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Thread: March in Review

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    March in Review

    There is a ton of stuff we have sleuthed and I try to keep a file on what we know and how we know it so I did my best to put the info in here. Any oversights are due to the incredibly awesome job everyone has done of finding info and I apologize for missing anything major. Questions should be asked in the appropriate thread but this should be a good start to get everyone up to date on what we know so far!

    Contestants we know are on the show: as of today 3/30 – none of them have been confirmed home

    Tyler Morrow

    Age: 25
    Height: 6'2
    Hometown: Helena, MT
    Lives in: Austin, TX
    Job: catering manager At Berryhill Baja Grill in Austin
    1st seen on 20/20 special and confirmed on Facebook that he is on the show

    Kasey Kahl

    Age: 26
    Height: 6’4
    Hometown: Fresno, CA
    Lives in: Fresno
    Job: California Fighter Magazine – Owner

    Ty Brown

    Age: 31 (divorced)
    Height: about 6’2 – 6’3
    Hometown: Mississippi
    Lives in: Nashville, TN
    Job: Sales Rep by day, "Country Crooner" by night.
    Has a fanclub on Facebook: The Official Ty Brown Bachelorette Fan Club

    Kirk DeWindt

    Age: 26
    Height: 5'11
    Hometwon: Milwaukee, WI
    Lives in: Madison, WI
    Job: Athletic Trainer

    Craig Robinson
    Age: 26-28
    Height 6’3 – 6’5
    Hometown: Philadelphia
    Lives in: Philadelphia
    Job: Attorney

    Jonathan Novack
    Sent a Tweet on 3/30 for work - so he was probably cut at the 3/27 RC

    Age: 30
    Height: 5’10
    Hometown: Canton, MA
    Lives in: Houston, TX
    Job: Weatherman
    *footnote on Jonathan – his family is ADAMANT he is not on the show – but it is most likely they are strictly following the confidentiality agreement. Friends say he is on the show.

    Chris Reilly: was thought to be on the show but his Facebook was active right after the RC - if he made the show - he didn't make the F15.

    All other guys investigated were found to have active FB pages or were identified in places other than the Meet and Greet.

    ****************************** ****************************
    Filming Schedule:
    3/13: M&G
    3/14: Early Morning RC 24-15
    3/15: Hollywood Sign (1-1 or group or both)
    3/16: Paradise Cove Michael Grecco Photo Shoot (group date, at least 6 guys)
    3/17: Vegas (1-1)
    3/18: RC 15-12
    3/19: Date
    3/20: Date
    3/21: Date
    3/22: RC 12-9
    3/23: Fly to NYC,
    3/24: Seen filming at NYC Museum of Natural History
    3/25: 7 guys spotted in Times Square, Ali at Minskoff Theater
    3/26: Date (most likely 1-1)
    3/27: RC 9-6
    3/28: Date (most likely 1-1
    3/29: Date (most likely groupdate)
    3/30: Date (most likely 1-1)
    4/1: RC 6-4
    4/1-4/7: HTDs
    4/8: RC 4-3 (NYC most likely)
    4/9-4/14: FDs in Iceland
    4/15: RC 3-2
    4/16: Travel to LCD location
    4/17: MTP
    4/18: MTP
    4/19: LCD
    4/20: LCD
    4/21: FRC

    ****************************** ***************************
    3/13 Meet and Greet
    photo taken at the hotel of 5 of the guys getting ready to head to the Meet and Greet – no one has been positively identified

    3/15 Hollywood Sign 1-1 –
    someone tweeted that she saw Ali who was on a 1-1 date and actually going to the sign. The girl did not get a good look at the date. It is possible the time at the was QST and the day started as a group date.

    3/16: Malibu Date: Paradise Cove Michael Grecco Photo Shoot
    Photographer tweeted about the photoshoot and the following pictures are from that day

    The guy in the pink shirt has been identified by friends as Kirk

    3/17 Vegas 1-1 Aria Casino
    A tweet placed Ali leaving Van Nuys airport in a private plane which we determined was heading to Vegas.
    Another tweet placed her at the Henderson Executive airport in the proper time frame for when the plane landed.
    A 3rd tweet placed Ali and her Bachelor running out of a Ferrari and into the Aria Casino.
    Flight plans show they returned to LA in the wee hours of the morning.

    3/22 RC
    Denise Richards attended the RC and tweeted CH around 5:00 am indidcating that she believed they should be wrapping up at that time.

    A small private plane left Van Nuys airport around 9:30 am PST and arrived in Teterboro, NJ just outside NY around 4:30 pm EST. Based on the late night RC and cross country flight – we believe this was a travel day and not date took place.

    Date at the Museum of Natural History – a spoiler from RS snuck into the Forum and those in the area confirmed taping did indeed take place that evening at the MNH.

    7 guys spotted in Times Square watching a video from Ali

    we THINK that the shortest guy to the left is Jonathan Novack, the guy 3rd from the right in the front with a stripe down his sleeve is Ty Brown, and the tall guy behind him is Craig

    A tweet place Ali at Minskoff Theater (home of the Lion King)

    Ali out and about in NYC:


    The guy behind her is the Instyle Editor Hal Rubenstein
    Here is a photo of him taken on the same day


    “What a week for residents at 75 Wall Street. After having to cope with the indignity of a ………, they’ve also had to endure films crews and the cast of the Bachelorette. A production assistant—always the weak link—confirmed they’re shooting promos for the show’s sixth season.
    Blond bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky was spotted at the luxury building as were the gang of giddy bachelors, seen videotaping each other like teenyboppers in the lobby on Sunday afternoon before zooming away in a black van. I managed to snap this “exclusive” photo before tending to my hangover.” link to picture and blog

    This confirmed Brklyn’s thoughts that Ali was staying at the Andaz a hip new hotel located in the 75 Wall Street Complex.
    Jonathan and Ty are definitely not in the picture. We are not sure who the guys are and how many are Bachelors. Since the post mentions Ali was spotted – it is probably the F6 - which means they aren’t all there. We have not confirmed any other Bachelors. The last guy with the backpack most likely matches the 2nd guy in the picture at Times Square.
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    Re: March in Review

    Great recap, cape!

    I would only change/add a couple things:
    Kirk is about 5'11" according to friends.
    Jonathan tweeted on 3/30. He was likely cut at 9/6. (if he wasn't just 'on vacation')

    The schedule should be changed to this:
    3/27: RC 9-6
    3/28: Date (most likely 1-1
    3/29: Date (most likely groupdate)
    3/30: Date (most likely 1-1)
    3/31: RC 6-4
    4/1-4/8: HTDs
    4/9: RC 4-3 (NYC most likely)
    4/10-4/15: FDs in Iceland
    4/16: RC 3-2
    4/17: Travel to LCD location
    4/18: MTP
    4/19: MTP
    4/20: LCD
    4/21: LCD
    4/22: FRC

    moved back a day to fit the changed dates after the 3/27 RC.

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    Re: March in Review

    But now it seems like the whole schedule might be up in the air!!!

    I added in about Jonathan and will add in the height for Kirk -

    I guess we are keeping an open mind on a schedule that seems to be hard to pin down this year!

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    Re: March in Review

    Great job! But some of the pics aren't showing up for me? The one where we can ID jonathan who sadly seems to be home.

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    Re: March in Review

    I believe Kirk DeWindt's hometown is Green Bay, WI. He went to school at UW Oshkosh and UW Milwaukee. As his friend stated, he now lives in Madison, WI.

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    Re: March in Review

    THANK YOU , CAPE!! You have no idea how you've kept this newbie's sanity on track.... awesome job

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    Re: March in Review

    Cape you did a great job. You need to post the first picture of the guys in NYC. Thanks so much.

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    Re: March in Review

    Quote Originally Posted by theboies;3867114;
    Cape you did a great job. You need to post the first picture of the guys in NYC. Thanks so much.
    i put the img code in wrong - here it is - I can't edit the post now
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    Re: March in Review

    I edited it for you.

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    Re: March in Review

    Wow! You have done a fantastic job on organizing and presenting that material, Cape. I'll do a happy dance simply because you were able to do all of that and do it so well.
    The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have.

    ~ Author unknown

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