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The Mister List for July 24th 2009

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Ep.#11 July 27 - F2 Hawaii's Big Island
F1-2-3 ? LCD, Meet the Harrises , FRC

Hotel accommodations provided by:
Fairmount Mauna Kea (Maui) for Ed & Kip
Fairmount Orchid (Big Island) for Jillian Reid (SC)

FRC: The Bluffs at Hana

FRC SC Order of arrival: Kip ~1:18 pm HI / 4:18pm CA
Ed ~ 3:45 pm HI / 6:45pm CA

Reid ~ ?

F3~ Reid (by process of elimination)
F2~ Kiptyn by process of eliminination
F1~ Ed as per Cupcakes

The next Bachelor: TBA

Ep. #12 - Tuesday July 28 - Hawaii AFRC (1 hour show)
Two spurned bachelors
Jilly wearing a white dress as per Cupcakes

~The Final results~

Already broken up?
Dating in real world?