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Thread: 6/27 Episode 6 Recap: The 5 Minute Miracle

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    6/27 Episode 6 Recap: The 5 Minute Miracle

    It takes House Crashers an hour to demolish a kitchen; will it take only five minutes to drain the foul swamp of a slimy toad? The stop-watch is ticking.

    The Set Up:

    They show clips of Ashley’s breakdown; Lucas telling her that her type is Bentley (yes, I’m using his name this recap because it is shorter to type than You Know Who or slimy toad) and Chris saying they will do everything they can to get closure for her.

    A murky sunrise over Hong Kong heralds the first day of dates for Ashley and her eight remaining suitors who will stay at the Conrad Hotel. She roams the crowded cityscape seeking an escape from the dot, dot, dot stink left in her mind. Ashley doesn’t find the antidote to this poison on the street, but does receive a vial of hope when Chris Harrison enters her room with news: Bentley is in Hong Kong, in the hotel. He leaves behind a piece of paper with a room number on it and tells her that, when she is ready, this is where she will find him.

    5 minutes:

    Bentley opens the door and pulls her in for a one arm hug; she goes for a kiss which he doesn’t return. They sit facing each other on a sofa and exchange polite chit chat then he says he wanted to call, but decided to fly halfway around the world to see her. (Ahem…production, production, production.) He tells her he’s been working and asks if she’s okay. She points out the bug bites picked up in Thailand.

    4 minutes:

    When she wonders where to begin, he tells her to start at the start.

    Ashley: After you left, I had a really, really hard time.

    Bentley: Was it fun, though?

    Ashley: No. I think you leaving was really hard for me. (He slaps her knee.)

    Bentley: For me, too.

    She tells him she feels guilty about the others because they don’t know she took it hard because it was him, not just that someone left.

    Bentley: Selfishly, I appreciate that. It’s kind of a reaffirmation of us being on the same page, I think. (Lying slimy toad – sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

    3 minutes:

    He tells her that it is hard to know from his perspective if it truly was over when he left.

    Bentley: I told you to come to Salt Lake; I told you if it doesn’t work out with these other guys, to come to Salt Lake.

    Ashley: (who has been rubbing and biting her lip) But that, to me, is really hard because I can’t do that dot, dot, dot. That’s not fair to me to say that you want to leave it open.

    Her face hardens and she mocks him with her eyes as he tightens his mouth.

    Bentley: I guess if I could do it all over, and for your sake…I couldn’t believe that I went home and missed this. That was real and that was like shocking to me. (gag me)

    2 minutes:

    Ashley: I have a gut feeling for you. I just couldn’t let it go and I still can’t.

    Bentley: I think you know where I’m at…and…and…(Ashley pulls on her lip and her eyes look hurt) I think you’re here for a reason, a purpose and knowing that I’m home doesn’t look good for me and you. I would implore you to see what you have here, I guess.

    1 minute:

    Ashley: So this is a period. See there are some times in life when you just have to be a man and admit that. (Bentley’s lips tighten and his eyes narrow.) If you came here like Michelle Money said, and to have fun and leave me broken with a dot, dot, dot, mission *BLEEPED* accomplished.

    When she tells him she held onto the stupid dot, dot, dot when he left her, he shrugs, looks down and says, “I feel like where you’re at in this whole journey and process, maybe we should call it a period.” (At this point his mouth shows disgust.)


    Ashley questions his travel when he could have called on the phone and he says he wanted to see her.

    Ashley: Why? I’m not fishing for anything, just curious. Want a vacay? (He squeezes his mouth into a tight line.) Why are you looking at me that way? (silence) You should have called. (silence) That’s it. (silence as she leaves the suite)


    In a PI, Ashley expresses her regrets over the wasted emotions. She says she needed the time away from him to really see through him. “He’s that bad boy that wants to play women and has so many issues in his head. He’s such a player. He disrespected me to the core. Bentley – if you’re watching this – I’m *BLEEPED* done with you!

    And so are we. It took 5 minutes to drain the swamp and cure Ashley from its poison. The slimy toad of a liar is gone and we don’t have to hear his name again…or do we? Of course we do. The remainder of the show is the aftermath and final clean-up.

    Crowded Streets, Bright Lights and a Junk

    Chris greeted the arriving suitors while Ashley took her turn about the town and has left them with a date card in their suite.

    Ames picks up the date card for a one on one causing Ryan to declare that this is a really, really critical week. Everyone except Ryan, Blake and Lucas have had a one on one.

    Ames reads, “Lucas – let’s find our good fortune on the streets of Hong Kong – love, Ashley.” (For those keeping score, this is the third street/market amble date so far.) Lucas is super excited for his first one on one. Texas country boy has never been in a city of this size, so it will all be new to him.

    This is an evening date where they stroll along the streets of Kowloon. Ashley warns him that there is a rose on the date so he has to be nice to her. They run into a couple of dragon dancers who spit confetti on them and Lucas admits to not being well traveled; that he enjoys fishing with his buddies.

    They walk through a market and try a bite of pig intestine which they find spicy and chewy. After Ashley gulps some liquid (soda?) through a straw, Lucas teases her by calling for a cheeseburger.

    They leave the market and stroll down a quay admiring the lit-up buildings when Ashley tells him the date is not over. They will be having dinner on a large floating junk, the Aqualuna. Red sails unfurled, they will catch the wind and sail around the harbor. Lucas wants three things before the date ends: to dance with her, to get that first kiss, and to get the rose. Three wishes, all granted.

    Back at the hotel, Ben brings in the group date card and Blake tells us he doesn’t want to be lumped in the same category as Ryan. These are the only two to not have received a one on one date. Ben reads, “Ryan, Mickey, Constantine, Ben, Ames, Blake – let’s get our hearts racing – love, Ashley.” They all marvel that J.P. receives a second one on one though he says he was totally not expecting that.

    Blake: J.P. is a frontrunner. She has a great connection with Ben. She would have a great connection with me if I could get some time.

    On the Aqualuna, Ashley sings Lucas’ praises, but fakes him out when presenting the rose. (This is a flashback to the Ames’ fake out.) Lucas feels awesome after the date and on cloud nine.

    My Dragon Can Beat Up Your Dragon

    Ashley, standing next to a large gong placed precariously on the sand, welcomes the guys to Stanley Beach. She tells them they are going to be Dragon Boat racing and divides the six into teams of two. Handing each team a stack of colored scarves, she directs them to the streets with a one hour time period to find their crew of eight or more for each of the three boats.

    Blake and Ryan (RED Team) search for and find a translator right off the bat. Blake gives Ryan kudos in this instance for being too energetic as he uses his smile to draw people in.

    Ames and Mickey (BLACK Bandits) search for those with rowing experience and luck out finding a young man who has raced a Dragon Boat, and he recruits other rowers.

    Constantine and Ben (BLUE Team) amble around aimlessly but quickly figure out that their charm isn’t getting them anywhere. They consider a team made up of dogs, but finally decide that if they are going to race with a two man boat, they should go out in style and purchase red kimonos, which they wear through the streets and back to the beach. Apparently the kimonos do the trick as crowds of rowing recruits follow them. Ben says he and Constantine channeled the Red Dragon, the Eye of the Tiger.

    The boats take to the ocean, each with a stroke drummer. Ashley limply hits the drum for the RED team. A competent oarsman, standing on a rear platform, uses a long paddle to steer the boat, but the Red Dragon BLUE team quickly falls behind.

    Ben: We’re getting cooked.
    Constantine: Like salmon.

    They discover that their timing chant of Ba Chi (phonetic) means idiot rather than “eat it,” but, having fun with their off-strokes, they start singing, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

    The BLACK Bandits, with their team of experienced racers, hit the beach ahead of the RED team and way ahead of the Red Dragon BLUE team. Besides slaps on the back they take home a golden dragon trophy for their victory.

    After bidding the boats and their crews adieu, Ashley and her suitors collapse on the sand and notice happy cheers off to the side. They realize they are witnessing a marriage proposal complete with confetti.

    Ashley: That is so cool. I hope that is a foreshadowing for me. “Who’s next?”

    The after-party is held at Sparkle, a lounge and bar.

    Ashley: Today was such a great group date. Ever since my talk with Bentley, I feel like a fog has lifted and I can see everything so much more clearly. The rose means something different than it did a week ago. I’m looking for a husband; I’m looking for someone I can see a future with.

    Mickey: She seems optimistic, she seems positive.

    Ames takes Ashley into an elevator for a ride to the view terrace on the 48th floor. Once the doors close, he pulls her tight into a one-armed hug and deep kiss. Ashley breaks it off at the 12th floor and exclaims, “Whoa, Ames! Where did that come from?” before lunging back in for more. They are interrupted when the door opens, stand apart blushing, wait for the door to close out the intruder and go right back into the kiss.

    Ashley: Where are we going?
    Ames: I don’t know, but I’m enjoying the trip.

    Ashley: I’m starting to realize how much these guys are here for me and I’m starting to regret wasting so much time on Bentley.

    Gossipers Lucas and J.P lounge around back at the hotel and wonder who will be going home this week. Lucas thinks Ames and Ryan are going home and J.P. says that if Ryan gets the group rose, he is jumping off the 61st story. (Have a parachute handy, J.P. I’m just saying.) J.P. collects the date card and Lucas reads, “J.P. – let’s take a peak into our future – love, Ashley.”

    J.P.: Not much to go on, but I’m just excited to spend time with her.

    Ben, in a yellow V-neck pullover sweater, and Ashley sit on the view terrace at Sparkle where, before they head in for kisses, he thanks her for him being safe the last couple of weeks.

    Ben: I am on the path to love. Who would have thunk it. I am the biggest skeptic of all. The walls are down; and if that means I get crushed in the end, that’s part of it.

    While Blake and Ben take advantage of the pool table, Ryan and Ashley go for their alone time. Blake, once again, reminds us that Ryan’s exuberance in large doses is annoying. “If Ryan gets the rose tonight, I would be livid. I would probably just pack up and go home. (Brave words, bucko – do we need a parachute for two?)

    Ryan, with his uber smile in place, kisses Ashley’s hand as she tries to talk about how the rose is so important this week. She tells him she would love to see his family and how he lives his daily life. When he chuckles…”Maybe a one on one”…she leaves to get him his “have patience” rose.

    Mickey: When Ashley walked in and grabbed that rose, the mood changed. Whatever decision she makes affects everybody around.

    A Tram Car to the Stars

    Ashley waits for her evening date with J.P. in the Kowloon Walled City. She squeals, runs to him and commands, “Catch me.” He obliges and a very interesting date commences.

    They picnic on blankets and pillows in the middle of the Chinese Zodiac Garden and both are excited to see each other. J.P. tells us that she makes him feel alive; that he hasn’t felt this strongly toward somebody in awhile.

    Ashley: What do you think that we’re going to be doing a month from now?
    J.P.: Getting down on one knee maybe; I don’t know.

    They talk abut their comfort levels with each other and he says that his began on their pajama date. That it was perfect.

    Ashley: When was the last time you cried?
    J.P.: My ex. I was in a bad place. My only fear is feeling that devastated again – loving someone so much, to have them completely pull away from you – it just hurt.

    Ashley opens a door to what she really wants to say by asking if he feels he got closure. At his saying that he did, both in heart and mind, she goes to PI to tell us that she is falling for J.P.; he is the total package, but she needs to open up about Bentley in order to move forward.

    She goes into serious hemming and hawing and that draws J.P.’s attention. Ashley is a nervous wreck, but plunges ahead with her tale of Bentley returning to Hong Kong and how she got her closure with him. J.P. is taken aback, but quickly recovers and appreciates her honesty. He jokes that he thought Bentley might jump out of the forest and looks over his shoulder toward the trees.

    Ashley: The reason I want to tell you is that I feel so strongly about you and I want you to know the whole journey.

    They seal their new understanding with kisses and a rose presentation to Jordan Paul which takes them to a tram station for a ride up to the stars; well, actually, Victoria Peak.

    J.P.: The night has been incredible. I’m more emotionally attached than I have ever been. She and I are on the right track. I’m crazy about her.

    The empty tram car carries them upward as they physically express their growing feelings and attachment. They leave the tram at the top of the world and sip champagne while an erhu player serenades them. Embracing, they kiss as the lights of the city wink up at them.

    When the sticky candy gets this super sweet, you know there are going to be consequences. Prepare for the sugar crash.


    Ashley thinks because J.P. (Jordan Paul) took the Bentley disclosure so well, that the other suitors will be just as understanding. For that reason she decides to practice open honesty on her own behalf at the Rose Party. (How does this go for you, Ashley?)

    The party and Rose Ceremony are held on a Jumbo floating restaurant and Ashley arrives by boat, energized and ready to open her new set of wings. She immediately gets down to business and relates her tale, though without the finesse she used during her time with J.P. Her speech is met with stone cold silence and frowns.

    Constantine: You contradicted yourself about being completely done with your past.
    Lucas: Why didn’t you find that closure earlier? I’m glad you got closure, but we’re putting a lot on the line as well. Later, to the guys, he says, “I’m wasting my time.”
    Blake: It must have gone poorly. You said that you had fallen for him.
    Ashley: I’m sorry that…um…She leaves the group and hides her tears behind a plant.
    J.P. (in a PI): She was being open, honest, but this is real life. People get upset. I hope that she’s okay.
    Ryan to Ashley: I know there were negative reactions, but my blood pressure didn’t even move a beat.
    Ames to Ashley: I suppose that we would all prefer our fairytales to be simple, but they’re not and life isn’t that simple as we hoped.
    Blake: I don’t want to be second to anyone. (To Ashley) It belittles the time I’ve been here. I don’t know if you could care less about me.
    Ashley to Blake: I’m sorry that bothered you. I didn’t even realize it. I don’t want to hurt anyone.

    Mickey, with barely controlled anger, sits with Ashley and tells her he is upset that she hadn’t been honest earlier because that is the value at the top of his list. He questions why he is there. He sees her building other connections in the group, stronger than with him and doesn’t see what she sees in that guy (Ryan?) He pleads with her to send him home if that is who her gut tells her is right for her.

    Ashley: Really?

    Mickey: I’m just not that interested.

    Ashley: If you feel that strongly, I want you to take the initiative and leave.

    He does. The guys wave goodbye as he floats away on a boat.

    Mickey: I think she is going to make somebody very happy. It’s just that somebody isn’t me.

    Gasping for breath, Ashley acknowledges to the group that she spoke poorly and apologizes for hurting them.

    Ben: She needs to focus on the guys that she has. If she focuses on that, she’ll be fine.

    Trying to control her emotions, and after receiving a hug from the Bachfather, Ashley is ready to call out the roses.

    Order of the Roses

    Lucas – date rose
    Ryan – group date rose
    J.P. – date rose

    Blake leaves wishing her good luck.

    Preview: They are going to Taiwan, but they extend this preview to include more of the season with a whole lot of images and words thrown at us.

    Outtake: Ben and Ashley compare the weird voices they use when talking to dogs. You can check out Ben’s weird voice for real if you re-watch his recruiting technique for the Dragon Boat race.

    Next Monday, July 4th, will be a repeat of this week’s show for those in the U.S. For those in Canada, check your local listings for other programming.
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    Re: 6/27 Episode 6 Recap: The 5 Minute Miracle

    Thanks, Arielflies for another great summary. The "confrontation" with Bentley, in my humble opinion, was the most vapid 15 minutes of TV I've seen in ages.

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