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Thread: Wes - Bachelorette 5

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    Re: Wes - Bachelorette 5

    Quote Originally Posted by ubidiah;3655912;
    You have to figure a lot of them were there to see the guys, not hear the music.
    I'm sure that's true since Wes is a really crappy singer (GF issue aside). He's just really NOT good at all. I'm a HUGE country music fan too. He had to do the show for publicity because he wouldn't have had a career otherwise. For now, he's a novelty but I suspect that in 2 years country music fans will be saying "Wes who?".
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    Re: Wes - Bachelorette 5

    Oh, I don't think he's that bad a performer, and I am NO fan of country music. I think he sounds fine. I wouldn't buy the CD, but I don't usually buy CDs anyway.

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