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Thread: Justin - Spoilers

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    Re: Justin - Spoilers

    JustinRatedR Well I just found out some very interesting information.. Looks like someone I thought was going to do the men tell all is not going to..

    JustinRatedR Hahahaha... 5g's and she still said no to you guys.. looks like she is smarter then I thought.. ;-)
    And the saga continues. Looks like they are trying to pay $5000 for one of them to attend. I'm guessing its that second g/f Kelly? or whatever her name was. Jessica said she found out he had another g/f

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    Re: Justin - Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by ChelsieFan;3984479;
    I think having the exes on is a new low.
    Nobody involved in that has a functioning Shame-o-meter. Not the ex's, not the currents, not the production people.
    Girls will make passes
    At boys who lose their glasses
    I'll find them for you.

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