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Thread: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Babbred View Post
    IMaybe that means Ben can find somebody to come help with the harvest.
    Well, if someone has to do it, I guess I'll volunteer.

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I missed Ali's season. Not sure why .... Anyway, I did see the end of Jake's season, with the rehash of Ali leaving. And then with her calling Jake and angling to come back. At least, it appeared so to me. Maybe that's part of why I just let her season go by unnoticed?

    So, my question is -- did Ali get all the disgust for her phone call attempting to return, as Ryan is getting for coming to Fiji? Or was she embraced with open arms and no looking back, as it seems to me now? Again, I wasn't there watching, but that's why I'm asking. And did that phone call show that she was totally willing to be manipulated for the show, and therefore should be viewed with distain?

    It seems to me that many took one look at Ryan, thought he reminded them of Jake, and decided right then that he's just a Jake clone. Certainly, we've been seeing posts to that effect from the very beginning. I see stuff about how he's "too happy", yet when he is obviously unhappy, then he's dismissed as faking it. Ames covered everything up with his perpetual smile, which often didn't match the look in his eyes, and yet he's praised to the skies. He "so intelligent", yet he got the meaning of sprezzatura wrong (or else lied about it, which given it's true meaning, brings all sorts of layers to what he was actually trying to tell Ashley). I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and just say he got it wrong.

    And while I'm ranting, about the water heater thing: Ashley ASKED, Ryan tried to find a simple example that she could grasp quickly, and she didn't even do him the courtesy of listening to his explanation. Was he supposed to somehow intuit that she asked a question because she didn't want an answer?

    I've liked Ryan from the beginning, but I liked many others from the beginning too and I don't care who is the next bachelor. So this isn't about my wanting Ryan as the next bachelor. It's about what I'm seeing as much lower standards for people like Ames and Ali, and much much higher standards for Ryan. It annoys me a lot.

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I wasn't crazy about Ryan from early on. It didn't take long for the hyper, Mr. Sunshine personality to manifest itself. Some people like that but, even though I have been described as "perky" myself, there's a time to turn it off. I can see it wearing on people. The biggest red flag which I mentioned previously was on the episode where Bentley came back and Ashley didn't get the reaction she expected when she told the guys and started to cry and walk away. The camera panned to Ryan grinning from ear to ear. Huh?
    I wish the trend of "rejects" returning would stop already. Dude, she said "good-bye" once and has since moved on. Let's face it. The only reason ABC allows it is to try to spice things up. Instead it's just annoying.
    Anyway, if you want to vote for Ames as the next Bachelor, you can go here: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor Pad: Watch videos, catch up with cast, apply to be a contestant

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I think there are different strokes for different folks, Lucy!!

    Ali was so OTT with that phone call to Jake, yet she never got the kind of flack we're seeing this year.
    As far as Ames, I like him, but I like Ryan, also.
    I like positive people, in general and, to me, they're both positive. And, that's a good thing.
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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I like positive people as well.Maybe that's why I dont mind him.(Ryan that is) something about JP has me wondering if he isn't too insecure, and I am still not convinced that for him its all about the win. I guess we will see if 5/6month time

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere View Post
    I think there are different strokes for different folks, Lucy!!

    Ali was so OTT with that phone call to Jake, yet she never got the kind of flack we're seeing this year.As far as Ames, I like him, but I like Ryan, also.
    I like positive people, in general and, to me, they're both positive. And, that's a good thing.
    I don't actually agree with the bolded. I think time puts things in perspective and we tend to forget our own behaviour. I remember when Ali had that breakdown in the hotel hallway and then called to be allowed back on the show there was A LOT of people on this board complaining about how emotional she was, how she was allowing herself to be manipulated, how nasty she was to Vienna, etc... and I include myself in some of this. However, time heals...or in her case her handling of Roberto and Chris L did and I think most people look back on her season as a success because of how things ended. Jake did the same thing with Jillian and people seemed much more forgiving when he did the half Mesnick out on the balcony. Although we made fun of him, many just believed him to be sincere, although stiff and boring...And look how well that turned out.

    I think in general ... and please don't throw things at me ... but we women (and let's be IS mainly women on this board), are usually much harder, more critical, and less likely to forgive one another than we are of the men on this show.

    Holding up my shield to ward off the slings and arrows.
    You could be the juiciest, most ripe peach, but there is still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches.

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Nah, no slings and arrows coming at you, Midol. Everyone has their own opinion. I've got to disagree with you, though about Allie. For me, her pretty face belied the mean girl that she truly was. I never saw what was so horrible about Vienna. Sure, she was a bit full of herself and a little bit possessive about the relationship that she presumed she had with Jake, even going so far as to rub her dates in the other girls' noses, but she was never mean to the other girls. I could not stand Allie b/c she would get the other women riled up about Vienna and get them to do her bidding. OR, she would whisper nasty things within earshot of Vienna but never to her face. I COULD NOT STAND ALLIE, STILL CAN'T!!!! The whole hysterical crying in the hallway, with snot hanging out of her nose, just reeked of phoniness. I think what happens is that she did have some crisis at work that she had to attend to and the viewing audience reacted to her leaving in such a way that the producers thought she was a shoo-in for the next Bachelorette. Hence the ridiculous premise of her 'calling' Jake from back home. It was obvious that she was in a hotel room, not her own apartment.

    I did watch her season and loved Roberto and Chris and thought they both were too good for her. I still feel that way. I don't think I've ever felt this strongly about a Bachelorette before. Jen S's season was a snooze but I never had such animosity towards her as I do towards Allie.

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    In Ep.9 ending clips, did you guys catch the P.I. with Bentley where he says he's better in bed than any of the other guys?

    Can't believe this dude's DAD was defending him in the newspapers last month. They must be a family of creeps.

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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Personally, I think Ashley lucked out w/all the guys. I didn't find any to be obnoxious. Ok, so maybe we could say Bently was but I'm not sure I agree that was the real Bently. Either he decided to play the rold of a devil or TPTB asked him to do it. We'll never know but he just came across as phony baloney to me, playing the bad dude.

    These were all great comes down to who is compatiable with who, who feels that zing of chemistry, etc. even if "on paper" they seem perfect.
    JP seems to be head over heels for her and has from the begining. Physically, she fits him perfectly and the chemistry and compatability is all there. Whether it lasts or not, depends on them and how they really are in real life. Finding romance on a tv show is on a par with finding in on a summer vacation. The surroundings play a big part in all that happens.

    I still vote for a fresh, unknown Bachelor next time. Ashley bored me, Jake bored me, Alli bored me. Give me fresh meat or I don't watch which I'm hardly doing w/Ashley. It's just so lazy, so cheap, so insulting to keep re-hashing these people and then offer us more of the same on Bachelor Pad. I don't mind Bachelor Pad (don't watch tho) but I like True-Love-Fairy-Tales and that's what I want w/this show.
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    Re: 7/25 Show Thread Episode 9 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Ali is supremely annoying, and, unfortunately, a regular on a local news station I like; I usually change the channel or hit "mute" when I hear her voice. I made an exception, however, yesterday morning, when one of the anchors interviewed her about Monday's Bachelorette. It was a lot of the usual yadda-yadda; then one of the questions raised was that of the next Bachelor and the return of Ryan. Whereas she didn't spill the beans entirely, she did say something about the producers' habit of giving a "pre-teaser" for the next annointed one by bringing him/her back. She also hinted about his not really being so heartbroken by the second rejection.

    Bummer, 'cuz I was hoping for Ames, too...
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