her answer remain private. But, all said and done now.

    I like this girl, and wish she would take off for some thoughtful introspection.
    When you canít control whatís happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to whatís happening. Thatís where your power is.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by sdl;3648065;
    Truthfully, and this may not be popular, but I think Chris knew everything.
    He is the worst kind of corporate shill, bragging about his insider status when it makes him look cool, and acting clueless when it furthers the plot.
    The devil (Fleiss) comes adorned in a handsome set of clothes.
    I totally agree with you that Chris does actively participate in every aspect that goes into selling Fleiss' humiliating "storyline" to the public. In my mind that makes Chris an even worse human being since he professes to be Jillian's friend and to genuinely care about her. With friends like Chris, who need enemies.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Mellybeans I do agree with you that those in the "know" should just stick to the facts as they have heard,read or seen them. Unless they are personal friends of Jillian or Ed, the character assaults are truly uncalled for. I may or may not agree with everything that they have stated, but I certainly wouldn't attack them and disparage their character simply because I don't like what they posted on a message board.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Alanna;3648892;
    I agree but she's clearly drunk, probably crying or on the verge and being stupid. She shouldn't have texted anyone, let alone a random poster and then allowed him to put it online. However, I think it shows that things are bad in Vegas and she's still considering what to do. It's a good sign that she'll get her act together and dump this playboy wannabe.

    Nova, I know you get tired of hearing this from me but once again, ITA. She needs someone to be there for her and since her fiance doesn't seem to be taking care of her right now, I hope her mom or cousin Tori or whoever make her come home at least for a few weeks to think about this. Of course, she probably can't leave Ed alone in Chi with what she knows now so she's in a predicament here.

    ETA: I feel so bad she doesn't have any friends here and doesn't know anyone. I almost want to show up Ed's apartment, introduce myself, bring her some chocolates and a rom-com and announce ourselves friends.
    Well, the good news (if there is any) is that she has said she will be back in Canada this coming week for her cousin's wedding. Whether she comes with or without Ed, hopefully someone whom she trusts can have a private, sane convo with her about all this...from my lips to God's ears.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Very true cheekchook, perhaps the fact this is coming from a man might have more impact and reminds us of all the good guys out there, don't worry guys we know there are tons of good guys out there still, as you can see from our discussions that is the sadder part of this outcome there were good guys who were dismissed either because this guy who misrepresented himself and/or Jillian may have been manipulated by the TPTB.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Living;3649105;
    It is good that Jillian does not need advice from bloggers and forum fans who turn against her at the whisper of anything negative about her. If they really cared about her, they would leave her to live her life. Walk or fall, so she makes her own mistakes and lives and learn by them. Not to try to copy or live the life of the choices from surposed fans.

    Jillian is in love with Ed. Jillian is a successfull confident woman. She has had her share of a**holes and knows their character traits. It is one thing being an a**hole. and another thing playing the field. In this age, most people, both women and men have numerous partners. We will not even need to call them boyfriend or girlfriend anymore. Being a Christian, I am against the notion of sex before marriage in every case and any way. I do not condone in anyway looseness of any sort. Okay. some are raising stakes to burn Ed because he slept with some. For all of us, if we had sex before marriage, our sons or daughters are having sex with others before marriage, we all fall in the same category as Ed. Why have a moral high ground when we or our family members are doing exactly what Ed is doing. Makes no difference whether it is sleeping with one or ten. It is stil sexual promiscuity. Everytime we judge others when we or those close to us do the same things, we condemn ourselves. Are we God? Who has made us the judge of others. Do we think we are better than others? because they have sex and we tell lies. A sin is a sin. Makes no difference.

    Since most of us live in this sinful world and divulge in the things of the world, there are a number of things I remember concerning Ed's situation.

    1) Okay, he slept around, Whose husband, brother, son or friend has not done that one time in their lives
    2) Well. Ed really did not sleep around as he slept with two women. Make it three or four. In the cities, for the 20/30s, That is no big deal.
    3) I have heard it being said, if you have a boyfriend for 4/5 years and he does not propose to you, leave him and start again. he never will. Poor Lindsey. I guess she is the one hurting most. Having being with Ed for 7 years, breaking up and getting back together, seeing Ed woo and win a girl before her eyes is very humiliating and very hard.The things Ed said to Jillian, the way he looked at her. His tenderness with Jillian. Things he has never done to her after 7 years. Then he meets this slip of a girl in a few weeks and is all over her, just consumed with her. After wasting all these years with him. Also he said they will get engaged at the end of the year. A couple is engaged or not engaged. If a man asked you to marry him, then you are engaged. Commited. if not, you are not engaged and there is no reason why you should think he will marry you. saying we will get engaged at the end of the year is like saying. lets see if at the end of the year I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If he does not know after 7 years, It is not going to happen at the end of the year.

    Even the type of texts, these two women should have known without a doubt that they were just booty calls. A man who talks to me that way does not have enough respect for me to make me his wife and mother of his children. If I stay to be that sexual object or not is up to me. He has made himself clear.

    Being a busy man, it worked well that Ed did not have to go out to look for girls. He had his sexual objects he called whenever there was the need. And they came. poor girls. It must be hard for them to realize the man cared for them so little. If they do not learn from it and blame the man, they are likely to continue being the booty calls for other men without realizing their part in it. I hope Linsey and Bethany have learned to discern men. Did they really think Ed will tell them where the show was filming? Of course under contract he cannot even divulge where he was going.

    For Jillan and Ed, all the best. Most men I knew, before becoming a Christian, played the field several times over before finding the right woman and settling down with only her. I know many women who have been the Lindseys and Bethany's and the wife, after learning their lesson.

    In a way, this experience is good for Jillian and Ed, It has made them more open to one another and they start their relationship and later marriage with a good flow of commnunication and openess with one another. Also, Jillian can be secure Ed will not stray. Ed knows if he sleeps with someone after this, it's going to be all over the papers. He is going to sticki to his Jillian like glue. From now on, that is the only place he will get any satisfaction from.

    Wow....I am aghast. I don't know how to respond and I'm sure others will or have done so more eloquently than I will.

    Other men have done this so it's no big deal? Seriously? I'm speechless.

    Ed has lied/manipulated/humilated at least three women and all is forgiven because he hasn't been the only guy to do this?

    Lindsay was not a booty call. They were in a relationship. He told her he loved her. They went to a wedding together. They shared mutual friends and a history. She believe they were getting married. She was not some drunken phone call at 2 am.

    She is a successful/beautiful women that was deceived by a very successful/maniupulative liar.

    Bethany is a beautiful YOUNG girl. But showed enough pride and wisdom to reject Ed that last time he made a so called booty-call. She is only 22 and shows more pride/insight than the 30-year old Jillian who you claim is smart.

    That's what I hear echo in my head over and over again. Only because Jillian professed on endless occasion how "smart" she was....what a good "judge of character" she has...and how "proud women will be" of her.

    I know Jillian will not break up with Ed. She has fallen for the worst kind of man and as loud as we want to scream for her to run for the hills she will not hear us.

    She will hear Ed's smooth-talking and be brainwashed into believing that Lindsay and Bethany are somehow at fault here and by doing that Jillian has not just made me question her "smarts" "judge of character" and "pride in women" but it makes me see her as a tragic pathetic victim.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by tfsouth74;3649129;
    WOOOO! Really? I know a LOT of wonderful, upstanding men who have NEVER "slept around". And some of them, I know this talking casually about this whole fiasco, have felt it sad that a good woman would even think of condoning this type of behavior. As one firend state: "If he even thought of doing this by texting like that, he's not in love with her. He's a fraud."
    And it's "no big deal" for a guy to sleep around with 2/3 women? Gees, again I'm sorry, but not the men I know. And most of the women I know would kick the guy to the curb when they found out, not feel that it was okay.
    I'm right there with you!

    If the men in your life, whether it be boyfriends, fathers, brothers, are somehow making you feel that it is acceptable, then, I am sorry for you. How about raising the standard for yourself. If not for yourself, than how about for the daughter you might have one day! (BTW, I am not talking to you, I am talking to the original poster.)

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by SaffronSunrise;3649443;
    deidre, not picking on you..honestly, your post is just the newest one.

    I posted a few pages ago that I knew one sentence from Radaronline would be taken out of context. It took a little while, but it has tuened into Ed with the wandering eyes. That's not what the writer was saying.

    "...Swiderski's affections were a little more suspect and his casual glances at other females did not seem as innocent given the current allegations against him by two ex-girlfriends...."

    If you read the whole thing he basically said that they were arm & arm & she looked like she was in love. Then he says that Ed's affections for her & his casual glances were considered more suspect because of the accusations against him. Otherwise Ed's affections & glances would have been considered innocent.

    Did any of that make sense?? I'm not sure if I made sense to myself..I know what I'm trying to say.
    Yes, it makes sense. Ed is basically on probation, his every small action will be scrutinized and analyzed. Regardless of whether he wishes to change or is capable of it, this will put a tremendous amount of pressure on him. I doubt he will be able to tolerate it for long. It's not a good situation.
    "The book you are reading is one man's opinion of moonlight" - Young Girl Blues, Donovan Leitch

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Ihopeforthebest;3649449;
    I agree, the SDL post is very wise, I can't believe he is being ATTACKED for it.
    I'm not surprised. It's the same sort of perspective that blames Lindsey and Bethany for being cheated on. Surely, if he cheated on them and lied to them, they did something to deserve it. Right? And, when he does it to Jill (like he already hasn't), she will deserve it too because she was too stupid and spineless to dump him.

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    Re: Ed - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomers;3649359;
    I read what you are saying, and I understand it well. The leopard can not change his spots - impossible to do.

    People do not change - a generalization - basically true most of the time, but there are notable exceptions that each and every one of us can give.

    I remember sitting at the teacher's table one day, and one of my colleagues mentioned a guy from her church that I knew from when I was much younger. The problem was that the guy she knew - now a missionary on a foreign field - was most definitely NOT the guy I knew from when I was much younger!! The leopard changed his spots....

    If there was hope for this guy, there is hope for Ed.

    Also, Warren Beatty - Hollywood's consummate playboy who wined and dined them all and several at a time - finally married, and we never hear anything about him anymore.

    Although most people retain their natures, it is a generalization to say that people, including Ed, don't or won't change. If he finds what is missing in his life, like others before him, he could settle down to it.
    My personal opinion is that Ed could possibly change his spots one day...I just don't think that sleeping with Lindsey a few days after his engagement and attempting to sleep with Bethany right after that in any way indicates that Ed has or wants to take even the first baby-step in the direction of the possible future spot-changing metamorphasis. JMO.
    "Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one." - Einstein

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