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Thread: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by navybelle View Post
    JP handled the Bentley confession so well, it seemed, that this behavior tonight just really surprised me.
    Selective editing... we will NEVER know the truth...

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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter View Post
    I know, right? I can't tell them apart.
    I thought it was just me! and, they both look a little like Josh Groban. I hope Ryan and Lucas meet someone.They both seem like decent guys. I saw something in JP I didn't like tonight..just a little something( plus his pouty behaviour is so juvenile)

    I adore Ames, ADORE him. I hope he isnt chosen and he's the next bachelor, if I was younger I would sign up to meet him! LOL

    I like Emily, I see alot of sadness in her eyes. I dont think Brad would be easy to live with.He has nasty temper. I hope the paparazzi leave her alone now

    I liked tonight because of where they went..other than that I found it pretty boring.zzz What is that she thing she does with her mouth( Ashely) most annoying.I dont care for her very much. CH's new hair piece is ugly

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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Chris Harrison's Blog for episode 7 is posted in his thread.
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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I'm gonna be completely random tonight, as this show is driving me nuts. Almost to the point of never, ever watching this show again. I hate to be negative, especially about heavily edited people.

    The moped ride with Ben was very cute to watch. Keep your eyes on the road at all times, buddy. You can admire her, wrap your arms around her any time after the ride. But keep your eyes on the road!!

    The balloon date was cute and the dog peeing on it was even funnier. Talk about doom. Then Ryan's date and the bricks. If Ashley takes this stuff seriously and is shown to send those guys home, people are going to think she is nuts. Nothing is pointing to the contrary.

    Ryan is Jake 2.0. And no, I don't want him to be the next bachelor. I'd rather it be Ames, he is the most intriguing person on this season.

    At first I thought Ashley was really cold in sending Ryan home, but when I thought about it~~there really is no nice way to tell a guy that you aren't into him. Especially if you've kept him for so many weeks. So I have to give her props for not leading him on.

    As for Emily, I believed what she was saying. The power of wanting to overlook a lot of reality is what keeps many people together for way longer than they should be together. Everyone wants to see the best in others and most people don't want to fail at a relationship~~esp in the public eye. Emily has "stuff" to deal with, but it is apparent that Brad is severely damaged. Hopefully he has a real therapist he is working with and continuing therapy.

    I've always wondered about Ashley's F4 and how it came to be. Most of it doesn't make sense, especially Ames and Constantine. They are definitely defaults and only chosen because of some events prior. Most.Insecure.Bachelorette.Eve r.
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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I guess Brad is back to being most disliked man in America as they were all saying as a reason for bringing him back a second time, so much for that.... Which by the way seemed pretty funny because most people in America didn't even know who he was, LOL. I wonder if ABC is really disappointed in him having given him that second chance. He def has some issues. As was pointed out last season he was in love with the ideal of Emily but wasn't up to the real life Emily or any other woman it would appear for that matter. He is a pretty old never married bach. My husband was 38 when I married him, never really had a serious relationship was always into doing his own thing. I think maybe Emily dodged a big bullet. It hasn't been easy for him getting used to having to consider other people besides himself in his decisions. In fact it's been very hard on him and as a result on me, too. She should find someone who is more used to domestic bliss and away from the bar scene. He will be one of those guys who always has a "girlfriend" and they will always be about the same age throughout his life. He should just accept that and not hurt anyone else in the process.

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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by i_used2bophelia View Post
    Some people seem to get confused by "jealousy"...they think it's a sign of depth of affection, when in reality, it's more likely a sign of possessiveness. It's a red flag that our 'heroine' will probably miss.
    Jealousy in an established relationship is certainly problematic - that more than implies a lack of trust in one's partner and is a sign of possessiveness. However, it is difficult to take a sanguine attitude to events when someone that one is interested in establishing a relationship with is spending the night with/kissing other people, and a certain amount of jealousy is understandable. I found Lucas' anger over the Bentley revelation two weeks ago and the sniveling about wearing a "dress" to be much bigger red flags.
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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Of what we were shown, I thought JP held it together pretty well. He is head over heels for Ashley and has all this competition, plus the tension of the rose ceremonies. Perhaps if they end up together this trait will disappear if he is confident in their relationship; if he is really the jealous type, then it may destroy everything. From here on out, none of the men will see Ashley interacting with the others; they will gather only at rose ceremonies. Hopefully he will not obsess too much.
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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I'll give ABC credit where it's due. Ashley has an outstanding group of guys (excluding Bentley). Though never sure what words are scripted or heartfelt, I'm utterly impressed by her top 6. They seem grounded in their "ideas" of love; the ways that'll play out in reality, well, we've yet to discover

    Like many, Ryan seems a bit too eager to play his part to great effect. It was difficult not to observe the setup of him possibly being the next Bachelor. For as fascinating as I found his water heater tidbit (I cared more about his insight than Ashley's VO), I'm not sure that I'd want to watch him woo.

    Speaking of Ryan, we hear Ben comment most often on Ryan being somewhat intolerable for him. It makes me curious if something happens with Ryan when he returns (we see him in the Fiji preview), forsaking Ben's future with Ashley. Yes, I'm assuming that Ben makes it to Fiji based only on the previews. If Ben gets cut at HTDs, then the comments were just for drama.

    Regarding JP, I can't shake the feeling that we're seeing this negative side of him for some reason. As CSW hinted, his edit screamed Chantal to me last night, but perhaps, it's only meant to indicate the intensity of their feelings for each other. Ashley's choice to give him alone a rose prior to the RC reminded me of Brad comforting Emily in Anguilla, guaranteeing her a rose. Her consideration of his feelings--she kept rubbing his shoulder--meant that she doesn't want him to be distressed. That he not only found out about Bentley before the others and then walked into the RC with a rose points to preference, in my book anyway. Maybe the negative slant of him being this jealous, possessive type is intended to throw us off the scent just as they seem to ramp up her and Ben's "connection." I really don't know Blondie's comment long ago that they leave things in the edit as a comment on the couple's future--or at least, the production's opinion of the relationship--keeps haunting me as I watch this season.

    As for Emily and Brad, I was a supporter during the season; as soon as the ATFR aired, though, it seemed nearly certain that these two would never make it past their issues. Her interview showed true emotion and care, but sometimes love really isn't enough...
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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by shyra View Post
    I can't see Emily being the Bachelorette since she was saying that the cameras were following her and Ricky around town and to the grocery store etc. If she is the next bachelorette then how is she going to explain it to us?
    You stole my comment! I stopped watching last night when they got to the Emily part, because I had zero interest in it. However, I knew what she was going to say from having read the blogs over the weekend. One blogger was saying that he would ream Emily if she comes back as TBette, because it would be majorly hypocritical for her to complain about the paparazzi last night and then thrust herself (and her daughter) right back into that media maelstrom. I couldn't agree more.

    Now, on to more pleasant things...

    Loved Ben's date. So cute on the moped! And loved the balloons. I've been waiting all season for this date, it looked gorgeous in the previews. And no, I can't tell him and Constantine apart, either. I'll be in trouble if they both make the final.

    Loved Con's date, as well. Would anybody here be daring enough to stand on that bridge? Talk about romantic, you'd definitely be clinging to your partner!

    Wasn't entirely comfortable with the way JP acted last night. But then, I had an controlling BF, so I'm really wary about men like that now. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, since everything is so edited on this show. I hope so. Lucas was spot on, though. If JP had been forced to wear one of those other costumes, he would have pouted even more than he did during that date.

    Poor Ryan. I liked him, too. I'm not sure he would make a good Bachelor, though, because I'm not sure if all happiness, all the time could sustain an entire season. I think the women might get tired of it. If he does come back, then I can hear him in his opening montage, "I learned on my dates to try and be romantic and not act like a schoolteacher." Bless his heart! I'm all for saving the environment, but somebody needs to take that poor man in hand and teach him some dating skills.

    I thought it was classy of Ashley to tell him on the date. She was right; if she already knew, then why torture him by making him go through the RC and embarrassing like him like that? There's never a good way to end a relationship, so I thought she handled it well. First thing I've applauded her for all season.

    I would love for Ames to be TB. He's been such a trooper through all this. Sticking around after going to the hospital...geesh, I would have packed it in then. Never complaining about having to wear that costume last night. (Loved Lucas' comment. "He looks like the love child of an ostrich and Elton John." ) Plus he's had all those interesting experiences in life. I would definitely watch a season of him.
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    Re: 7/11 Show Thread: Episode 7 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Just a quick question.. a little off topic. In the teasers to audition for the next Bachelor, did anyone else notice Chris said "final audition"? Are they discontinuing the show or just the auditions for this season?

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