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Please, please do us the courtesy of reading the thread Spoiler or Sleuthing? before bogging down threads with these questions.

As we have stated many times, do not bog down the threads. PM a staff member. But read first and make sure you question is not already answered. We simply cannot answer every poster with the same question over and over again.

Already the tone has become so rude and divisive the question arises why we should host these discussions at all. We do occasionally shut down entire shows to discussion because people cannot cooperate with the moderation.

We are a private site and we require that YOU do your part to keep the site civil, organized, and on-topic. Our staff are unpaid volunteers who cover many shows in aspects that most people posting here don't seem to consider. We are interviewing contestants. We are recapping shows. We are hosting discussions for many shows that are actually on the air at the moment.

We don't have the time to continually answer the same questions in a forum where it's not only not airing at the moment, it's not even done filming! All these nitpicks will be a lot clearer when the show is on the air. Be paitient. Give it a chance. Stop complaining.
The threads will be closed for a little while for people to digest this message.