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Thread: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Capegal;3082829;
    Same here - but he did earn a line in my 'TWIT' book - Jesse is gonna get a full page!!!
    LOL. I liked Graham. . . just would never want to be in a relationship with him and I thought they were horrible together. And I was pretty appalled at his behavior at the last RC. But in the end I think he is a good guy caught up in a bad situation and handled it to the best of his ability.

    Now Jesse being a twit. . . I agree wholeheartedly.

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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    Quote Originally Posted by mommyluvsnoah;3082828;
    He also seems to have picked up on the connection between her and Jason.

    The full interview makes much more sense than the partial one that I read earlier. Puts things in a very different perspective and answers some questions. I know some will say he is just saying what the handlers tell him to say but I am going to choose to take him at his word.
    I never would have guessed that we was so close with Jason, Fred, Ron and Brian. (Mostly, the nice boys I thought he was in more with Jesse and Jeremy.

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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Larel;3082837;
    OMG what does he say about Jason & Dee, can someone just let me know about that part please?
    Just watching the show it would be difficult to say that she could find true love with any of the guys except Jason, but that's just my opinion. Who knows what DeAnna's thinking, I hope she finds true love with whoever she picks. Quote from Graham re. Jason and De

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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Larel;3082837;
    OMG what does he say about Jason & Dee, can someone just let me know about that part please?
    He basically felt that Jason was the right guy for her and knew that he was there for the right reasons. Turns out he and Jason were close buddies.

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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    Quote Originally Posted by Erika View Post
    Interview with Graham

    "I Don't Think We Were a Good Fit For Marriage"

    Today the media were invited to participate in a conference call with Graham Bunn, the latest Bachelor left without a rose. TV FunSpot was fortunate enough to be part of the call in which Graham talks about his feelings for DeAnna, the letter he left for her and his thoughts on who he thinks is the best fit for her in the end.

    DeAnna mentioned several times that she liked you and her feelings weren't being reciprocated, was that the case?
    I think she and I suffered from a severe case of mis-communications. I don't question that her feelings were very strong for me and I also shared some very strong feelings for her. Where we were in the process may have been different because obviously as much as she wanted me to open up and say that I was falling in love or I was ready for marriage - I never heard those things directed at me in an individual setting, as far as being ready, I'm sure she is. I hope that she finds someone that she can be there with, but in regards to she and I, we were definitely more on the same level than she knows.

    Where your parents surprised when you didn't come home with DeAnna as your finance or girlfriend?
    No my parents were not surprised when I didn't come home with DeAnna as my finance or girlfriend.

    We know you are a pro-basketball player, was there anytime when the cameras were off that you were able to share that side of yourself with DeAnna?
    Yeah, DeAnna and I were fortunate in that we got to share a lot of off camera time during the hometown dates. We got to know each other in a different setting, in a different light and she had a better feel for who I was and I think that was reflective in her private interviews during the hometown date. That was very beneficial and it was nice because it was about as close to the norm as we got.

    Do you think if DeAnna had kept you for a few more weeks, you would have been able to open up more?
    Yeah I believe that the more time that she and I spent together the further along in the process of getting to know each other and the way we reacted to different circumstances and situations. Of course the better you get to know someone the easier it is to open up. We were moving along in that direction, it just wasn't at the speed that we both agreed upon. But definitely the longer you get to know someone the natural evolution of a relationship - yes I believe I would have opened up and she would have opened up more with each passing day.

    What did your parents think of DeAnna?
    They thought she was beautiful girl and she has a lot to offer some lucky gentleman. Their time with her was very brief and they were definitely cautious for me because they love me very much. They thought highly of her in the time they got to spend (with her).

    Do you get recognized more from the show and get more dates because of it?
    (Laughs) It hasn't been long enough for me to really venture into the dating aspect, but yes I do get recognized. I have been received very well and very kindly by the people that watch the show and it's very flattering. And it's just nice that people have received me so well.

    What were the best and worst parts of the show?
    The best parts of the show were definitely times with her where we didn't have to talk about marriage, we could just hang out together. There were times where we laughed and we joked and we definitely shared a certain look that she didn't share with anyone else. And the worst part about the show is that I know that both sides felt the pain the night that I left and causing her pain was something that I never wanted to do. Obviously it was painful for me to leave her knowing that we wouldn't be hanging out anymore and we wouldn't be spending time, so leaving the show was difficult. But, being there in an atmosphere where it wasn't always about marriage was probably the best part.

    Going along with the marriage thing, most people that go on this show seem to be looking to settle down. Was that your goal when going onto this show?
    It was totally my goal. The best thing about the show though was just the normal times and getting to know her and going through the process of relating or connecting with someone. Eventually the entire reason for going was to meet an amazing person that would complete the voids that have been left by an unsuccessful dating past and that was something I was looking forward to exploring. But, the best part of being there was the times when she and I were just joking around and having a good time and there wasn't that pressure or that anxiety level of eventually having to have to make it to a place in a set time period. That was a stressful thing for me. The best time about being there was the times when we just normal people and we weren't stressing the time-frame or the window that we were given to get to a certain place that's difficult for a lot of people to get to.

    So it wasn't a case of you of you weren't that into her, it was more a case of you needed more time to see how you were feeling and it was just too much pressure for you?
    No, it wasn't too much pressure for me. That's something that I actively want in my life and I went there not knowing anything about DeAnna. I didn't know anything about her and she didn't know anything about me, so it takes some people longer and for DeAnna and I it didn't work in the time period that she and I had together.

    So ultimately she wasn't the right person for you?
    I don't think we were right for each, I do not believe we were right for each other.

    Last week Twilley shocked everyone in the conference call saying that DeAnna will probably pick Jesse. Does that shock you?
    (Laughs) No, it does not shock me at all.

    Why is there something the audience are missing from what we are seeing? Jesse and DeAnna are so different and Jeremy and Jason seem much more the marrying kind.
    I definitely would agree with you that Jason and Jeremy would make better partners with her to spend the rest of her life with. I don't think you're missing anything in the edit of Jesse - I think you might be missing something of the edit of DeAnna.

    After being on the show is there anything you learned or any dating tips you'd like to offer up?
    I don't think anyone wants dating tips from me (laughs), but honestly I would just be true to yourself. Because at the end of the day whoever you date and obviously I believe that the premise of dating is finding out if that person is someone that you could spend a large amount of time with... Life is short and we are not ever guaranteed tomorrow so I would say just be yourself, no matter the circumstances, because at the end of the day it would be exhausting to have to be something other than who you are.

    Is there a point you realized I'm probably not going to get the rose?
    Well...(laughs)...there was a moment when she was getting ready to leave that I felt major questions about DeAnna and I's future together. For her and myself maybe she and I were not the right couple or not the right connection of a lasting connection. After meeting my family and my attraction level to her remaining where it was, I felt sitting there, knowing that she was getting ready to leave and ready to share and invoke on the same type of relationship with three other people I kinda questioned whether she and I could make it long-term. So (to answer the question), after meeting my parents I guess.

    Where you surprised to go home at the rose ceremony?

    No, I wasn't surprised at all.

    Where you expecting to go home?
    I was just not surprised. Going into it I knew that she and I had gone through some difficult times. What she says on the bench is very revealing, she wanted me to get to a place that I couldn't get to in the time-frame she needed me to get there. Like I said on the show, she did what she felt she needed to do and I totally understand. I think it was a mutual decision and I think we both agreed that in that setting she and I were not the right match. I felt like there was still one person there that I felt could provide her with what she needed and I never wanted to stand in the way of her finding her husband. Unfortunately for us both, we were not the right connection.

    So who is that one person?
    I feel personally that Jason offers her the best well-rounded choice that could fully fulfill all her needs and wants in life, but that doesn't mean that's how she feels. That's just my opinion.

    Rumors are floating around that you had tried to quit the show and was convinced to stick around, are there any truth to those?
    (Laughs) I had not heard those rumors and no, there is no truth at all to that.

    So even though you weren't surprised, you wanted to stick around to see how that ceremony played out?
    Yes, I was there and DeAnna made her decision and I was supportive, as much as you can be. It was a difficult thing to go through for her and I both. Everything happens for the best I am totally in support of her in whatever she chooses to do at the end of the next two weeks.

    What have you done if she offered you a rose, would you have accepted it?
    I'm honestly not sure what I would of done and she actually asked me that afterwards and I wasn't sure. Going into the ceremony I didn't know what would have been the best thing for her and myself included because I was not getting to where she needed me to get. Fortunately for us both it was kind of a mutual thing and she took the initiative. Seeing her I did have so much fun with her and being around her was cool and marriage is very important. Marriage is a very serious thing and I think she took a lot of onus in that concept.

    What was your goal in giving her that letter, was it a goodbye letter as you were expecting to leave or was it something you were writing with the goal of opening up and trying to tell her how you felt about her?
    The letter was a lot of all the above. It was a way to open up and it was a goodbye and it was something I had written after the hometown date. Just some things I had realized about her and myself and the things that we shared. It was just kind of what I wanted to leave her as a lasting impression of me as a person, more so than me as someone that she could never get to open up or get out of me what she needed. It was something that I felt like she needed to hear or needed to read and I knew that if that was the time for me to go that I might now be able be to put into words everything I wanted say in the brief amount of time I was given. It was just a way to make sure that she had something from me to let her know how I was feeling about the process and about her and what I wanted for her in life and I was grateful for the time she and I had spent together.

    **Moderator interrupts - No more letter talk because it will be on the Men Tell All Special next week**

    Can you explain to us what you went through when you got eliminated. At first it seemed like you weren't upset and then perhaps you were angry.
    I'm going to be honest with you that it wasn't anger in anyway, it was just the realization that the process itself was over. It was an unbelievable thing to go through and I got to do a lot of really cool things and I got to make a lot of good friendships. I did have a very special connection with her and I think she had been very open about that, that she and I shared something that she didn't share with anyone else and I'm sure that's true for other people there. But leaving, it was just the realization that I knew that she would move on and she's hopefully engaged and hopefully in love with someone. I just don't think that it would ever be healthy for she and I to be friends, so I just knew it would probably be the end for us...speaking or having any kind of connection. That's just a rare thing to think about, like you go through something and you share some things with someone and then never talk to them again. It was just kind of a sad moment.

    Were you surprised to hear your mother's reaction during her conversation with DeAnna? She kind of threw you under the bus a little.
    Yeah (laughs), I was very surprised. But, I've moved around quite a bit in my life and I haven't have an extreme amount of serious relationships. The ones that I do they haven't been serious enough to bring home. I haven't always included my mother and father in those experiences, so I think she was talking more so out of what she knew. I know she loves me to death and anything she said was said not in a hurtful way, but (the) knowledge she has about my dating history. I think she meant it more so that DeAnna was doing a lot more than she thought. DeAnna has mentioned that she was falling more for me than I was for her. My mom's comment about the 4 weeks was about the amount of time I had spent with her and that she must be doing something right because it was difficult for me to really invest time and those experiences and bringing her home. I think my mom just wanted her to realize that I was opening up to her in different ways. Maybe not the ways that she was used to, but ways that I express myself. Maybe it was just misconstrued a little bit and she loves me to death and I know she doesn't want to throw me under the bus.

    Was Monday night's show the first time you saw that?
    No, I had seen that at the Men Tell All, but no my mother had not seen that.

    How did you get on the show?
    Actually somebody was in my bar and asked me if I was interested in doing the show. Unfortunately for me at the time I was going through a family crisis and I was leaving town, so I was unable to go through the traditional process. When I got back from home they asked me if I would come in for an interview, even though I had missed the window of time they were looking. So I went in for an interview and they actually offered me the show and I turned it down and then was called back and decided, hey, God only knocks so many times so this is kind of a sign that maybe you should take a look at it, so I ended up doing it.

    Did you make any friends while on the show?
    Yeah, I made a lot of friends. First and foremost, DeAnna, DeAnna and I were friends first, so that was good. Then I was very close to Jason, Fred, Ron and Brian.

    Would you say you made any mistakes in this process or is there anything you learned from this process?
    Well I wouldn't have opened up faster because I honestly opened up as much as I could in an honest genuine manner and I never told her anything I didn't mean. That's something you can't change - I was never going to tell her something she just wanted to hear and I think anyone that watched the show can see that (laughs). Definitely the mistakes I made were (not) trying to take into account that she was put in a position where she was dating people that were willing to say or do what they felt she needed to hear in order for them to grow together. I really wasn't willing to do that as much as I should have been. I always wanted her to take into account that I was different than the other guys and I wanted to make it a point for her to know that if I told her something it was something that I truly, truly meant and I would never just say something for her to keep me around. Ultimately that was what everyone was stressing and I never really stressed that - all I stressed was our relationship and how strong it truly was outside of the hoopla and the amazing things we got to do. If I had to go back and do it again I would just try to make a concerted effort to express some of the things I felt I was expressing through actions and our interactions more vocally. I think that was something that she needed, she needed that reassurance from me that I was trying and I was opening up. Even though it was different from me, it was still as genuine as anyone else there.

    Based on your earlier comments, it seems that you didn't think it was good fit, but now it seems like maybe that's not the case, can you explain?
    No, I don't think it was good fit for marriage, not in the time-frame we were given. I do think it was a good fit in that she is wonderful person and I think you could worse with me, I'm not the devil (laughs). I think whoever she ends up with would be a better match for her longterm, hopefully for her, than I would have been because I just don't feel like she and I would have made a strong longterm relationship.

    Had you seen DeAnna's season or was the first time you had seen her when you came out of the limo?
    The first time I saw DeAnna was when the casting director approached me. She had a picture of DeAnna on her, but no I had not seen her season and still have not seen her season.

    So when she kept talking about Brad, you had no idea who this guy was?
    No, I had heard the stories and some of the other guys obviously talked about it a lot and just through her interaction I ended up knowing quite a bit about Brad, because she definitely brought him up quite a bit with me.

    So was your expectation to find a serious relationship?
    Yes, but that was more my hope than my expectation

    You mention Jason is the best fit, who do you think is the worst fit?
    I would imagine that Jesse would be the worst of the three, not saying he doesn't offer a lot, I just think the other two guys offer more.

    When you were talking about Jesse you mention that there was a disconnect with the edit with DeAnna?
    I think the edit Jesse is getting is pretty true to who he is, he's a fun loving guy. I think that if there is any questions about that interaction I would imagine it's because people are missing a lot of the edit with DeAnna.

    What is it that you think we've been missing?
    Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and No Comment on that one.

    So you are not currently dating at this moment?
    Not at this moment no.

    Is the show going to change the way you approach dating?
    Yeah, it is definitely going to change the way I approach it. There is someone that I would like to sit down and speak with. I think the experience has shown me that sometimes words mean more to people than actions. I think that maybe words are deciphered easier than having someone interpret what you do sometimes and if you just vocalize what you're feeling it would make a huge difference in somebody's vision.

    You mean like a former girlfriend?
    No, no just people in general. In dating that's something that I learned and it's something I would apply when I get out there.

    Where you surprised at how you came across as such a big front-runner on the show, did you feel that way throughout the show?
    No, I wasn't surprised only in that I knew that she and I had a strong connection and I knew that she and I got along well and she was very attracted to me, as I was to her. That was just something that the show chose to run and it wasn't surprising, but it was flattering.

    I know the show presented you as a pro-basketball, but that seems to no longer be the case?
    It's been a while since I played basketball, I think my hometown date was the first time I played basketball in six months.

    Is that something you are looking to go back to or are you looking to move on?
    I had been playing professional basketball in Germany and severely broke my shooting hand and it took quite a while to heal because I broke it in several places. No, I will not be returning to play professional basketball anymore. Living outside the country right now is not something I'm looking to do.

    You have some type of charity foundation?
    Yes, I've filed with the government to start my own non-profit charity, but it's not up and running yet. I do have a t-shirt line that donates proceeds to a charity that I have been working with for the past several years. The line is 46NYC and it donates proceeds to the Sunflower Children Organization which is a humanitarian outreach program that provides survival and development care for children throughout the world.

    Besides the 'Men Tell All' episode, have you and DeAnna had any contact?
    No, besides the Men Tell All, we have not had any contact.

    Do you think you can find true love on a show like?
    Yes, I think you can find true love.

    Do you see that in any of the finalists?
    I hope so, but I really can't say because a lot of their interactions and progress comes with one on one time that I didn't see. Just watching the show it would be difficult to say that she could find true love with any of the guys except Jason, but that's just my opinion. Who knows what DeAnna's thinking, I hope she finds true love with whoever she picks.

    If there were no cameras and no other guys, do you think you could have fallen in love with DeAnna?
    No I don't think I could have fallen in love with DeAnna.

    Now that you are swingin' single again, what are you looking for on the dating scene?
    I think the best thing about DeAnna, the thing that most attracted her to me, is that we laughed together. At the end of the day if you can make someone smile, we go through so many trials and tribulations in life, whether they be small or large that I think the most important thing is that you can make someone smile. I would like to be with someone that I am attracted to, but more so someone that can make smile and make me feel good about the daily grind and the daily things you have to go through. Just someone that you can share those things with.

    TV FunSpot would like to thank ABC the interview and of course many thanks to Graham for speaking so candidly with us. Please feel free to post comments or you may email me at Erika @ tvfunspot. com

    [CENTER][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]For More Bachelorette 4 News visit: SirLinksalot: The Bachelorette
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    the interview quoted from
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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    I don't know how much of this is truth & how much is fabricated. He says he didn't leave on his own. So is that true or not?
    This statement is perplexing.
    Maybe this is one of those "grey" areas. In other words, he is telling the truth if he means he didn't leave on his own because he left in a limo.
    I'm not trying to be funny, just trying to see how he might have answered without fudging the truth.
    Sources say he initiated the ball rolling for him not to get a rose. I personally believe that.
    I think his edit was punishing to him because of that decision.
    I think he is not going to make the situation worse for De and her F1 or himself by belaboring the point that he thought the process was not for him and that he wanted out. It's really moot at this point, so why not be a true gentleman and bow out gracefully.

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    Re: Thoughts and Comments in General #2 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4

    Time for a new thread.

    Discussion continued here: Thoughts and Comments in General #3 **Spoilers** Bachelorette 4
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