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Thread: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea View Post
    I honestly think Emily is just like every other woman out there. She has insecurities, she has faults, she has talents and likes and dislikes. She's gorgeous and obviously has a good life with her friends, family and daughter. I am liking her more on this season because unlike the way they portrayed her on Brad's season, she seems more normal to me somehow. I feel like I could actually sit and have a glass of wine with her and we'd be able to talk about mutual interests.

    I hope she finds someone, but I'm not holding my breath with this crew.
    And seeing her friends really reinforced that for me - they (incl. Emily) seem fun and snarky and know how to let loose. I'd think hanging out with just Emily or all of them would be a good time. ('Course, to me, trading kid stories over drinks is fun. )
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    Re: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by nennie View Post
    It took me a few shows to warm up to Charlie but after that he was hilarious. I liked how he kept it down to earth. No frills and fancy stuff. He was always casually dressed. Too bad they didn't make they were such a cute couple. I do think they need to give the bach/ettes more time at the final 3 to get to know them better.
    I know many people didn't care for Charlie but for me he was my favourite bachelor. He was funny and could laugh at himself. While he seemed to be aware the premise of the show was kind of silly, he still approached it realistically...even when he was three sheets to the wind. I liked how he kept the dates more realistic and in his own neck of the woods...similar to Emily. I also loved when he came to the hotel and had the women woken early in the morning and gave them five minutes to come meet him. No limos, fancy dresses, make up...he got to see what they were like first thing in the morning in their pj's and it was too funny. He also did a speed dating thing where he had an hour glass and everyone got I think it was two minutes, to talk to him about themselves and make an impression. He also picked the girl who was cute and normal. She was a nurse, did not throw herself at him, sort of told him off on her home town date and made him chase her. I liked that he appreciated that she was a strong, independent woman and wasn't just kissing a** like many others. After Jake and Ben seasons I get even more nostalgic for Charlie.

    I was away and missed the last two episodes so am just catching up. I'm still undecided on Emily. She seems very centered on whether they will be good daddy material for Ricki and if they want more kids...like tomorrow. While I understand and these are good things to know under the circumstances, she seems almost desperate about it...you would think that she was in her 40's and her baby making days were numbered. She also seems too focused on looks. She has mentioned many times how hot some of them are and the fact that her clothers budget was apparently $350,000 and they exceeded that, seems a bit over the top.

    Clearly many of the guys are being kept because of producers...Egg man, vampire boy, luxury brand guy.

    The dads -- Tony and Doug -- I did not see any connection with. Well, kind of obvious with Tony since she sent him home, but Doug keeps harping on his own son and is almost using him to show how they have things in common. Don't care for him. Someone else earlier wrote that he almost seems to have this sense of entitlement about him because he is a dad and I agree with that. It may seem harsh of me, but it almost seems as if he is using his child as a way to manipulate Emily.

    Then there are the invisible men...John, Nate, Michael and who knows who else I don't remember. They are biding their time till they get kicked off.

    Ryan...I know many find him hot...me not so much. Now that he has opened his mouth and inserted both feet, even less so. That letter was way over the top. That should have been saved till their 1:1 date...if he got another. He also seems to be starting to get possessive already. Not looking good for him.

    Arie has surprised me. I wasn't expecting to like him as much, but I do. Of all of the ones that I have seen her interact with thus far, she seems to be the most attracted to him. Will be interested to see where this goes, but I'm thinking he will make it far.

    Jef. The hair thing again...and the skateboard. I know he is a CEO of his own company, but he looks really young, although he seems nice enough. She does seek him out somewhat but I need to see more of them. Not sure if he is up for the stepfather role at this time, but hard to tell so early on.

    Chris seems to be one of her early favourites. She constantly harps on how hot she thinks he is...even if I don't. But he does seem nice, although I think she doesn't seem to like how young he is so that doesn't bode well for a happy ending.

    My personal favourite right now is Sean. I am surprised since he is so not my type but he reminds me of Chris L. Hot, nice and normal. She seems to like him but I'm getting more of a friends vibe from her...Her friend Wendy on the other hand, would have jumped his bones and who could blame her. We didn't see much of him until this episode so I am curious to see more and if I change my mind, but he could have potential.

    So far the show has seemed kind of slow for me. There is a lot of filler with Emily and the muppets, Dolly Parton, the concerts and way more Ricki than I thought they would show considering how much Emily was about guarding her daughter from the publicity. There does not seem to be much time devoted to her interacting with the men. Was not a big fan of the first few dates being on such public display. I wanted to see and hear them talking rather than dodging the public, but I did read somewhere that Emily had said that if she had met these guys in real life she wouldn't have given them a chance so maybe there is a method to the madness. Early days yet, but I'n not really seeing the connection between her and anyone other than Arie. Looking forward to some more 1:1 dates but I'm not holding my breath for a true love connection.
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    Re: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by mesachick View Post
    Nice post Alexxxx. I concur!
    I just love your avatar mesa

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    Re: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jucamer View Post
    I just love your avatar mesa
    Boob Wrinkles - it is not a myth

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    Re: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    Midol, just a wonderful post! You put in words that I wanted to say but couldn't. Thanks!
    And I agree.....what's up with that?
    Doug's saintly fatherhood is getting annoying. Reminds me of all the young mothers' to be, making sure they are observed while they tenderly rub their baby bump.
    Ryan is still slimy to me and there is a small wild and crazy look in his eyes.
    Still looking for "Good Looks" in Chris but haven't found it
    Others have some interesting characteristics but time will tell.
    Finally, an interesting season!

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    Re: 5/28 The Bachelorette 8: Episode 3 **West Coast Spoilers**

    I rewatched this episode night before last and I have to say that Tony is quite attractive. I did not realize it before because I was turned off by all of his crying. I guess I should qualify that statement by saying all of his crying that was edited into the show. For all we know, it was one moment of crying sliced and diced multiple times.

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