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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by Logomaniac;3577962;
    I apologize if this has been brought up and sorry if it's not in the right place. Mods please delete/move if so. But on bacheloretteblog(dot)wordpress (dot)com they are stating unequivocally it is not Reid. This is the same source that started putting clues out at the beginning of the show.
    They may or may not be legit but I think we need to continue to be open minded about the ending and not try and make it fit our reality of wanting it to be Reid.
    True. We've read reports that all three are F1 and that all three plus Jake are the next TB. I don't pay much attention to what the spoiler sites say because I think most of them just troll the various sites like FoRT, Jokers and Misfits and take their information from that.
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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    BLASIE, you should be a professional writer. You create emotion through your words. Or maybe you already are. It was beautiful.

    OK 2 more weeks to see if our girl really has her head on straight.


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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;3578030;
    what I'm struggling with (with Ed being F1) was his edit from Monday night. The 'no romance'.
    No to mention the tacky outtake in the end. Did anyone else notice his edit was ok before he left (except calling Wes a country singing turd, commenting on Dave's temper). Since his return it's been like his bad twin has returned. Last episode was a nasty edit. Who knows what Fleiss has in store with the edit - we still have MTP and LCD to go.

    I am suspicious of the way they are shoving Ed as f1. Where is the mystery of who is f1 for the finale? If they want viewers to tune into the finale why would they make it this obvious? They have already shown the proposal and "I love you " too soon. Usually by this time they speak in leading ways much like Kip does, don't they? Then they have Ed walk up to her when she's crying on the bench and thanking her for taking a "BET" on him. It's a bet alright . Why are they desperate to sell him as f1 already? After this many seasons doesn't that sound like a desperate sell?

    The story also shows a conflict in story line between Reid and Ed in some ways. Reid said "Ed is a cool guy, but he is a threat". He warns Jillian there may be guys who may say something even if they are not honest and she would go for it (well, we know it's not Kip). He tells in the limo he didn't see her being happy with either of the two guys left.

    As always just the way I see it.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by sdl;3577081;
    I wonder why a former President of the United States, a Rhodes Scholar, had sex with a 21yo intern in the Oval Office, left her voicemails, and gave her gifts that could be traced to him. No one that smart could be that stupid, right?
    There isn't a workplace in the world where co-workers are able to completely suppress all their physical attractions. It is one thing to act on those attractions in a manner that is as discreet as one can be in the White House and another thing to have no attraction and take a leave from your job in a lousy economy and agree to put yourself in a setting where your every move is recorded and photographed for a TV show.

    I think we are being punked.....but I don't care. I think it is all part of the movie within the movie, e.g. THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN.

    TPTB have a deadline to get their show on the air with no guarantee that the central character will fall in love so they pack her options with guys who provide their own story lines. Dave, Wes, TannerP, and on, and on.

    If "Ed" has a girlfriend or two SO WHAT! It's not as if he has a wife and kids. She's sleeping with three guys. The whole premise of the show is invalid....SO's entertaining. It's not a documentary or a political campaign. It's more like a magic show...smoke&mirrors= illusion. It's just TV. Why else would TPTB impose such extreme penalties on participants who leak secrets. They have to condone some leaks because they create buzz.

    Once in a great while some of these people really fall in love, but that is to be expected is a workplace after all. Just because there is a romance doesn't mean there is alert the editors and bring in the clowns.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;3578127;
    trouble I have with that is she let him go at F3 - if she really wanted him and wanted to give him more time to open up, she had the opportunity to take him to F2, but she didn't
    Absolutely. If she really wanted him and still let him go at F3 the only thing about this whole debacle that makes any sense that it was all a scheme, with both of them being in on it together, along with Fleiss of course.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    I am a Reid and Kip fan and don't like Ed too much, not because of the rumours but because of the way he acts. He doesn't seem to be in love with Jillian and still he says it. I don't buy it when people have one date, leave for two weeks and then come back and want to marry you. It's like Jake who knew he wanted to marry her after a few hours.

    Until Ed left he was this shy guy who couldn't open up and said he doesn't open up easily and is guarded and now that he's returned he seems to have this confidence almost as if he knows Jillian really likes him a lot.

    I don't know if he maybe really likes her and is attracted to her but I cannot believe he's in love with her and wants to marry her.

    But what I don't understand is that longtime posters with inside info get all upset about when people don't believe the rumours or want more details to make a decision. They talk in riddles and say somethign and say that it's absolutely fact and when you ask them specific things they don't have an answer or won't answer. Now maybe they don't want to say more because they want to protect their sources but from what I've seen there are questions which can be answered without outing your source.

    And no one seems to have answers for those questions. When sdl for example says there was "no love story" it can mean sooo many things.

    It can mean that the guys were into jillian but not in love yet and thus didn't want to propose. That in my opinion would definetely be a no love story for tptb since for them a love story means you say you're in love and propose at the end. It can mean they weren't into Jillain and thus din't want to propose.

    It can mean that Jillian wasn't in love but was interested to see where the relationship might go. Theres so much interpretation to that sentence.

    Maybe sdl doesn't know the details but he doesn't even say he doesn't have them. He just says nothing. Everyone decides on their own what they want to share and what not but then I don't understand why they feel critisized and upset when people want more deatils to make up their minds whether or not to believe it.

    To say it in judicial comparison: when you have a witness telling you he saw the guy stealing the car some jurors accept the fact that the witness saw the guy find him guilty.

    Other jurors want more details to make a decision. Like when did you see the guy, what was he wearing, what was his hair like.
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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by sueb1961;3577514;

    This is a dating show with a possible engagement at the end. I am sure Reid knew that. He was told by many to go for it. He knew you needed to get your feelings out no matter how hard it is. If he wasn't able to do it while she was begging him for answers how is he able to do it just a few days later? He was cut without giving her a sliver of how he feels. Now after he is cut he is ready to propose? I would question the sincerity of that.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes you truly don't realize what you had until it's gone. Some people aren't good expressing their feeling verbally (I am one of them, though I'm not nearly as stilted at Reid appears to be) but later, when it's said and done, so to speak, you realize "wow...I really love/like/want to be with that person. So, if that has happened for Reid and he feels that he has to make the effort cause Jilly is worth it, he should go and do it. I would find that sincere, especially regarding Reid, simply because we know him as someone who wouldn't (it appears) to say something simply because it's expected. Did I make any sense???
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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by I'msotired;3578157;
    You're certainly entitled to feel posters are strange for caring so much about show and strange for posting at odd hours. However, some people work crazy shifts and need to post at times that seem odd to you. Some posters (look back a few posts) have teething children who wake them in the middle of the night. Some of us have occasional insomnia. Some of us live in different time zones, including those on the other side of the globe.

    What I find strange is why people come to an opinion/spoiler/speculation board and chastise posters for posting opinions/spoilers/speculations. Seems their time might be better spent in other endeavors.

    Do we know this is a TV show? Yep
    Do we know our opinions won't matter one whit to Jillian or affect the outcome? Yep
    Do we understand we can't possibly know everything about the people on the show? Yep
    Do we understand we didn't get to see everything that transpired between Jillian and the various guys? Yep

    Do we care about the above? NOPE

    Do we enjoy dissecting every little bit about the show? Yep

    That's the purpose of FoRT. Thank goodness it's here.

    which reminds me. i will be sleeping inawhile. close to midnight in my side of the globe
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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by blasie;3578154;
    If "Ed" has a girlfriend or two SO WHAT! It's not as if he has a wife and kids. She's sleeping with three guys. The whole premise of the show is invalid....SO's entertaining.
    Very well said!

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Thoughts and Comments

    Sick of the Ed/Jillian/Reid triangle, so going to another subject. I have been thinking about SDL's "frigging disaster" of a show this year. Why I think this happened was that Jilly did not follow the "love story" plot devised by TPTB. First, I think production wanted Jake to be in at least F3 for two purposes: (1) To be the next Bachelor, (2) As a foil to Wes who was promised F4. Therefore they brought Jake back under very scripted guise. Jilly had a thing for Kip and Ed who were not supposed to be in the F2. As such the rumors that Kip is the next Bach. I don't think TPTB knew that Ed would make it as far as he did, show such commitment, or that Jilly would fall for him, so that there was a lot of scrambling going on (whether or not they had to cover behavior in Chicago). As for Reid, I also don't think that TPTB knew how far he would get, so that in Hawaii they had to figure out how to get ratings higher. So Jilly used her own head and heart to make her decisions, there may have been a "love story" but it wasn't close to the one that the producers envisioned, and boy they had a lot of work to do to get the show together.

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