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Thread: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    I have a question about sources. When Cape had sources that said Jason won, we all believed it. Now Cape says sources say Jesse wins and we panic and believe it. What happened to the original sources? Do we know they were wrong? What if they were right and the new ones are wrong? Just askin'...

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Quote Originally Posted by momsunshine;3100266;
    I wonder if the original plan was to have Jeremy go at 4, Jason at 3, and Jesse at 2. Of course when she was planning to have Graham to be 1. I think she would spare Jeremy over Jason because of the parent connection.
    honestly, i mean i dont' really know d, but she has said repeatedly that she hated keeping jason from ty...he even gave her an out saying that it maybe too much, there was chance..why wait...she cut people left and right. yeah she prolly wanted to keep graham around more, but she didnt keep him, regardless of whatever her feelings, there have been many oppurtunities to ditch jason, i just really dont see her carrying jason to the finals just to say.....sorry...i know i kept you from your kid...i just really don't see it playing out that way...i really dont...

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Quote Originally Posted by boomer_lady;3100212;

    Excellent point. Jesse also has the best Suite.
    I thought someone uncovered Jason's was $899 and Jesse's was only $399 a night.

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    I guess its really true that rumours spread like wildfire. Except this doesn't seem to be a rumour.
    I seem to recall back in the earlier episodes when Jessie & Dee had their 1-1 conversation (remember, he farts in bed???) she asked him about girlfriends, and he told her that one time he was dating a girl who introduced herself as his girlfriend, and he put a quick end to that, he did not like anybody to say she was Jessie's girlfriend, (that was his right, not hers) but he wanted a girl to be independent, on her own, and he said to Dee-- "like you". My ears perked up. Really -- he dates a girl in a steady fashion, but woe to her if she is to say she's his girlfriend???
    There were other times he said things that got my attention, not in a good way & I wondered why Fleiss left those things in there -- it appeared Jesse was getting a 'negative edit'.

    When they got down to the final 4, I *knew* Jason was going to be the sacrificial lamb ... But we had our screencaps, and I'd read all the postings, & I so wanted to believe that he would be F1. But that darn nagging feeling just would not go away.

    I truly hoped she would do the 'right thing' and send Jas home, but I think she trapped herself by the time she got down to the F4. She needed to let Graham go, that relationship had run its course. She couldn't fathom hurting Jeremy so she let him go too. Now she only has to deal with Jason, and trust me, she will do a nice job of letting this sweetheart of a man go...he'll probably bow out so gracefully and seem to bear no malice -- thank goodness he has a great family to go home to -- There have been so many times when I just wished Jas had gone home when she made the 6-4 cut, and she instead kept there was somebody who it would be EASY to deceive. Instead, she chose Jason, and the rest, as we now know it.. is history. (I know, she'll say she had a hard time making her decision, and it was up to the final which I say ... bullcrap! )

    Like so many others here, I bid adieu to my Bachelor/ette watching days. I made a promise to a friend to tape it, but I can do that without watching. In a way, this is a healthy ending for me, because I've been spending waaaay too much time in front of the computer, living in a fantasy land of TV reality make-believe.

    I hope DeAnna is happy. Her (reported) new car, her new life - her dorky boyfriend -- oops -- can't say that -- only Jesse can say that ---

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Here's a tidbit I'll share about the "realness" and the fairness of this whole ruse of a show.

    The song-writing contest they had to win the concert date with Deanna?


    The suit they sent over had been prefit for Jesse.

    The other guys didn't have a shot. How is that not leading them on Deanna?

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Quote Originally Posted by HopePhoenix;3100269;
    No matter how it turns out, this has made it the most up in the air FRC, EVER.

    I think none of us have any idea what to believe.

    We have iron-clad assurances from 2 very reputable posters, one that says Jason wins and one that says Jesse wins.

    We have a bunch of rumors about Jesse ditching his girlfriend that may make him seem evil, or now from what is being said in the other thread, may have been planted by a jilted ex who wanted to get revenge and make him look bad.

    We have screencaps that seem sure it will be Jason.

    We have comments from the other men who were there who are sure it will be Jesse.

    And we have posters swearing they'll vomit, quit watching forever, whatever all... and DeAnna in a brand new Maserati looking really happy!

    Love or hate what's going on, it has peaked the interest in this show to a frenzy level. I cannot WAIT until Monday, because I now have no idea what to believe.

    Hoping it's Jesse, leaning towards believing Jason still pulls it off... we'll see!
    AhAhAh. Loved your post. I'm sure it's JESSE

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    guess what everyone...the actors were paid to say jesse is really JASON!!!!!!!

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Quote Originally Posted by mohikiJ;3100303;
    unless that fairytale ending (as they repeatedly sell us in previews throughout the entire season) may still come back around full circle? and perhaps all these "it's jesse" no "it's jason" rumors are all to throw us off... because all along it was obvious to everyone that her one, true price charming was graham ...
    I think cape confirmed the ending...SADLY..

    DEE Is still heartbroken I am sure..wears a great face and all..always has..

    I feel bad for her..this show did get in the way for these two..

    LOTS of WHAT IF's WITH THEM...but after the MTA and how rude she was..I think that ship has definitely sailed....

    The MTA was Still all about them..JUST LIKE THE SHOW...SAD...

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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Quote Originally Posted by Phyllie;3100219;
    Everyone ends up happy. Graham got out alive. Jason's the new bachelor with a million women in love with him and his son. Jesse and Deanna can live a crazy life in the media spotlight. Win/Win for everyone. Or, if you want to be cynical, instead of falling in love Jesse is helping his friend Deanna save face and have her happy ending all the while promoting his business. Still Win/Win.

    IMO, This season has been great. Drama, intrigue, romance. A reality soap opera at it's best.
    I think its fair to wonder...

    Did DeAnna come on the show for the "right" reasons. I don't think they showed us much of a "connection" between her and Jesse because there wasn't one. I think it's a big farce. In my opinion, they didn't show us anything because it wasn't there. I think Deanna thinks this will blow over and poof... She'll be a celebrity hanging out in Hollywood working her way up on the Ellen show.

    I think she had more feelings for Jason than anyone but knew leading him on ANY MORE THAN SHE ALREADY HAD would be even more cruel. Atleast she is cutting him off at the FRC and letting him get back to his life... Like Brad did to her.

    The casual viewer's attention span ends at the end of the AFTR. They move on. Fort members are so invested in the show that we will know the truth. IT always rears its ugly little head. They can have all the engagement shows and what not, but this wedding will never happen.

    The only guarantee is that DeAnna now permanently lives in LA.

    If there are questions concerning people's motives they will be answered in time.

    Brad is back home shunning the spotlight and it is my opinion that DeAnna will be in Hollywood soaking in it... To each their own. It is their experience. Its just too bad that it came at the expense of people like Graham, Jeremy, and Jason

    (these are obviously JMO)


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    Re: I guess paid audience members wasn't the answer either

    Quote Originally Posted by Shannonm93;3100314;
    I thought someone uncovered Jason's was $899 and Jesse's was only $399 a night.
    Me too. There were even details about the rooms, and it was also pointed out that very little of the inside of Jason's room was shown... perhaps to keep that hidden.

    I am so confused and sad by this news.

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