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Thread: LRSC Field Reports

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    Re: LRSC Field Reports

    Quote Originally Posted by in2deep;3937577;
    Hi LoveMe! The cars are all different than during TB filming. No blue caddy, of course, but no signs of any special cars at all (except the nondescript passenger van entering the driveway at approx 6:15 PM). I would guess that these are production crew cars only. I don't think it was late enough for CH or MRS (funny, isn't it? Melissa Rycroft Strickland!) I get the feeling that this is fairly low-budget except for the $250K. They really have to show just the competitions and dates, with some parting thoughts, not necessarily in limos (could be done outside the mansion). All of this just my analysis of a drive-by.
    I2D I think this report is the best information about BP out there yet. Other than who might be on the show which is available on several sites including RS. 15 days and all at the mansion alone make this a low budget show. Great Work and I wish you could say hi to the unsuspecting ones but then they would lose the U in their ghost names.
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    Re: LRSC Field Reports

    Once again i2d you are amazing. Loved it. Any idea if the dates are all outside the mansion? Have we had any sightings of the constestants?

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