Thread: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by galgal;3459772;
    Good catch!! The only thing that makes me question that is this picture of Reid. (let's see if I can copy and paste the pic- I might fail miserably) I just googled him haha.

    The thumb is longer than that of the one that is putting the flower into Jillian's hair. (But maybe I'm losing my mind) That's why I think it's Kip's.
    ALSO!! (I'm getting so excited) Later on in the preview thing (I'm not sure what yall call it here) she later kisses Kiptyn on a couch. You can see his thumb as he holds her head and then her hand afterwards. The thumbs match...and so does the color of skin. I'm convinced that is Kip putting the flower in her hair.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**


    Quote Originally Posted by counthestarsxo;3456942;
    this is the cap of wes in the white shirt
    but we've already confirmed the guy she is talking to in this clip is jake due to matching pillows (see my post a ways up)
    ahhh but now that i look at it..CHECK OUT THAT WHITE SHIRT IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF THE SECOND CAP! i believe this is our confirmation that jake is crashing wes' HTD
    Excellent catch.
    Quote Originally Posted by just logic;3456943;
    No, most Canadian hate the Speedos. And, if, as one poster suggested they are his briefs, most females under the age of 40 prefer their guys in boxers.
    According to the episode description (Mike) "borrows" a stranger's "mankini".
    Quote Originally Posted by atem;3456970;
    She looks to be wearing something different though. Could it be that she calls in both to get what happened/going on?
    This fits:

    First Jillian goes on Wes' HTD, then the next morning, Jake shows up (with producer help) to warn her about him and his girlfriend. Jillian meets with Wes at the same hotel. Jake is already out, and remains so, now Wes is out (at the RC or at the hotel).
    Quote Originally Posted by counthestarsxo;3456979;
    what i'm thinking is the day time HTD activity with wes was go him perform, then change to meet his family and then eventually back for some alone time at the tx hotel
    We determined earlier that Jake shows up in the morning because of lighting in the attrium and the maid cart.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvalonR;3456987;
    (Sorry if this has been addressed already) The clip of Wes saying "I am sick of your face"-- do we know if that is from the John Wayne date and he's acting, or if he's actually saying that to someone? He's wearing a plaid shirt, so it could go either way.
    Good point. I don't know.
    Quote Originally Posted by counthestarsxo;3457033;
    we've already placed wes on 2 other activities for his HTD though, singing for jilli at what appears to be a bar and then at the hotel in texas which im assuming is after she meets his family/friends.. adding a tractor ride would be a bit much
    The tractor could be part of the activity before meeting his family. Remember not all that we are shown in previews actually makes the edit and is aired. (Firebreathing MeAnna) But I think it's California.
    Quote Originally Posted by coastalbc;3457087;
    if the bolded section was the case, then where was the family meet done since Jill's fam isn't heading for Hawaii till today??
    That could be smoke screen. If the FRC was in Spain, maybe they were flown there. (We weren't tracking them at that point.) Maybe Fleiss left that part out, since there is an extended vacation (with a skeleton crew shooting it) in Hawaii. Maybe it occurs after the FRC, during the vacation.

    Until we have episode descriptions, we can only speculate based on what little we have.
    Quote Originally Posted by chopstickchick;3457089;
    Maybe Kip is F3 and that's why they showed him so much last night? Would have been a busy weekend of editing if the F3 - F2 RC only happened on friday
    The preview edit and the show edit are two different things. What airs may be less of Kip and more of Reid.

    The stealth bachelor theory only applies to what actually airs, not the previews. I should have stated that earlier.
    Quote Originally Posted by girli014;3457090;
    They are without question in Barcelona (northeast coast) in the shot showing the Arc de Triumf, and Sevilla (southwest corner) is quite a distance away, on the other side of Spain. Even though this would be a fairly quick flight (Barcelona to Madrid is an hour, and Sevilla is about equal distance from Madrid, so probably about two hours?) do you think that they would waste time and money moving about so much within Spain when there are plenty of beautiful, romantic sites in Barcelona to film a handful of dates?
    If they all have Fairmont hotels? Yes. They used to do widely separated FDs, so 3 in Spain is somewhat bunched by comparison. Blob for instance, had Alaska, Wyoming and Belize as the FDs.
    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyFaery;3457115;
    i may be on my own here but IF they scheduled a FRC in spain maybe she wasn't ready to make a decision and told them as much and asked for more time and this is where Hawaii comes into play..a couple more weeks to spend with the F2 guys until she is ready to make a choice and we have a second FRC when she is me its the only thing that fits the timeline as to why it is not finished taping yet

    as far as Jake crashing Wes's hometown date..I am not sold on the fact that it was Jake that had a g/f...I am wondering if he got cut earlier and because he cared so much he asked to crash Wes's HT to inform her of the "truth" about Wes and his g/f
    Regarding Wes, some say that the HTD pics could be the western group date in L.A. I disagree. It's unlikely that Wes would be a performer on stage alone in that date. And I don't think those pics match the western date pics. Second the white shirt in Jill's couch pick at the Hyatt in Austin suggests Wes. That would mean HTD. Austin is the music city of Texas.

    Here's the western date

    This is Wes' HTD
    Quote Originally Posted by atem;3457153;
    So, who do you think got the bank vault date? I thought Michael and Jillian were possibly in a bank vault with all those wines, but now I'm not so sure.
    Wes, after the pool party.
    Quote Originally Posted by jlccaz;3457149;
    I think that's vastly too many cops for a Bachelorette shoot. The Bachelor/ette is closer to guerrilla filmmaking. From the array of police motorcycles/scooters, I think that's some VIP visit, perhaps the king of Spain.

    This is the shot from the show. No motorcycles/scooters lined up.

    And here are the motorcyles/scooters
    Quote Originally Posted by ky-la;3457524;
    So that is what the street cap is from.

    Is it Ed that gets this one-on-one or Sasha?
    Ed gets the zipline in L.A. The street cap is going to the wrap party. The sidewalk is very wide there, like Hollywood Boulevard.
    Quote Originally Posted by I'msotired;3457164;
    Now that Zinnia provided the article with some details, I think this has to be the guys racing out to find Jillian. Don't know about Juan. Maybe he gets 2 group dates?
    “Episode 502” – When Jillian disappears from a sexy pool party, eight bachelors are in hot pursuit
    as they attempt to track her down via an outrageous scavenger hunt for the ultimate prize – a candlelit
    dinner and private time with the elusive Bachelorette. One man receives a “dressing down” before Jillian
    surprises him with her ultimate dream date: A private concert by country music super star Martina
    McBride. Finally, seven men face‐off against the world famous Harlem Globetrotters to score points with
    Jillian. But after careful deliberation, Jillian must eliminate four men, as she tries to make her fairytale
    come true, on “The Bachelorette,”
    Only eight guys go on the pool party. Nobody gets more than one date per episode, until the finale.

    Jake may have worn a suit for his date, and "dresses down" in country attire.

    I think this is the House of Blues

    For Jake

    Episode 3 description
    Jillian and one of the bachelors go rappelling, then share a romantic dinner on a rooftop; 11 contestants accompany Jillian to an Old West movie set and attend a Hollywood wrap party; Jillian distributes roses at the rose ceremony.
    If this is the rooftop date at the Bonaventure,

    Then this is Ed.

    But their clothes don't match

    While they could change after the zipline, I don't think the kiss fits episode 3. If it were Vancouver, then it would be episode 4. And not necessarily Ed.

    As there's no other 1-on-1 date listed, Michael's wine cellar date would have to be in Canada.
    We have to fit in LoftSeven too. as that's a rooftop, it can be the dinner in episode 3 (for Ed).
    Quote Originally Posted by Starshine_16;3457172;
    So how many guys does she take with her to Spain? I was thinking it was the place for the FD,but now I am considering that Hawaii is the place for the FD and the LCD's.
    Spain has three different locations, Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona. That means three FDs.
    Quote Originally Posted by atem;3457179;
    So, now after reading that press release, could the person that gets the vault date be Wes? Wasn't he putting some necklace on her neck?
    He's not wearing a shirt. I think it's post pool date SQT.
    when the first team of two guys arrive to stake their claim to victory, Jillian, adorned
    in a million dollars worth of diamonds, has another twist in store for them. Only one man gets the rose
    and the candlelit dinner in a former bank vault. Unfortunately, it’s the guy the other bachelors are
    convinced is wrong for Jillian.

    She wears her hair up in hottubs

    From all the steam, this must be in Canada (hot spring?)

    Originally Posted by deidre1985
    Do we know who the guy is that pulls Jillian in bed with him when she is in the black and white dress. I think it is a bed anyway. I don't know how to post pictures.

    That's Mike Mankini.
    Quote Originally Posted by Capegal;3457189;
    Isn't that the same necklace that is seen in the SC's with the guys in tuxes?!?

    Does she wear the necklace twice? Sneaky Fleiss.
    Quote Originally Posted by jlccaz;3457206;
    4/1 Filmed at Loft -- late into the night.

    4/6 - 4/20 in Canada -- none of this was hometown dates. Just reducing the numbers from 12 or 9 down to 4.

    First week or so in Vancouver -- "showing off her city" -- island, nightlife etc.

    4/14 Whistler backcountry (Cocktail party with ice bar outside Callaghan Backcountry lodge -- had to be a group date, perhaps even a rose ceremony)

    4/15-16 -- Rocky Mountaineer -- stop in Lake Louise (Fairmont)

    4/17 Emerald Lake Lodge, Golden

    4/18 -- Rose ceremony at Fairmont Banff

    4/21 -- travel to a hometown, via Sky Harbor in Phoenix, involving US Air.

    4/22 -- Filmed in someone's home that day (My GUESS is that it's Reid's HTD in Phily because of US Air)

    4/23 -- in Austin for filming

    4/25 -- day off in LA that day.

    4/27 -- back out filming somewhere "on a hill" (tractor??)

    4/29 -- driving back that evening from filming someone's HTD, so this HT is within driving distance of LA

    5/1-- Evening flight to Spain

    5/5-6 -- Barcelona
    4/23 must be Wes' HTD that Jake crashes.

    4/29 must be Kip.

    That leaves 4/22 (Reid in Philly or Mike in NY) and 4/27 the hill must be either Mike or Reid. It can't be Kip or Wes.
    Quote Originally Posted by chopstickchick;3457264;
    If they left Spain later than originally thought, then that either leaves room for a 4th bachelor to be brought to Spain as well, or they just took some extra days off to move production to Seville, etc.
    Having exactly three locations, implies exactly three FDs.
    Quote Originally Posted by bamabrain;3457278;
    Especially since Fleiss is holding her captive in Paradise until she makes a decision.
    I'm next.
    Quote Originally Posted by jlccaz;3457309;
    I think there are overnight dates in Spain. That looks like a Spanish, not Hawaiian, decor when the guy is sliding the louvered door shut, going by the bedspread. It isn't any of the Canada venues (not surprising -- too early in filming at that point for a 'nice girl like Jillian' to have a dirty stay over).
    This one?

    That's Mike Mankini again.

    Must be a Fantasy Suite.
    Quote Originally Posted by i<3realitytv;3457401;
    I have a question, what date/episode does the screencap of Jillian and a bunch of the guys walking down a street at night occur?
    Episode 3. It's the western date, afterwards they go to a wrap party.
    Quote Originally Posted by chopstickchick;3457558;
    Kip. I know his cheekbones!
    Quote Originally Posted by chopstickchick;3457560;
    Quote Originally Posted by chopstickchick;3457565;
    That has to be Michael's wine cellar date in Canada.
    Quote Originally Posted by trackybottoms;3457753;
    Can we watch the episodes if we are in Canada??
    You need to go through a proxy server in the U.S. ABC checks IP addresses, and won't play the video if yours is not U.S.
    Quote Originally Posted by jlccaz;3458099;
    They're moving islands as I type.
    Wow, The Bachelorette meets Lost.

    Does this mean they go to Tunisia next?
    Quote Originally Posted by coastalbc;3458871;
    I have found some Canadian connections to some screencaps we have.
    You've done a great job so far this season. It's great to have the show in your part of the world, eh?
    Quote Originally Posted by just logic;3459454;
    What do we know about Mark - any idea when he was cut and is there a possibility he could be the 5th guy for HTD. He lives in Denver but he grew up in Illinois (Woodstock) anyone know if that's farming and hilly country?
    Not hilly like the tractor pic. It's not Denver either. I still say California (San Diego - Kip or Carmel - Jesse).
    Quote Originally Posted by Parasolpink;3459490;
    The so called 'bank vault date' is a misnomer ! They are actually in the wine cellar of the the finest restaurant in Whistler the Bearfoot Bistro. So that means the timeline is skewed perhaps?
    The bank vault is SQT after the pool date race across L.A.

    The wine cellar is in Whistler.
    Is it too much to ask for some reality in reality TV?

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by atem;3459460;
    Now we know that it goes from 16 to 13 guys in the 3rd episode.
    Sorry, I missed something, How do we know that it goes from 16 to 13......I was under the impression that it went from 16 to 12.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by counthestarsxo;3459723;
    so atem, allerted up that the tv guide description is up for episode 3.. the cut is from 16/13 so we need to rethink our eliminations again.. any ideas?



    The only thing wrong with those cuts is that only 6 went on the train. I think the cuts still stand...........16 to 12, 12 to 9, 9 to 6, then last cut is 6 to 5 in Banff. So that means, 12 comes to Canada for first ceremony in Vancouver, then 9 to Whistler, then 6 to Banff.
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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by coastalbc;3459839;
    Sorry, I missed something, How do we know that it goes from 16 to 13......I was under the impression that it went from 16 to 12.
    It was in the episode description for episode 3.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by coastalbc;3459839;
    Sorry, I missed something, How do we know that it goes from 16 to 13......I was under the impression that it went from 16 to 12.
    tv guide episode descrition

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Starshine_16;3459885;
    It was in the episode description for episode 3.
    Does it say she cuts 3 or that it goes from 16-13, We've been thinking 16-12 but if she only cuts three then 1 could leave on his own (Mathue - getting into car and angry?). That would put it 16-12 with her not giving 3 roses.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by just logic;3459890;
    Does it say she cuts 3 or that it goes from 16-13, We've been thinking 16-12 but if she only cuts three then 1 could leave on his own (Mathue - getting into car and angry?). That would put it 16-12 with her not giving 3 roses.
    I believe it says that it goes from 16-13.

    Are we thinking Matthue is the one who leaves on his own?

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by just logic;3459890;
    Does it say she cuts 3 or that it goes from 16-13, We've been thinking 16-12 but if she only cuts three then 1 could leave on his own (Mathue - getting into car and angry?). That would put it 16-12 with her not giving 3 roses.
    It just says that it ends with 13 guys left after the RC.

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    Re: Bachelorette 5 Sleuthing Thread **SPOILERS**

    ********Jilly says aloha to Hawaii!!!*********
    From Twitter:
    RWandCO 1. Spotted: TV's newest Bachelorette Jillian Harris wearing RW&CO.'s linen trenchcoat! about 3 hours ago from web
    that means 9am ish Pacific time. This is a Canadian company and a trenchcoat is a must in Vancouver. I am pretty sure the temps are cold today there.
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