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  • Ali is engaged--to Chris Lambton.

    106 19.41%
  • Ali is engaged--to Roberto Martinez.

    161 29.49%
  • Ali is single.

    135 24.73%
  • Ali is dating Chris Lambton, but not engaged.

    67 12.27%
  • Ali is dating Roberto Martinez, but not engaged.

    59 10.81%
  • Mike Fleiss will confess he's been Reality Steve's "secret source."

    30 5.49%
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Thread: What's the Big Secret?

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    The rainbow pic is poignant. I can't even begin to imagine the feelings that Chris L. experienced if he saw that while in Bora Bora.
    I'd take either one.

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Quote Originally Posted by martinanne;4016834;
    Here's what I think the big secret is:

    Didn't one of those magazine articles state there were rain showers on the day of the FRC?
    WOW....thanks for posting.

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Jake comes back for Ali and proposes on ATFR. What else would live up to the hype?
    All my life, I have felt destiny tugging at my sleeve.~ Thursday Next
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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    After all of his bad publicity, Ali wouldn't have anything to do with Jake!

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Even though I voted for the Mike Fleiss entry, I'm beginning to think that RS got it partially right before he became adamant that she picks no one. I think Roberto arrives at the sandbox with his ring in hand, proposes to Ali and she accepts. Everything else in the media is a smokescreen. The medianet notice naming all three equally for the conference call is being interpreted that she picked no one. The usual hype from Chris Harrison about a romantic FRC is missing, the rags have picked up on the no pick and have run with it, except for US who managed to buy some photos from some dude with long range lenses in Bora Bora on that fateful day.

    Goodbye Chris...too little, too late.

    Hello, were there all along.

    OR maybe I'll stick with my Mike Fleiss pick in the poll.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    I also voted for MF although it is unlikely he will admit to that fact on national TV. However none of the above would have been a better option.

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy0101;4017940;
    I couldn't agree more. I really missed the sleuthers at the FORT. When RS emerged, sleuthing became pointless because eveyone just waits for the next post on his blog. It used to be sooo much fun to read about the sleuthers' posts and images. All that investigative work is now gone and most people just wait for what other people have to say. It's now become looking for moles and tipsters. RS has completely ruined the experience of viewers who go to the net to discover some interesting information. It's now all about wild guesses and no one has the best clue because now, even on previews, MF gives us so little to sleuth about.

    RS is the worst thing that happened to experiencing The Bachelor or The Bachelorette for me. He's one egotistical prick who has nothing better to do but ruin it for everybody. He thinks he's so important that MF/ABC will actually hire private investigators to ferret out his moles. Since Jason's season, he thinks he's become such a huge star and I think we made him that way because we give too much credence to what he says. I've actually been wishing and praying that he will be completely wrong and fall flat on his face this time....BIG time!

    I'm sorry but this is just my opinion, like everyone else is entitled to one. Cheers!
    Maybe for the next season there should be a spoiler thread named "SPOILERS WITHOUT RS's HELP". That way those who want to really do some sleuthing can post stuff there.

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane;4018164;
    Jake comes back for Ali and proposes on ATFR. What else would live up to the hype?

    Based on the NY post article Mike Fleiss stated none of the rumors are right, Well then, which is it?

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Quote Originally Posted by Beagle;4016720;
    What's the big secret?

    The big secret to me is the Bora Bora contest. The original wording was win a trip to the place where Ali received her proposal from her one true love. It disappeared from one day to the next. Why?

    Was it strategically placed and deleted to get our minds going, was it a real mistake in wording or was it deleted because it gave the ending away??
    Beagle: I think someone wrote that unknowingly (like someone in a different department or a naive intern -- ha!). Then the show producers saw it so they deleted it right awat because it gave away the ending.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerlgh;4016864;
    Are you talking about the MTA. I think he said that before Frank decided to ditch the ATFR
    Chris did say that Frank would join them for ATFR at first. I posted this after I saw it somewhere (I think his blog?). Then later someone came out and said that Frank decided not to come.
    Team ROBERTO

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    Re: What's the Big Secret?

    Combining the date/engagement scores we have in order ~

    Roberto 206
    Chris 166
    Single 124
    MF is RS source 30

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