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Thread: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaJo View Post
    The thing is....I've seen pictures of Emily out and about with Ricki, doing normal everyday stuff (going for ice cream is one example) and she wasn't dressed to the nines, didn't have a lot of make-up on and she had her hair in a ponytail. She looked pretty much like she did on the date with Ryan where they baked cookies. She looked really natural and normal. I think a lot of the pageant look was more for the show than anything. Remember how cute Ashley was and then she showed up at one of live end of the season shows and she looked horrible....dyed hair with fake hair and tons of make-up. She looked nothing like herself. She got Fleissed, just as Emily did.

    As for being a gold digger...the only place I've read those comments are in the rags, and they notoriously make stuff up to sell their magazines, so....meh. Her family comes from money and the Hendricks, I'm sure, pay her child support for Ricki, which is normal. She doesn't need to gold dig...she's already loaded. And really, Jef is worth $3 million.....hardly enough cash for a hard core gold digger.
    I agree. I thought Emily was prettiest when she was dressed down and with minimal make-up. She is a pretty girl and seems to have a good heart. Jef seems genuine too .
    Yep, I'm a sucker I believe it and I'm hoping it works for them.
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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Quote Originally Posted by miadora View Post
    The trip to Africa is a good start, but I was really surprised to hear that she was going and I reckon that she is romanticizing the trip in her head. Barbie on Safari!! When reality sets in, digging in the dirt under the hot sun without much in the way of luxuries... I'm sure she's trying to prove herself to Jef, but I hope it doesn't backfire. I also can't see her making the trips on a regular basis, years into the relationship, and after the initial relationship glow wears off. Hopefully they will have enough in common to keep it together after the initial warm & fuzzies.
    I can see how you'd think that way. But then I remember bubble-gum-pink cheerleader Trista and how everyone said she'd never settle down as a SAHM in Vail, Colorado, with Ryan and yet here we are, two kids later, and she seems very happy with her life. You just never know.

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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaceegirl View Post
    I had to play catch up as I fell down my deck stairs and my left leg was twisted under me. I broke my fibula and tibia and was shattered so ended up in the hospital having surgery and then off to rehab. Home now with a huge cast, but finally caught up with the show except for ATFR. I congratulate Jef, Emily and Ricki. I admit I was surprised as I really thought Arie would be the one. I guess because they had such chemistry as well as the fact that Arie was with the girl with the kids so certainly had knowledge of what it would be like. I liked Arie, Sean and Jef and all for different reasons. I know nothing about what has been on the Internet about any of them. I just watched the show and formed my own opinions based on that.

    I guess because of what I was shown and the way she and Arie could not stop kissing each other I was probably as shocked as Arie was. lol That being said it was her decision and not mine so I really hope they will be happy together. All three of them. I know these couples don't have a good track record in regard to this show, but because there is a child involved I really hope they make it. I personally would never do a show like this having a young child, but that is just my opinion. Emily did this not just once, but twice. I am sincere and really hope it works out for the three of them.
    Oh, how awful! Having suffered a foot and ankle fracture, I know how much pain you are probably in. Best wishes with your rehab and recovery!
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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    I'm all for Jef and Emily. I think that, right now, it's a good thing. Even if it's not a life-long relationship, I still think it will be a good one.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but as for Jef's manner of dress - I love it. He obviously he spends a LOT of money on clothes. They are not "off the rack" - except the jeans (which I loved) and tee-shirt maybe. And brown shoes are perfectly fine a with blue suit. (Don't know why that gets me all riled up! )

    He is quite the salesman, I loved watching that - kind of like a teaching video - "How to Win a Bachelorette With Just a Skateboard." Or something. Finally, a gimmick that payed off.

    Whether he is an active Mormon or not (he says he's not, right?), they have definitely discussed it. If he is active, they have discussed it to death. (I'm an inactive mormon who used to be married to an active mormon. Just my experience, but it did play a major part in our divorce.) I hope I'm not out of line for posting that.
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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikesgirl83 View Post
    I for one am so thankful that they showed us a real love story on this show for once.
    Oh, I'm so sorry, MG, but this made me laugh the loud wheezy laugh!
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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Well, I have absolutely no self-discipline, so I "watched" the show last night through the posts here. And now I just finished watching on Hulu. I also am too wishy-washy, I guess, because I read one viewpoint here and think, "Yes, that sounds right;" and then the very next, polar opposite, I see merit in that, too. I haven't watched a full season of The Bachelor/ette in quite a long time but I enjoyed this one. I'm happy with how it ended and wish JEM (thanks, FannyMare!) and Ricky well. I felt horrible for Arie but thought he handled the break-up pretty darned graciously...and I think since it was going to go down that way, Emily handled it as well as it could be, by not dragging out the last date, possibly letting him think he was going to get to propose, and then breaking it off, anyway. Overall, two thumbs-up for me on the season. And now I will have to finally watch Bachelor Pad, based on preliminary comments here on the board! That will hopefully quench my schadenfreud-istic need to see some real train wrecks! lol
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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Quote Originally Posted by inthegarden View Post
    I agree. I thought Emily was prettiest when she was dressed down and with minimal make-up. She is a pretty girl and seems to have a good heart. Jef seems genuine too .
    Yep, I'm a sucker I believe it and I'm hoping it works for them.
    Me too

    Also, I did appreciate that Jef proposed with just the ring... it always seems a bit awkward when the guy holds out the box...
    of course MR corrected that 'mistake' with an insert shot carefully showing the box and Neil Lane's name

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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    I guess I'm having trouble seeing why so many people didn't enjoy this season. I've watched since the first season, and out of all of the Bachelors and/or Bachelorettes we've seen over the years, Emily is right up there with Dr. Travis as my favorite.. and I'm eating my own words, because I remember turning to my husband when they announced she was going to be the lead and saying "A whole season of Nascar Barbie??" She surprised me. She was witty, fun, intelligent, and real. Above all, she seemed to know what was going on. When she told Chris "Ryan thinks he's manipulating me, but he's not" I sent up a Hallelujah cheer! The fact that the beginning of the season was in Charlotte and we saw "real people" in the park and outside in the city made it even more real. She wanted to do it HER way and MF obviously wanted her enough to do it her way, and in my opinion it worked.

    Most of the 'fans' wanted Sean or Arie, but the fans aren't the ones that are trying to find love. My college boyfriend was the whole package: great job, exceptionally good looking, courteous and giving, and my parents loved him.. but I didn't. We just didn't have the chemistry and the things in common that would hold a lasting relationship together. The man I married has a great job, is maybe not conventionally good looking but I think he's hot, is just as courteous and giving, my parents love him, but because of his totally goofy sense of humor and the fact that we share the same values and the same wants out of life, I will stay married to him for the rest of my life. He can drive other people nuts, but frankly so can I! We are perfect for each other. A few of my friends shook their heads in the beginning and tried to nudge me away, but I held firm, and 15 years later they can all see that I was right.

    I saw a spark between Emily and Jef in the beginning and I had the pleasure of watching it turn into a flame. I saw sides of her with him that I never saw with any other man on that show. She was free to be herself and she knew it. Most of the men that applied to be on her season might have just been drawn to Nascar Barbie, but I don't believe that's who Emily is. I think that Jef and Emily will last if they take it slow and keep it real. They've already started what I believe to be a very successful relationship as best friends. I wish them all the best.

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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Jef is said to be worth $3 million dollars. Emily: $5 million dollars. I think Emily would want to maintain her lifestyle, and stay in her big house. If she had chosen insurance agent Sean, they might have ended up living in an apartment.
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    Re: 7/22 The Bachelorette 8: FINALE and LIVE ATFR

    Just finished watching the FR show. Emily made the right choice, and handled the break with Arie the right way, rather than drag him through an agonizing rejection. There was nothing between her and Arie. Slobbering kisses and sexually charged energy alone do not necessarily a long-term relationship make.

    I just pray Arie's not the next bachelor. Watching him sloppily kiss his way through ten to twelve women for a whole season would be more than I could bear.

    Anyway, best of luck to both Emily and Jef!

    Off to watch ATFR now.
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