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Thread: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Be sure to check out breakfast televison dot ca (vancouver) tomorrow afternoon...on BT that morning - we have a special "tease" that was filmed with Jillian...this is in anticipation of the premiere on Monday! can't say any more....but we have exclusive footage you won't see anywhere else....more will be revealed as we get into the season!

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Operator: Welcome to Disney's Bachelorette Call with Cathy Rehl as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call you are confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded please disconnect from the call at this time. Thank you. Ms. Rehl you may now begin your conference.

    Cathy Rehl: Thank you. And welcome everybody to our first conference call of the season with Jillian Harris. We have a very unusual circumstance this time in that for the first time we are still in production with the show, while the show is going to premiere.

    So Jillian will only be able to answer certain things. She will not be able to tell you how this comes out because she can't; it hasn't finished. It will be done towards the end of May. And I can you that right now she's in Hawaii-- somewhere in Hawaii.

    And other than that, we are going to go back to our process of taking two questions per person at a time. And then we'll cycle through everybody and then you can come back and ask other questions.

    You certainly can ask Jillian about last season. I know many of you can't wait to do that. But we are trying to focus on the upcoming season, so please try to limit that. We have a limited amount of time with her because as I said we are in production. So let's get started right now.

    Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time if you would like to ask a question press star then the number 1 on your telephone keypad. Again that's star 1 to ask a question.

    Our first question comes from the line of Paulette Cohn with ET Online.

    Paulette Cohn: Good morning, Jillian.

    Jillian Harris: Good morning, Paulie how are you?

    Paulette Cohn: I'm good. So when we talked at the end of the Bachelor you weren't sure that you wanted to do this. What was it that made you change your mind?

    Jillian Harris: Well, temptation I guess. It's just curiosity and having, getting the opportunity I think last time you asked me, I just had no idea that I would even have the opportunity.

    But once you get that little ticket and somebody says, "Do you want to give this a try?" I always thought well I'm still single, and I, you know, last season was definitely hard. But I learned a lot about myself and what's the harm in giving it a shot.

    Paulette Cohn: Okay and for my second question. Can you, I know you can't tell us your situation now because it hasn't ended. But can you rate these guys? Do you think there might be somebody?

    Jillian Harris: Oh, I've learnt my lesson. I do not rate the guys. But they're just very, they're all very different. And they all make me feel differently, but I can tell you that they are wonderful guys, and I think I've made some really, really great choices.

    Paulette Cohn: Okay, thank you.

    Jillian Harris: Yes, no problem.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Ruth Myles with Swerve at the Calgary Herald.

    Ruth Myles: Hi, Jillian how are you?

    Jillian Harris: Hi, how are you, say hi to Calgary for me.

    Ruth Myles: I will. it's snowing in Peace River today so...

    Jillian Harris: No, are you kidding me?

    Ruth Myles: I'm not.

    Jillian Harris: Oh my God, well I'm sorry to tell everybody that I'm sitting here watching the waves roll in.

    Ruth Myles: Oh nice. I got to ask you the first question that all of Calgary if not Canada wants to know. There's no Canadian guys in the running?

    Jillian Harris: I know.

    Ruth Myles: How did you feel about that?

    Jillian Harris: But you know what I thought of when, you know, I didn't know there was not going to be any. But when they all came out the first night, it was one of the first things that I thought. And then I sort of thought to myself, okay what if there were three or four Canadian guys. What are the chances that one of those guys would be the one that I choose?

    And also what are the chances like, you know, what's better for me to find a guy that maybe lives in Seattle or along the Western Coast. Or to find a guy who lives out in Toronto.

    You know what I mean so that I guess when I put it into perspective and I sort of thought, you know, I am a Canadian I am a very proud Canadian. But I've learned a lot that there's not a huge difference between American guys and Canadian guy so I'm okay with that.

    Ruth Myles: Okay and I have to ask you what do you eat on your hot dogs?

    Jillian Harris: Mustard.

    Ruth Myles: You're a straight mustard.

    Jillian Harris: Well I like to load it up but mustard and sauerkraut.

    Ruth Myles: Oh interesting combination.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Ruth Myles: Okay thanks so much.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Tim Malloy with

    Tim Malloy: Hi, thank you for doing this.

    Jillian Harris: Hi, how are you?

    Tim Malloy: Good.

    Jillian Harris: Good.

    Tim Malloy: For my first question I wanted to ask (Mike Fleiss) told us that he talked to Melissa Rycroft and also, I'm forgetting her name right now.

    Jillian Harris: Molly.

    Tim Malloy: Molly right. Before approaching you and I just wanted to see if you felt like third place or if you ever felt like a third choice?

    Jillian Harris: I was a third choice on last season. I know what that feels like. I'm comfortable with that. But no, but I mean really, in all honesty, it's like obviously there's going to be other people that are considered for this role. And I'm not sure if you've read anything about my views on me being selected.

    But honestly I'm just a short little hyper quirky Canadian and I actually don't feel like I fit the mold of the Bachelorette very well. And I was very surprised that they asked me. So it's no it doesn't come as a surprise to me that they would have asked Melissa and Molly. They're both very beautiful like talented outgoing personable girls.

    And just also me being placed third on the Bachelor. Sort of naturally places either one of them as the natural choice. So I mean no it doesn't make me feel like I'm third. It makes me feel really happy that they declined.

    Tim Malloy: I also wanted to ask and first, I hope you give yourself as much credit as you give them, you deserve it.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you.

    Tim Malloy: But secondly, you mentioned that your father's jaw dropped after the hot tub scene last season.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Tim Malloy: The show really strongly insinuated that you and also the other contestants basically had relations with this guy. And I just wanted to see if there was anything you wanted to clear the air about or help (unintelligible) I guess.

    Jillian Harris: Sorry what was your name?

    Tim Malloy: Tim Malloy.

    Jillian Harris: Tim I think that that's probably the most inappropriate question ever.

    Tim Malloy: Really?

    Jillian Harris: Well yes and like I'm normally really a really open girl about all these kind of things. But I mean it's one of those things, that anybody can assume that I had a steamy make out session with Jason and I went in the hot tub. That him and I quote unquote "did it." And we can also assume that every Bachelor and Bachelorette in history has done it with those people.

    But unfortunately what you don't see on camera is what, and I think it's one of those things that it's like what if I turn the question on you and ask you if you had sex last night?

    Tim Malloy: Well, the reason I was asking is because the show really insinuated it.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Tim Malloy: And if that wasn't the case I wanted to give you a chance to clear the air if you wanted to.

    Jillian Harris: Yes I mean...

    Tim Malloy: Or to not answer it, you know, there's no gun to your head.

    Jillian Harris: You know what it's like even if I had or hadn't I don't think that's a topic that I would even want to talk with. And I know like, and actually you, and I give you huge credit for having the guts to ask that question. Because I know it's a question that everybody wants to ask.

    But I always find it really funny like a few people asked my mom that question after last season. And my mom didn't know how to answer it and I just told her tell people it's inappropriate to ask that question.

    And I think being a 30-year-old grown woman who is very successful in her career. And has a great, you know, background and great morals and great values people can take a look at me and who I am as a person. And they're entitled to their opinion.

    Tim Malloy: I think my reason for asking is really knowing what we know now about Jason I think people, definitely our readers, view him negatively.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Tim Malloy: When they believe that he had, you know, hooked up with three different women over the course of this. Knowing that two of them, at least probably two of them were going home.

    Jillian Harris: But what about all the other bachelors and bachelorettes?

    Tim Malloy: I'm not talking about them.

    Jillian Harris: I know yes ,I honestly think that Jason is a really great guy and I think that being in the position that he's in now. I definitely and even after he let me go last season.

    Whatever, you know, steamy make out session we had I don't feel like he led me on. He is going through the process to make sure that he makes the right choices.

    And sometimes, you know, a good steamy make out session with somebody can enlighten you and say you know what I didn't feel that spark that I was looking for.

    And don't get me wrong like, I'm not really offended. I was actually waiting for that question and it's funny how it fires me up. Because I am doing something that's very public and I am putting my love life on the line publicly.

    But, you know, it's like let's say I had slept with Jason then I don't think that's anybody's business. And let's say I hadn't slept with Jason and that also is nobody's business.

    And I think that this is where I'm being really stubborn and I could say right now I did not sleep with him just to make myself look better. But I don't want to do that because I don't want to for people to feel entitled for them to know that information.

    Tim Malloy: Okay, well thank you very much.

    Jillian Harris: Sorry Tim, I'm sorry if I came over a little bit harsh but that's the one thing I feel really strongly about.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Mike Hughes with TV America.

    Mike Hughes: Hey thanks. And I didn't have sex last night but that's not the discussion here. Hey let me ask one of the things that people were intrigued by is just, you know, Vancouver, you know, is interesting enough. But coming from a place like Peace River just sounds so interesting and exotic and so forth.

    Give us a little more of a feeling, did you grow up, did you spend your whole childhood in Peace River? And how did that form you as a person?

    Jillian Harris: I spent yes my whole childhood. I was born and raised in Peace River and I believe I moved out when I was about 19. And honestly, you know, like I'm going to start to get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

    But I loved growing up there. It was just like, it was full of being an old soul because you learn to communicate with people your own age and adults and you're always camping and fishing and spending time outdoors.

    A lot of family barbecues a lot of just like, you know, I grew up in a town where I could stay out running around the woods till 7:00 or 8:00 at night and come home. And nobody would be worried about me.

    I came from a town where my auntie lived right across the street and I could run down and say hi to her and have a coffee and nobody would worry about me. So, it's just it's a great, great little town and most of my friends and family still live there. And I wish I don't know sometimes I wish I was a lot closer that's for sure.

    Mike Hughes: Yes, that's what a lot of us wish we were now, yes.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Mike Hughes: And just one other thing to kind of explain when you called yourself a short little quirky Canadian. All which are things I enjoy. First of all be specific how short are you and just give us an example of quirky?

    Jillian Harris: I am 5ft 2ins.

    Mike Hughes: Okay.

    Jillian Harris: Maybe 5ft 3ins on a good day. And I think I'm just quirky because I mean, when it comes to sex appeal, I don't know how much I have. But I know I'm just, I love to make people laugh. I love to stand up for myself as you've just heard. I love speak what's on my mind, I love to find humor in everything.

    I have been known to like, I don't know, I'm just, I'm just all about funny, you know I just love being funny. And I love telling good jokes and making people laugh. And I'm not afraid to look silly and to make fun of myself in order to make somebody else laugh.

    Mike Hughes: Cool, thanks a lot.

    Jillian Harris: No problem thank you.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Stephanie Zolis with TV Guide.

    Stephanie Zolis: Hi Jillian. This season there were more bachelors on the show than ever before. Did you find the situation a little bit overwhelming?

    Jillian Harris: Oh my God, yes. I was overwhelmed when there was 25 guys and when the extra five came out. Yes, I was very overwhelmed I didn't know how to react. And how to, you know, you're spreading yourself thin if you've got one night to try to connect with 30 suitors. And remember all their names and where they're from and what they do for a living. It's very hard.

    Stephanie Zolis: And part of the reason Jason chose Melissa first off was he said he had to, he kind of showed some reservations about choosing the wild card and taking that risk.

    Have you thought about how you're going to base your decision in the end and how have you made the decision so far in eliminating the bachelors?

    Jillian Harris: Well, I have to admit it's way harder than I thought. And you know I have all these different things going through my mind. You know, do I pick the guy who has everything I want on paper? Do I pick the guy who makes me laugh and would be my best friend? Do I pick the guy who makes my heart go pitter patter? Do I pick the guy that everybody else likes?

    It's, or do I pick the guy I know America is going to love but not me? It's like so difficult to know how to choose the right person in the end. And as you know I have not chosen that person yet, so I'm still struggling with that decision.

    But I think I'm just trying to look at all of those things I just told you and make sure that one of those four or five things are there. And continue to spend time with them and really, like I kept on telling myself last season. If I saw one of those guys walking down the street and I met them in a pub with peanuts on the floor.

    Would I be attracted to them? Would I want to call them the next day? Would I be excited for them to walk through the door 50 years from now? And I think that's what I keep on trying to think of. And it's hard to put yourself in that state of mind when you're in this beautiful tropical fairy tale paradise. But that's what I keep on telling myself.

    Stephanie Zolis: So relating it back to real life...

    Jillian Harris: Exactly yes.

    Stephanie Zolis: see if it works with the bachelor, okay that's great. Thanks.

    Jillian Harris: You're welcome.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Rita Sherrow with the Tulsa World.

    Rita Sherrow: Hi Jillian thanks for taking the call.

    Jillian Harris: No problem Rita.

    Rita Sherrow: I was wondering in the initial meeting with the guys there was a guy named Brian from Oklahoma who swooped you up. Did that make a good impression?

    Jillian Harris: Oh, funny that you guys already know this stuff already because I have not seen anything. But yes I thought it made a good impression, I mean I think it was really cute and it was outgoing and he was taking a big risk in trying to stand out.

    So yes, just really as far first impressions are concerned as long as a guy isn't rude or negative. Then you're making a good impression whatever you're trying to do.

    Rita Sherrow: Did you find it hard, well I'm sure you did find it hard, with 30 people when you actually had to cut 10 of them. I mean it wasn't like I didn't get to these, you know, three or four beyond, "hello, nice to meet you," you know, "what's your name?" It's 10 of them how do you eliminate 10 and I know you have to but?

    Jillian Harris: I actually and I might eat my words later. Maybe after I get to know them after watching the show a little bit more those 10 guys. But I feel like that night I was I did I got so much rest.

    And I treated it almost like a job like I had to be on all the time, I had to be aware. I really feel like I got enough time and I did find it difficult I felt like I was very exhausted. I don't even want say by the end of the night because it was pretty much morning by the time you're done that evening.

    The guys were all great, my problem as I've had this whole season, is this isn't Mr. Congeniality it's who is going to be best with quirky short Canadian Jill. And so it was difficult for me to disappoint them but I've always, I've felt very confident in my decisions at every rose ceremony.

    Rita Sherrow: And what did you take into this season that you learned with Jason?

    Jillian Harris: Just to be open and vulnerable and to be myself. And by being myself it doesn't mean that I'm always making the right decisions or always reacting the way I would hope.

    But being yourself means, you know, you're tired and you haven't slept, you know, in eight days. And you're juggling 15, 16, 20 guys and you break down and you cry or whatever being yourself, just be yourself. And do deal with the situation as it comes and try to have fun whenever you can.

    I think that's what I learned last season. I think I was so afraid to show emotion and I was so afraid to be vulnerable, that I may have sold myself short, and in this season, I'm definitely not doing that.

    Rita Sherrow: Thank you so much.

    Jillian Harris: No problem.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jim Halterman with Futon Critic.

    Jim Halterman: Hey how are you today?

    Jillian Harris: Good, how are you John?

    Jim Halterman: I'm doing great. It's Jim.

    Jillian Harris: Oh Jim sorry.

    Jim Halterman: That's okay, no worries. I want to know if you have surprised yourself at who you've been attracted to. Because like you said, you know, you can kind of see on paper what you want. But then when you actually meet somebody things can surprise you. Have you gotten that at all?

    Jillian Harris: Absolutely, I mean like I said before, it's like I, you know, there's guys that I would keep because they're exactly what I want on paper. But maybe they don't make me feel the way I should.

    And then there's the guys that make me feel the way I should but they're nothing of what I wanted on paper. And, you know, it's it is definitely confusing but I have for sure surprised myself.

    But with the feelings that I have with, you know, the guys that are left is really the ultimate goal. So I have had to kind of throw that piece of paper away.

    Jim Halterman: Okay and I love your hot dog theory. Did you employ that at all with the guys that are still left in the competition?

    Jillian Harris: Oh, these guys give me a run for my money and they're not buying the whole hot dog thing. So I tried, I've tried to play the hot dog thing on them but they're not buying it.

    So we've had a little bit of fun with it and they all, they definitely know what my favorite foods are by now. And they know why I love mustard and I love hot dogs. But other than that it hasn't, I don't think I'll be the hot dog girl this season.

    Jim Halterman: All right, best of luck, thanks.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you so much.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Rick Porter with

    Rick Porter: Hi Jillian, how are you?

    Jillian Harris: Good how are you?

    Rick Porter: Good. Because I'm just wondering given all that happened with Jason and the enormous criticism he came under last season and your answer to that earlier question. Why the hell do you want to put your romantic life out there in front of millions of people every week?

    Jillian Harris: Right, yes and I start finding myself getting heated when answering the questions. Then I kind of thought to myself, right, I did put myself in this situation.

    That's the one question I don't feel like is appropriate. But I'm putting my romantic life out there on public, not my sex life or anything like that. I think that I am, I, like I said believe, I'm successful. I have great values, great morals. I'm a family girl. I volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

    I'm not here to date and mess around with 30 guys. I'm here to hopefully find the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. And that is a very very serious thing for me.

    And if I have to go through the same criticism that Jason went through, and maybe even make the same bad decisions, I hope that I don't. But I'm here to find that person and I'm really serious and very passionate about it.

    So to be in the public eye for a couple of months in order to find a lifelong happiness for me is totally worth it.

    Rick Porter: And do you feel, I mean obviously you're still in the process of everything. I mean the show doesn't have the greatest track record in doing that.

    Jillian Harris: Right.

    Rick Porter: That do you feel like you're on the right track?

    Jillian Harris: Well, trust me, neither does the dating scene back home. Doesn't have the best track record either. I can tell you that if I walked down the street and I bumped into any of the guys that I have left right now. I strongly believe that I would, my jaw would drop to the floor, I would go home in a mad panic and wonder what I should do next. How I should call this person what I should wear to the next date.

    And I probably would end up being with one of those people for a long time. I can't tell you whether it would end in marriage. But all of the people that I have left are remarkable people that I have not met anybody like these guys.

    Rick Porter: Okay.

    Jillian Harris: Yes, no problem.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Tanitia William with Us Weekly Magazine.

    Tanitia Williams: Hi, Jillian.

    Jillian Harris: Hi, how are you?

    Tanitia Williams: Fine.

    Jillian Harris: Good.

    Tanitia Williams: I was wondering now that the tables are turned. What has been the best thing about being the Bachelorette so far?

    Jillian Harris: Other than the fact that I'm sitting on my balcony watching the waves roll in in Hawaii?

    Tanitia Williams: Absolutely yes.

    Jillian Harris: I think the best part is, oh boy, I think well I think I've learned so much about myself last season. But it's hard not being not wearing the pants I guess. You know last season it was hard to remember that I still have to do what's best for me.

    But this season, I think I'm even realizing more who I am and what sort of qualities I have to give. And what qualities I'm looking for and I get to make those calls. And I get to make those shots.

    And I also feel like, I mean I don't know I haven't lived in the shoes of anybody else who has done this. But I feel like I've been really open and really honest and sometimes too honest. And I've really encouraged the guys to do the same thing.

    And I feel like I've had a really open mind with all the guys, you know, somebody tells me something that's really surprising and really shocking. As long as they are honest and as long as they're trying to put themselves out there. There's nothing bad you could say.

    So I think that's what I love about doing it this time is that I'm writing the story. And I think it's a lot of fun.

    Tanitia Williams: Absolutely, so do you and Jason are you still friends? Do you remain friends and keep in touch?

    Jillian Harris: Well, I made a conscious decision when I the day I decided to do this. Jason actually was helping me quite a bit make up my mind to do this. He is somebody that I talked to and he really supported me and Melissa supported me. And all the other girls supported me.

    But when I knew I made the decision and when I realized okay I'm making the decision to find somebody new. And I had to sort of cut off my relationship with Jason. But it's temporary, and I will definitely be friends with him after all this is over.

    I know that what, you know, how people view him but he followed his heart and he made a huge move and he put his reputation on the line. But it's for love and I feel like, you know, right now they're still together and they're still happy. So hopefully they'll prove everybody wrong.

    Tanitia Williams: Absolutely.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Tanitia Williams: And if you were invited to the wedding, if Jason and Molly were to get married would you go?

    Jillian Harris: Oh, that's a good question, okay so this is a part of me that's really open and honest. I feel like if this goes the way I want it to go and I am in a I guess the romantic place that I want to be.

    I think I would go for sure. I can't imagine me showing up to their wedding solo. But yes, I would go if I find what I'm looking for, I would go and I don't know why that makes a difference but I'm just being honest, that's how I feel. I would have a hard time showing up solo but if I find someone I'll go.

    Tanitia Williams: Absolutely, well it sounds like you're going to have a great time. I can't wait to see the final.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you so much.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Monica Sotomayor with Flash News.

    Monica Sotomayor: Hi, Jillian, thanks for your time today.

    Jillian Harris: Hi, Monica, thank you.

    Monica Sotomayor: I was actually just wondering have you ever had, you know, guys vying for your affection, you know, in high school or grade school or anything like that? Obviously not 30 guys at once but, you know?

    Jillian Harris: Honestly, I don't think so I mean my friends will probably be yelling at me right now if they were sitting here saying "yes you have." But I've had a lot of relationships and I've dated a lot of really great guys.

    In high school I was sort of the class clown I think. I wasn't really, yes I think I always had one solid boyfriend I never dated a lot. And in the last five years I'd say the roster has been really dry.

    Monica Sotomayor: Okay got it. Now you mentioned several times, you know, how you really enjoy the quirky aspect of your personality, you're proud of it. Are you hoping to find a guy who is just as quirky and unique. Maybe has, you know, little weird habits and things like that?

    Jillian Harris: Well I think I was hoping for that and I've been learning so much about myself in the last couple of years. I definitely know that I that it's hard for me to be with somebody that is as quirky and sort of bubbly as me. Because it's a lot of energy in a room and it probably would give us both a headache.

    Monica Sotomayor: Yes.

    Jillian Harris: So but I need somebody who embraces it and who finds humor in it. And who also has a little, yes, some humor and some of their own quirky, you know, characteristics for sure. I definitely don't want perfection I'm not looking for perfection.

    Monica Sotomayor: Okay, perfect. Have you ever had a boyfriend that just had like a really weird habit that you were, able to kind of accept just because you do seem like a very accepting person?

    Jillian Harris: Well, since I'm not, since I've since broken up with all of them or they've broken up with me. I don't know, there was one boyfriend that I dated and he loved EBay, like loved EBay.

    And he knows who he is he's probably going to kill me right now. But anything to do with EBay. He and I bought all his clothes on EBay and I thought it was really cute. And he actually got me hooked on it for the longest time.

    But it was one of those things, it's like it's weird, but I think that's what makes everybody unique and different. And that to me is what's really attractive is if somebody can say this is who I am yes it's a bit strange but it's me.

    Monica Sotomayor: Yes, definitely makes it fun.

    Jillian Harris: Exactly.

    Monica Sotomayor: Great. Thanks a lot Jillian, good luck.

    Jillian Harris: No problem thank you.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Monica Rizzo with People.

    Monica Rizzo: Hey Jillian.

    Jillian Harris: Hi, Monica how are you?

    Monica Rizzo: I'm good thank you, how are you?

    Jillian Harris: Good.

    Monica Rizzo: You're in Hawaii, you poor thing.

    Jillian Harris: Oh my gosh and it is so beautiful today it's just gorgeous.

    Monica Rizzo: So do you get swept up in the moment? I know you're I don't know if you've said I joined the call late, where you are in the process. But when you're in a romantic setting can you think level headedly?

    Jillian Harris: Honestly, I mean I don't know if anybody will believe me when I say this. But I think it works, I think I would have an easier time falling in love and being swept of my feet if I was back in my home town or their home town.

    I feel like when I'm in this beautiful place because you are getting swept off your feet. It's harder to think about reality, I am constantly, like I'll go up to my room and shut all the curtains. And think to myself who do I see coming through the door after a long day of work? After being married for 25 years?

    Who do I see comforting me after, you know, I lose somebody down the road. Or who do I see on my wedding day or just those normal those fixing my tire when it's broken.

    And so being here in Hawaii and, as you know, we've been to Spain. Has been so amazing and so wonderful. But I'm a very cautious person with all this I take it very seriously.

    So I'm sort of like okay put the palm trees and beauty and the coconuts and my ties aside. Just look at the person just for who they are. So I don't think that, I don't think that any of this is distracting me at all.

    Monica Rizzo: Thanks and are you able to say where you are in the narrowing down selection process?

    Cathy Rehl: No, she's not.

    Jillian Harris: I'm not allowed.

    Monica Rizzo: Okay.

    Cathy Rehl: All we said was it will be over by the end of the month.

    Monica Rizzo: All right, well enjoy.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you.

    Monica Rizzo: Thank you.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Jeane Jakle with San Antonio Express.

    Jeane Jakle: Hi, how are you doing Jillian?

    Jillian Harris: Hi ,I'm great how are you?

    Jeane Jakle: Good. I'm kind of intrigued by this Texan who is a financial analyst. But anyway his name is Tanner P.

    Jillian Harris: Oh yes.

    Jeane Jakle: And he said immediately he was obsessed with your feet.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Jeane Jakle: Could you elaborate on that a little?

    Jillian Harris: I can't elaborate on it too much. But Tanner has a foot fetish and he loves feet and I think it was really cute. I mean I don't really love my feet, my one toe is longer than the other toes and they're wrinkly. But he found them really beautiful, so yes, I mean he's a doll. So I think that his foot fetish was really cute.

    Jeane Jakle: So you didn't mind that at all?

    Jillian Harris: No, like you say these are the quirky things that make people unique and make people stand out, and I love it when people embrace their differences. I love it when people can say like I have a foot fetish and that's me. I love that I think that's very attractive.

    Jeane Jakle: I know it's hard to remember but were there any, I'm from Texas, so were there any other Texans that stood out at the very beginning?

    Jillian Harris: There was actually quite few Texans.

    Jeane Jakle: Yes.

    Jillian Harris: There was Bobby and there was Wes and there was Tanner we just talked about. And there was Jake and all of those guys are really incredibly guys and I don't know if it's the water down there. Or the country music but you guys are doing something right.

    Jeane Jakle: Thank you so much.

    Cathy Rehl: She can't be too specific about any of that.

    Jillian Harris: Yes.

    Jeane Jakle: Okay, I realize that, thank you.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Ruth Myles with the Swerve at the Calgary Herald.

    Ruth Myles: I'm back, hi Jillian.

    Jillian Harris: Hi, how are you?

    Ruth Myles: I'm good still.

    Jillian Harris: Good.

    Ruth Myles: I was just going to say touching on, you know, the world of hurt that's possible with reality TV with the backlash against Jason. And the current situation with Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    What thoughts have you given to reconciling, you know, your life basically being other people's entertainment?

    Jillian Harris: Well I'm going to be perfectly honest that is something that I do think about a lot. I'm a people pleaser and so naturally I want everybody to like me.

    Ruth Myles: Yes.

    Jillian Harris: And it's really scary but like I said before my the possibility of me finding somebody and this whole experience. Just all the guys that I've met and the places I've traveled and the feelings that I've had, make it worth it.

    And I hope, you know, all I can say is that I hope that the Jill that I know that is open and honest and vulnerable and sincere and wants to make people laugh and wants to be a good person is the person that you guys see.

    And I also hope that if I make a decision or I react a way that people think isn't appropriate or that people want to judge, I just hope that everybody can put themselves in my shoes and know that I am aware that I am not perfect.

    And I'm okay with that and I believe the everybody is entitled to their opinions but before making an opinion, they would put themselves in my shoes.

    And, you know, it's scary because I embrace my imperfections I look at everybody who is in the limelight. And who is in those tabloids including Jason and that scandal with the Jon Plus 8.

    And all it does is make me realize that everybody makes mistakes. And everybody nobody is perfect. And I just have to go out there with that mindset and hope that people just appreciate me for that.

    And if I am one of those people that, you know, they always say that when you're one of the contestants, you're the underdog. And everybody loves you but when you're the Bachelorette or Bachelor and you're wearing the pants you are judged more.

    And I am very aware of that and I am scared of that. But I signed up for this and I'm just going to own it and I'm going, I haven't made a decision yet that I regret.

    But I can't say that I haven't made any bad decisions, you know, so I'm just going to deal with it. And cross my fingers and hope that I represent myself well.

    Ruth Myles: And speaking of decisions, you know, hypothetically speaking if there is no, you know, commitment, love match. Are you willing not to choose one of the guys because there's got to be tons of pressure for the fairy tale ending on this?

    Jillian Harris: Yes that's something I've been thinking about a lot. And as you know broadcast live there's no, you know, there's nobody saying that I have to get engaged.

    And that's something again it's like the whole being traveling and getting swept off my feet. I don't want to get engaged or commit myself to somebody just because I signed up for this.

    I want to commit myself to them because I'm crazy about them and that is one thing I'm sure that in the end if you do see me choosing somebody. Or you do see me not choosing somebody I'll be making that decision not because I'm the Bachelorette but because those are my true feelings.

    And that's all I mean and that's something that I've thought about. The two things that you've just brought up is, you know, what if I don't find somebody. And what everybody says to me after this is over, those are my two biggest concerns.

    Ruth Myles: It's very (unintelligible) of you.

    Jillian Harris: Yes, no kidding. But you miss 100% of shots you don't take, right, Wayne Gretsky?

    Ruth Myles: Yes.

    Jillian Harris: And you just have to go out there and give it a shot and see what happens.

    Ruth Myles: Best of luck. Seriously, everybody up here is just like "yay for Jillian" so.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you so much.

    Ruth Myles: You're welcome.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Lindsay Ward with Sun Media.

    Lindsay Ward: How Jillian how are you doing?

    Jillian Harris: Hi, Lindsay. I'm doing great.

    Lindsay Ward: Good. As a Canadian girl you probably haven't dated a lot of Americans. What do you find attractive about them?

    Jillian Harris: You know people are people, and they are really not that much different than Canadians. I can say that they are more forward but maybe I'm just seeing a more forward side of them because of the position that they're in.

    One of the hardest things I found dating back home is, and maybe it's me too, is that everybody just tries to be so chill and be your friend and like, "Hey dude what's up?" And it's hard to put yourself out on the line and say, "I like you I want to date you."

    And I felt like for me that didn't happen a lot back home. So other than that I don't know these American guys were tons of fun. And I don't know aside from accents, there's a lot of different accents. Which I can't judge because I've got one myself.

    Lindsay Ward: Thank you.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you.

    Operator: Again ladies and gentlemen that's star 1 to ask a question. Our next question comes from the line of Tanitia Williams with Us Weekly magazine.

    Tanitia Williams: Hi Jillian. I wanted to ask you have you watched Melissa on Dancing With The Stars and find out if you voted for her and what you thought?

    Jillian Harris: I haven't been able to watch her. I mean I don't know if anybody knows how crazy the schedule is here. But there's not a lot of time for any TV watching. I don't think I've turned a TV on, I've turned a TV on maybe once since I started all of this.

    But I have been keeping my eye on her and I've been asking a lot. And I know that she is in the semi-finals. And I miss her so much, I cannot wait to see her after all this is over. So I'm so proud of her, I can't wait to see her and I know she's doing well.

    Tanitia Williams: And in the event, like a previous reporter asked that you didn't find love on the show hopefully you will. Would you be willing to go on Dancing With The Stars also?

    Jillian Harris: No, oh my God, no, I am the worst dancer in the world. I could not do anything to do with dancing or singing. No, I would, no, if I was a good dancer, yes I would go. I would go on Dancing With The Stars.

    Tanitia Williams: Well that's the whole point of it though, you know, they train you they, you know, they mold you?

    Jillian Harris: I don't know I'm pretty bad, my coordination I think you better wait and watch the season. I think there's a few times where I'll show you I'm not a good dancer.

    Tanitia Williams: All right thanks a lot.

    Jillian Harris: Let's choose something else maybe that has to do with interior design maybe I would do that.

    Tanitia Williams: Oh, okay. Thank you.

    Jillian Harris: No problem.

    Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Mike Hughes with TV America.

    Mike Hughes: Hello, I just have a quick one. You know, the women have had the only success. Bachelorette has had some success and Bachelor hasn't had any. Do you think that's just coincidence or is there a reason?

    Is it possible that the women are a little better at being in a selecting position?

    Jillian Harris: Oh, I don't think it's a coincidence I think women are a lot smarter than men when it comes to this kind of thing. That's going to be my shortest answer today.

    Mike Hughes: Okay and then my other question is this one. You said something about interior designing. You know we've got a ton of those shows in the U.S. we got a ton of good new reality interior design shows. When this is all done would you be interested in doing one of those shows that?

    Jillian Harris: I okay I love my job that I have right now. I do restaurant design and I love everything to do with my job. But would I do would I take on a reality show that had to do with interior design?

    I think that would be another incredible opportunity and I would love. I think that I would love to do something like that. But I'm not here to find a career in the TV industry.

    I would be more than thrilled to go back to my regular life and do my restaurant design and work nine to five. Right nine-to-five, yes, right, nine-to-nine again and so whatever happens, happens. But I'm pretty open to all those possibilities for sure.

    Mike Hughes: Okay, cool, thanks.

    Jillian Harris: We have to go?

    Operator: Again, ladies and gentlemen that's star 1.

    Jillian Harris: Sorry.

    Cathy Rehl: That's okay we're almost at the end of our time. We can take like one more question.

    Jillian Harris: Okay sure.

    Operator: Again ladies and gentlemen that's star 1.

    Cathy Rehl: Okay.

    Operator: And we have no questions in queue at this time.

    Cathy Rehl: Okay, great well thanks everybody for being on the line. There'll be a transcript up of this conversation tomorrow. And you know the photos are at and there is actually a screener up I believe right now of the premiere that you can watch.

    And I guess that's it, if you need anything else please give me a call at 212-456-6749. Otherwise we will see you after our premiere with one of our eliminated bachelors and that will be next Thursday.

    Operator: Ladies and gentlemen this concludes today's conference call you may now disconnect.

    Jillian Harris: Thank you.


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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Soundbites from the conference call: ABC Medianet

    ETA: Actually, I'm not sure if these are from the conference call or a different interview. I know that first clip isn't from the conference call. Haven't listened to the rest yet...

    ETA2: Def. not from the conference call. It's from the day of the M&G.
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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    I have all 8 sneak peeks from episode 1 uploaded on my youtube account for those who want to watch. I just uploaded it a few minutes ago so it is not available to search, but in a few hours search The Bachelorette : Jillian Harris - Episode 1 Sneak Peeks and it will pop up. For those who want to watch it now, search my username cupcakes153 and the video will be available on my channel.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes;3449454;
    I have all 8 sneak peeks from episode 1 uploaded on my youtube account for those who want to watch. I just uploaded it a few minutes ago so it is not available to search, but in a few hours search The Bachelorette : Jillian Harris - Episode 1 Sneak Peeks and it will pop up. For those who want to watch it now, search my username cupcakes153 and the video will be available on my channel.
    8?! Wow, that's a lot. Thanks cupcakes.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes;3449454;
    I have all 8 sneak peeks from episode 1 uploaded on my youtube account for those who want to watch. I just uploaded it a few minutes ago so it is not available to search, but in a few hours search The Bachelorette : Jillian Harris - Episode 1 Sneak Peeks and it will pop up. For those who want to watch it now, search my username cupcakes153 and the video will be available on my channel.
    You are my hero. Thanks so much!!

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by CashFoSho;3449461;
    You are my hero. Thanks so much!!

    Thanks cupcakes!

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes;3449454;
    I have all 8 sneak peeks from episode 1 uploaded on my youtube account for those who want to watch. I just uploaded it a few minutes ago so it is not available to search, but in a few hours search The Bachelorette : Jillian Harris - Episode 1 Sneak Peeks and it will pop up. For those who want to watch it now, search my username cupcakes153 and the video will be available on my channel.
    thanks! you're awesome

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes;3449454;
    I have all 8 sneak peeks from episode 1 uploaded on my youtube account for those who want to watch. I just uploaded it a few minutes ago so it is not available to search, but in a few hours search The Bachelorette : Jillian Harris - Episode 1 Sneak Peeks and it will pop up. For those who want to watch it now, search my username cupcakes153 and the video will be available on my channel.
    Thanks so much cupcakes, I loved the foot fetish guy omg him trying to look at Jill's feet and maintaining eye contact. Yikes.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 - Media Spoilers

    The caption for this interview with CH and Melissa says "Chris talks about Melissa's days as The Bachelorette, and gives us some insight to next season." LINK

    But I can't get it to load at the moment.

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