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Thread: Important **please Read**

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    Important **please Read**

    As you can see we have set up a separate sub-forum for all spoilers and speculation about The Bachelorette.

    We ask that any and all spoiler information or speculation is posted in this forum from now on.
    The threads in this forum will be open on show nights allowing for speculation of the preview footage for the next and future episodes.
    We would like to reiterate that the show discussion thread is not the place to speculate about the preview footage, please use an existing thread or start a new thread in the Spoiler/Speculation forum.

    We hope this set up will allow those who enjoy sleuthing to do so without inadvertently spoiling the show for those who simply wish to watch it unfold.
    Just as we wish to offer protection to those who do not wish to be spoiled, we also want to keep the spoiler threads relevant to those who want to discuss spoilers.

    As this is a spoiler forum these threads are not the place to discuss which of the contestants you think is the best looking etc.
    Contestant threads will be set up in the tv show forum in due course, usually when the field has been narrowed.
    If you wish to discuss your likes you are welcome to set up threads in the tv show forum. Either as a bulk thread to discuss all the bachelors or individual threads.
    If you do wish to start individual threads we would be very grateful if you would include the picture and mini-bio as the people who started the spoiler threads very kindly did.

    Thank you for your co-operation
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    Re: Important **please Read**

    We're giving up on spoiler threads for the remaining contestants because they create too much work for staff. We never intended them to be for fans only or cheerleading posts.

    The idea behind the Spoiler Subforum is that people can sleuth and investigate spoilers, not chime in which guy they like the best. For every person that objects to having their opinion on one of the guy's hair color deleted there is another poster who is frustrated that they can't find any spoilers or sleuthing here, just posts about how sweet (or not) the guy was on previous episodes.

    Please use the regular forum to talk about what already happened and/or express your like/dislike for a contestant. If you really think you will be dropping spoilers, use one of the thoughts and comments threads in the spoiler subforum. It's okay to start a new thread about a screencap or particular event, but the thread will be closed if it becomes another chat thread.

    This forum has historically be for fantastic sleuthing, and it takes organization to keep it in shape. Please do us the courtesy of posting in the correct place and it can be a great resource.

    Thank you.

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