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Thread: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    Wow. I just..... I don't even know what to say. I never realized how much one person could affect this board, but if there's one person that could have affected us all this much, it's Scott. I had no inkling that he was ill - and to think that he wasn't even expecting to make it through the beginning of Jake's season. He certainly had wonderful snark fodder this last season, and I'm so glad that he got to enjoy it with us. I just can't imagine what this board will be like without him.

    I had no relationship with him, really, and I feel like I'm reeling from this. I can't imagine how those of you who were close to him feel. I'm so sorry.

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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    Very sad news. Sincere condolences go to SLD's family and friends.

    He was one of the first posters who I looked out for when I started lurking ... lots of insight, humour and a balanced outlook ... except for those pesky elevator shoes! RIP
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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    Hi guys,

    Please do not use this thread to organize any real-life meetings or contact with sdl's family. We would extend this same courtesy to any member of FORT, as our site is based on anonymity and sdl is not here to speak for himself. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    - The Mods
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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    I am so sad to hear about Scott's death. His posts would make me laugh & he was so kind to answer when I PM'd him. He will be greatly missed on this board.

    My prayers are with his family & friends.

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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    Boy have I been out of the, I'm shocked to hear this news.

    My deepest sympathies to his family. He will be so incredibly missed around here I'm sure. I know I will!
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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    I almost feel like an interloper in this thread among SDL's many close, and long time friends. But I experienced such an odd, indescribable feeling when I read the sad news of SDL's passing I wanted to say a few things. As some of you may know, I was MIA from FORT (for way too long) because my house burned down and for a while was without Internet access, and then just consumed with the business of restoring my home and my life in general. That is a story for another day and thread, but finally I am somewhat settled and quite recently started popping in on a more regular basis and most often to the Bachelor (Jake) threads.

    That is when I noticed the Alfred E. Neuman avatar. Since an avatar is allegedly a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego, I thought Hmmm. I read SDL's distinctive posts with all the asterisk stars along with all of yours, and in a very short time was drawn in and captured by the person behind the posts. Admittedly, at first I thought, "OK who is this guy?" but soon began to look for his "take" on things, which were intelligent, mostly spot on, and almost always tinged with a wry, wonderful brand of humor found even in the irony of the "What, me worry?" avatar. I thought, this guy should be a writer, with his articulate and appealing writing style. I soon found myself wanting to agree, challenge, engage, be quoted and be acknowledged by SDL. I think you all know what I mean. Truly, I think in knowing SDL -- Scott, ... we knew the personification of charisma.

    He touched so many lives here in a positive way, and how fortunate for all here who had the opportunity to know him --- and even touch back.

    I offer my deepest condolences to the "real world" family and friends of this very special person who was loved by so many. I offer my sympathy and prayers to our family of friends here at the FORT. Scott will be missed and I almost wish we had an Alfred E. Neuman jersey to retire.

    You were a gift and an angel among us, now watching over us. Rest in Peace, Scott.
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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    I feel truly blessed to have Scott leave his footprint on my heart.

    Rest in peace my friend.

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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    OMG!!!! I am in shock at the disturbing news of Scott's passing. OMG!!! I feel like I have lost a precious and trusted friend. I so enjoyed readiing his posts or his PMs to me. I was always chuckling. He just cracked me up. And to think he was writing with all his wit and charm, knowing he was dying, is so difficult to fathom. I posted many times that I had a crush on Scott and was his biggest fan. He will truly and deeply be missed by me.
    RIP Scott
    Love and licks
    Karey and Rory

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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    This is just awful... I am going to miss him soo much. I would always get really excited when I saw that he had posted. I always knew it would be either extremely informative or very funny.... usually both. Many times his posts would make me lol that DH would then inquire as to what I was laughing so hard about. Even DH who likes to tease me for sluething knew who SDL was and had many chuckles thanks to him.

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    Re: Sad news to report about a fellow site member.

    Quote Originally Posted by ironcat;3869394;
    After reading through the thread, I am still shocked and saddened by the news of Scott's passing. Thanks to Peacemar and Peacheater for sharing their info, memories and insights. There is nothing I can add that hasn't been already said many times over about this smart, generous and witty man who befriended many of us. If a message board can have a rockstar, sdl was ours.

    RIP, buddy.
    This post captured many of my thoughts, too. I always looked so forward to reading what Scott had to say in any thread and the way that he said it was such a treat to read. He'll be greatly missed.

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