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Thread: Patrick C **SPOILERS**

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    Re: Patrick C **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by RubyStar;2999684;
    Maybe Patrick is the man in DeAnna's red swim suit picture. He has long, thick looking hair. I do not see that being Jesse like some others think. I can't wait until Monday!
    I don't think that's him with her in the ocean. The guy in that pic looks pretty muscular. He looks a little scrawny, in that suit. (ducking for cover now!)

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    Re: Patrick C **SPOILERS**

    A larger picture of him~ I think he's cute!!

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    Re: Patrick C **SPOILERS**


    When I saw the preview on Monday night I initially thought that was him in the water and I was so excited! Sadly, I do think water guy is too big to be him. I also like to believe that he would not choose to wear such unfortunate trunks.

    I really wish we knew more about him and how long he stays.
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