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Thread: Forum Rules - ***ESSENTIAL READING*** Updated 4/10/10

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    Forum Rules - ***ESSENTIAL READING*** Updated 4/10/10

    As the outcome of the past season was spoiled early on we have decided to set up our forums a little differently this season.

    This forum is to be used by those who wish to sleuth the show using screen caps, press releases, editing etc.
    It is to remain strictly a sleuthing forum.
    We will provide a separate forum for discussion of spoilers.

    Just to clarify, "I think X wins because the sun is setting in his FRC screencap and is overhead in Y's FRC screencap" is sleuthing.
    "Reality Steve says that Ali picks X" is spoiling.
    Please do not confuse the two and potentially ruin the enjoyment of those who wish to sleuth.
    We do not want to see any Reality Steve discussion in the sleuthing forum, please.

    Off topic posts will be removed without warning and could result in infractions.
    The sleuthing forum is not the place to post how much you like or dislike Ali or which of the guys is your favorite, for example.

    If you have any doubts, please contact a moderator or forum assistant before posting.

    Thank you
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    Re: Forum Rules - ***ESSENTIAL READING***


    If you are posting information from inside sources, that would be considered a spoiler.
    Sleuthing is speculation and guesses based on screencaps (mostly). It's difficult before a season starts to differentiate, but once the show is airing it will be easier to distinguish.

    Spoiler or Sleuthing?
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